Dr Disrespect bathroom emote rejected by Twitch after ban

Dr Disrespect submitted a bathroom emote to Twitch after being banned from the streaming platform, with the new design being rejected by the company. The streamer, who recently returned to Twitch after a two-week suspension, told his viewers “I tried” with an image of the rejection notice he received.

Dr Disrespect, real name Guy Beahm, was banned by Twitch after streaming in a bathroom at E3 2019. As Twitch is against streaming illegal acts, Dr Disrespect was suspended after likely being found in violation of California’s ‘invasion of privacy’ law.

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While Dr Disrespect faced no legal repercussions for the stream, Twitch suspended him while E3’s organizers also revoked his badge, prohibiting him from attending the expo in the future. Yesterday he made his return, with his post-suspension stream garnering a huge 80,000 concurrent viewers.

However, this return stream wasn’t without its own controversies. In an effort to poke fun at the incident that resulted in his suspension, Dr Disrespect attempted to add a new emote to his channel featuring him peering over a bathroom stall.

The rejection notice he received regarding the emote read: “Other: Inappropriate Content: Disallowed Content – Generally inappropriate content.”

“These dumb-dumbs at Twitch, ladies and gentlemen … are approving wannabe Dr [Disrespects],” the streamer told his viewers after showing them the email.

The moment can be viewed below:

It’s no surprise that Twitch rejected the emote. With many calling for Dr Disrespect to be banned from the platform altogether, Twitch allowing him to profit from the incident by way of making it a reward for his subscribers would have inevitably courted further controversy.

Still, Dr Disrespect doesn’t have too much to complain about. The short two-week suspension may have damaged his career in the short-term, but with millions of viewers tuning in to watch his comeback stream, it certainly seems like it will help in the long-term.