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Apex Legends Wattson | Abilities, release date, everything we know

Apex Legends is the hottest new battle royale game around right now, and fans are understandably anxious to find out anything they can about anything new coming to the game, especially new playable Legends. We’re pretty sure that the masked Octane will be the first new character to appear since launch, and will probably show up in the Season 1 Battle Pass, but it’s looking like the next Legend after him will be Apex Legends Wattson.

In all the various datamines and leaked information, which brought up a list of 10 potential new candidates for Apex Legends, Wattson and Octane were the Legends who had the most detail in any leaks. We have some pictures of her, and even know some of her abilities. So who is Wattson, and what are those abilities? More importantly, when do we expect her to be released? We’ll do our best to answer.

How do we know about Apex Legends Wattson?

Just like all the other Legends in the game, from Octane to Nomad, we know about Wattson because of datamining and leaks. There was a list of names revealed from a datamine by various Apex Legends leak feeds a month ago, and this included Wattson, Octane, Nomad, Prophet, and a load more. Wattson, in particular, stood out because of the spelling of her name, as the extra “t” in there strongly suggested some sort of electricity-focused Legend.

Another leak, however, only corroborated two names on the list: Octane and Wattson. As Octane is all-but confirmed as the next Legend coming to the game, simply because we have the most information on him, then Wattson must surely be the second. This week we finally got a look at a character who was surely Wattson, judging by the lightning symbol on her arm.

Who is Wattson?

Wattson, who has also been called “Natalie” by dataminers (which may be her first name) seems to be a scientist in the field of electricity. She uses electrical traps, gadgets, and abilities in order to slow down or take out opponents. The name “Natalie” is referring to Natalie Paquette, a name that appears in the digital newspaper that flips on screen during the Apex Legends intro cinematic, who the paper says is supposed to be a contender to be the next Legend. It even notes that she will play “a much different game than the other Legends.” The name “Wattson” even appears in-game already, as a logo on a few of the game’s weapons, although we’re not sure how that factors in to the character’s abilities.

What are Wattson’s abilities?

Wattson’s abilities all seem to be based around electricity, or at least the ones we know about. The one definite ability we know about is the Tesla Trap, which sounds like an electricity-based trap that may ensnare other players, and definitely does damage while it holds them in place. This would probably work a lot like Caustic’s Toxic Trapper ability.

Dataminer Shrugtal posted a picture of an icon that was pulled from the game that he suggests may be for the Tesla Trap belong to Wattson, but the outline of it suggests a shield instead. Nevertheless, the lightning symbols seemingly guarantees it will be something to do with Wattson. Possibly her second ability will be some sort of electricity-based shield, like something out of fellow EA online shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2? You can see the icon below. Until we know more all we can do is speculate. The one thing we don’t have any idea about, however, is Wattson’s Ultimate ability. Some sort of lightning storm or strike perhaps?

When will Apex Legends Wattson be released?

This is the biggest question of course, and one we do not have a satisfactory answer to. Octane, and the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass, will be launching this month, but we do not yet know the exact drop date. If we don’t even know for sure when the first new Legend Octane will show up, then it’s tough to speculate when the second Legend Wattson will make an appearance. It’s entirely possible she could drop as soon as next month, or in May. Then again, maybe we’ve read the room wrongly and Wattson won’t be the next Legend to appear after Octane. That’s the trouble with rumor and speculation, sometimes it doesn’t work out.