Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Switch version seemingly outed by new account link option (Update)

Update: Activision PR has contacted us with the statement: “The platforms announced for Modern Warfare are PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will not be coming to Switch.”

The addition of an option for players to link their Nintendo Switch account and Call of Duty account to the official CoD website would seem to indicate that the world’s largest first-person shooter franchise is headed for Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s perhaps most likely that we’ll see a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Switch version, though that isn’t necessarily going to be the case, as Activision might want to temper the series’ first foray onto the weaker switch hardware by releasing a port of an old game or even Call of Duty Mobile.

It’s not yet entirely clear what the link between CoD and Switch is, so guesses as to what form a collaboration might entail are currently just that. Although Nintendo Switch account integration isn’t appearing on the official Call of Duty profile login page at the time of writing, we’ve been able to confirm ourselves alongside users on Reddit that the new functionality is present and accounted for once you’ve successfully logged in.

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With Modern Warfare—a re-imagined version of 2007’s Call of Duty 4—due out October 25 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, it’d probably make the most sense for that to be the game that’s coming to Switch, whether at launch or on a later date. To further evidence this, back in May of this year we reported that the Call of Duty website’s backend code contained references to Nintendo, and specifically used the phrase “Nintendo Account.” Now, it seems the reasoning for that has become clear. The code in question was implemented at around the same time as the Modern Warfare reveal trailer dropped, which further points towards it most likely pertaining to that game.

There is a history of Call of Duty games reaching Nintendo platforms, but it isn’t all that common a phenomenon. The last time it occurred was the Wii U release of Ghosts, for what that’s worth. With the Switch being much more of a thriving platform by comparison, maybe a successful launch will see Call of Duty take up annual residence on Nintendo’s handheld console.