Scottish TV star Limmy gets called ‘haggis-head’ by NPC

Scottish TV star has had a rather unfortunate incident while streaming The Occupation on Twitch. Brian “Limmy” Limond, best known for his early 2010s sketch show Limmy’s World, ended up getting called a “haggis-head,” While insults and banter on Twitch are nothing new, this was a pretty unique situation as he was called a haggis-head by one of the NPCs in-game.

At the time, Limmy was reading over a list of questions in-game that pertained to his current objective. He began saying “I cannae, mate” (“I cannot”) while looking them over before he was interrupted by an NPC that was passing by. Said NPC fired off the offensive language that mocked Scottish people, something that was an unfortunate coincidence considering that Limond himself is Scottish.

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“I’m so Scottish, look at me! I’m amazing!” said one of the NPCs in The Occupation. “Arghh, shut it haggis-head.” The utterance of these words caused Limmy to sit there laughing with his mouth agape.

“F***ing what?!” Mr. Limond exclaimed, chuckling. “Is he f***ing talking about me?!”

Limmy was playing The Occupation, a game that has you taking on the role of an investigative journalist in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. The game has you trespassing into restricted areas, bypassing coded locks, and interview subjects of interest while under serious time pressure.

While the coincidental choice of words by the NPC may have been a bit unfortunate, Limmy appears to be taking it all in good fun. There’s another upside to this story, too: the /r/LivestreamFail subreddit have been delighted to discover that a beloved comedian has recently taken to Twitch streaming.

“Holy sh*t [Limmy streams]?!” read one such comment. “I f***ing love [Limmy’s] show on [Netflix!]”

Users have clipped several other moments from Limmy (as easily seen on the bottom of the clips page), but most of them averaged a few hundred views at most. With more than 96,000 views and counting, this viral clip from the Scottish TV star has helped people rediscover a talented comedian and will likely bring him a greater measure of success.