Top Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 ditches YouTube for Twitch

[Image Credit: Nick Eh 30 / Youtube]

Famous Fortnite player and streamer Nick Eh 30 is making the move from YouTube to Twitch. He made the announcement via a short YouTube video that will probably be his last on the platform. Ninja’s migration from Twitch to Mixer may have prompted the top streaming platforms to court popular streamers, with Nick Eh 30’s move being one of the latest deals.

Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony, the well-known Canadian/Lebanese Fortnite streamer, has a following of over 4.6 million viewers. He started his channel by late 2014, and saw it rise to fame by the middle of 2018. Nick Eh 30 will start broadcasting exclusively on Twitch beginning September 1.

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While switching streaming platforms is becoming a usual move, not every Nick Eh 30 fan seems to be pleased with his decision. A few users are recalling some of his alleged comments such as “Youtube is the best streaming platform”, or “What happened to “It’s so nice that you can have your video’s and streams on the same platform.”

Nick Eh 30’s Twitch page is already up and running, boasting over 130,000 followers. There’s still a long distance to go to reach the 4.6 million followers from YouTube, but Twitch is surely considering offering some perks to Nick Eh 30’s existing following, in order to help with the migration.

On Twitch, Nick Eh 30 is going to face the competition of renowned Fortnite streamers such as Tfue, dakotaz, or TSM_Daequan. It goes without saying that Dr. Disrespect is another top streamer, although he isn’t a fan of Epic Games’ battle royale hit.

Nick Eh 30 won’t have to face direct competition from the most popular Fornite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The famed streamer made the move from Twitch to Microsoft’s Mixer in early August 2019, leaving his Twitch page with over 14 million followers abandoned. That is, until Twitch accidentally recommended porn to those who were looking for Ninja’s channel.