Fortnite is ‘turning kids into demons,’ Dr Disrespect says

Dr Disrespect found himself fed up with Fortnite following a particularly tough fight during one of the Fortnite Open League Division 4 matches. He was hunting for an enemy player who had ultimately gotten the drop on him, kicking off an epic rant that led to the streamer saying that the game turns kids into “demons.”

An intense round of Fortnite was taking place when Dr Disrespect was hiding in a house, waiting for an enemy to show themselves. He had heard gunfire and footsteps, but he was unable to track down his opponent. Suddenly, the enemy player dropped down practically on top of him and eliminated him in an intense close-quarters gun battle, causing the Twitch streamer to close down the game and rant at length about its problems.

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“Nice audio,” Dr Disrespect said, visibly annoyed. “No vertical audio, no f-… this game f-… Keep your cool, keep your composure.”  He then proceeded to switch up some things on his streaming setup before letting loose with a flurry of complaints.

“No vertical sound on that guy, not above, below, nothin’,” he began. “F***ing game audio sucks. Right? Epic Games, overrated. Developer group in North Carolina, they’ve always been overrated. This game is just a flea market of content. It’s just horrible. There’s no soul to this game. There’s none. There’s none.”

Dr Disrespect Fortnite Drop

“Vertical sound,” in this case, is the ability for a game to play sound in such a way that it’s clear whether something is above or below you. It’s one of the features that’s lacking in Fortnite, with one user complaint about the lack of this feature stretching back all the way to January of last year.

That was pretty standard fare for what one might expect to hear after a particularly rage-inducing death, but the Doc decided to step things up a bit.

“It’s making kids demonic,” he continued. “This game is turning kids into demons that don’t listen to their parents. They’re gonna be little robots when they’re thirty years old, no social skills, nothing, right? And it’s making me sick, what this game’s done to the video game culture.”

“I cannot express how much, how much this game…” he trailed off, shaking his head in frustration and finally appearing to get a handle on his frustration.

Dr Disrespect’s complaints about the lack of vertical sound might be valid, but his anger boiled over to the point where he ended up criticizing the company that makes it and its effect on the wider culture. Whether or not those complaints ring true is up to you — you can see his rant for yourself in the Twitch clip below.