WATCH: Overwatch Doomfist actor sings in Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Activision Blizzard’s post-launch playable character addition is an imposing in-game presence in Overwatch, what with his tall stature, ripped physique, and enormous, weaponized metal arm. In the real world, however, the Overwatch Doomfist voice actor that brings the character to life operates in much more gentile fashion. Sahr Ngaujah, who won the role despite fans calling for Crackdown 3 spokesman Terry Crews to be cast, is appearing in a classic theatre production of Moulin Rouge on Broadway.

Ngaujah has a singing role, where he delivers a moody rendition of the classic musical number “Wonder Boy.” He’s certainly in good company, with the song having been covered by the legendary David Bowie in 2002 and performed on-stage by a long lineage of performers in prior Moulin Rouge productions before him.

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Comments on the official YouTube release, which you can find embedded at the bottom of this page, have been very kind to the Doomfist actor. “Better than the movie version,” “worthy of a Tony” (an award presented for excellence in theater), plus “beautiful and haunting” are just some of the positive sentiments being expressed. Despite that, for fans of Overwatch, it’ll most likely be hard to hear anything other than an unusual moment of vulnerability from a character that sits on the council of the evil, Overwatch-opposing group known as Talon.

A number of teases preceded Doomfist’s eventual addition to Overwatch, like his powerful gauntlet mysteriously disappearing from the payload section of the Numbani map, though many players weren’t all that fond of the African martial artist’s melee-focused gameplay after eventually getting some hands-on time. Regardless of the negativity, he definitely brought an extra element of strategy to Activision Blizzard’s popular hero shooter and in that way, he served his role well.

You can listen to Sahr “Doomfist” Ngaujah’s rendition of Nature Boy in its entirety below. Enjoy!