Dr Disrespect Unbanned from Twitch after 14 days

Fans have discovered Dr Disrespect unbanned more than two weeks earlier than he was anticipated to return to Twitch, following an incident that took place at E3 2019. The well-known Twitch streamer with nearly 3.5 million followers was supposed to have been banned for 30 days, but some of his fans found that his channel has been brought back online. However, at the time of writing, no streams have yet to take place.

Dr Disrespect was initially banned from Twitch for 30 days following an incident that took place at E3 2019. The popular streamer was livestreaming from the show floor in person. At one point, he walked into a restroom — and the cameras followed him. This can potentially be a serious violation of privacy and Twitch acted quickly to take his channel offline. The ESA subsequently revoked Dr Disrespect’s E3 credentials following the incident.

As is typical for their policy, Twitch has not commented on the reasoning for the ban or its length. However, the initial 30-day ban seems to have been shortened somewhat. Dexerto reports that fans looked up the streamer on Twitch and discovered Dr Disrespect unbanned.

Typically, a banned channel cannot be visited on the site at all. People discovered that they were able to access his channel, meaning that the ban from E3 2019 was no longer in place and he would presumably be able to stream again.

Dr Disrespect’s most recent social media communications included a cheeky reference to renovations of his “arena” with brand-new imagery that showed off a bathroom in the background, referencing the E3 2019 incident that got him banned in the first place.

With Dr Disrespect unbanned, we may seem him return to his normal streaming schedule. The man himself has yet to comment on his return, although he has retweeted a couple of tweets commenting on the ban. We’ll have to wait and see to discover whether the removal of his ban was intentional or simply some sort of error.