Shroud: Players will ‘hate’ Apex Legends solos

Noted Twitch streamer Shroud doesn’t have much faith that Apex Legends solos are going to be good. Respawn Entertainment recently announced that a limited-time solo queue would be coming for Apex Legends in just a few short days. Whether or not it’s going to be something sticking around for the long term is up in the air — and Shroud raises some pretty good points as to why.

One of the people in Shroud’s Twitch chat asked him, “How are they [going to] balance abilities in solos?” This is certainly a reasonable concern considering how important teamwork is in a game like Apex Legends that was designed around trio queue.

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“I mean, that’s one of their big concerns,” Shroud began in a Twitch clip. “And chances are, they’re not going to which is why isn’t gonna be very good in solos. I don’t think it’ll be that popular in solos.”

“I think it will come out limited time, for two weeks, people are gonna try it, they’re gonna hate it, and then they’re gonna pull it in two weeks and they probably won’t do it again,” he continued. “It’s just a test run anyway, we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.”

Most of the abilities used by the Legends are perfectly serviceable when you’re playing by yourself. After all, plenty of us have been stuck as the last man standing (whether because our partners have died or they simply disconnected), and there really aren’t any abilities that you couldn’t get some usage out of if you were playing by yourself. However, it’s undeniable that the game has been balanced around three people on a team since the beginning, and that’s going to present some problems for overall balance — something that Shroud finishes up the statement with.

“The problem is, if they want this game to truly be solo, they have to rebalance the whole game for solo,” he concluded. “And that’s just not something they’re gonna do. No way. No way.”

You can watch the full Twitch clip where Shroud talks about Apex Legends solos below. The solo queue for Apex Legends will debut on August 13, 2019, for a limited time.