Apex Legends limited-time Solos event coming next week

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s joint foray into the ever-popular battle royale genre is getting a much-requested feature, if only for a limited time. The upcoming Apex Legends solos event is set to begin on August 13, so you’ve got precisely one week to get battle ready and claim your title as the undisputed champion of the Arena. If you make it, you’ll have two weeks to defend your new-found glory before the Iron Crown Collective Event concludes on August 27.

The announced tweet from earlier today only says the mode is in the game for those two weeks, but it will be interesting to see if it comes back at all after that. Perhaps it’ll stick around and become a more permanent feature down the line as most battle royales add something in their lifespans to spice things up.

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Upon its surprise February launch earlier this year, the Titanfall spin-off gained instant meteoric success, briefly overtaking Fortnite as the most viewed game on Twitch, thanks in no small part to a sponsorship deal with then-Twitch streamer Ninja. Its popularity has since declined, with Epic Games’ juggernaut taking back the top spot by quickly integrating features which initially served to set Apex Legends apart, like the acclaimed ping system and the ability to respawn teammates. Apex Legends‘ slower update cycle by comparison to Fortnite has been a criticism leveled by the community in general, but the introduction of a solo queue might be just what’s required to win lapsed players back.

At E3, Respawn teased the introduction of dragons, officially dubbed “flyers,” to the game as part of Season 2. They were quietly introduced and lingered overhead, waiting to be shot down in order for players to claim the weapon-filled loot boxes they carried. That was the first in what’s become a series of limited-time events designed to keep the Apex community engaged throughout Season 2 and beyond. Alongside events, we’ve also seen the introduction of two new characters in adrenaline junkie Octane and defensive specialist Wattson.

If you’re one of the many players that ensured this event would happen by making it the “most fan-requested feature” for Apex Legends, give yourself a pat on the back and then mark your calendar for August 13.