PewDiePie criticized for appearing in controversial The Quartering stream

PewDiePie has been criticized for commenting on a livestream held by controversial YouTube personality The Quartering. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg appeared in the comments of a stream hosted by Jeremy “The Quartering” Hambly, whose online behavior has resulted in him being banned from Magic the Gathering and the tabletop convention Gen Con.

PewDiePie posted in the comments section of Hambly’s recent livestream, writing: “hej hej” and “Whats up my gamer.” While the comments may seem innocuous enough, Hambly’s prior actions have led to PewDiePie being criticized for appearing in the stream.

Hambly was previously accused of harassment by MtG cosplayer Christine Sprankle, who subsequently quit cosplaying as a result of Hambly’s frequent targeting of her in his videos. Wizards of the Coast were made aware of Hambly’s behavior, calling cyberbullying “unacceptable.”

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As reported by Kotaku, Hambly’s previous YouTube channel Unsleeved Media was frequently the subject of controversy. He had previously hosted a “satirical” Twitter poll in which he accused Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater of sexual harassment. His actions led to him being banned from Magic the Gathering.

Now posting to The Quartering, Hambly’s videos mostly revolve around outrage surrounding the entertainment industry. Recent videos include, ‘The END for Captain Marvel & Media LASHES Out at Youtubers,’ ‘Demands For Gandalf To Be Played By A Women [sic], Of Course!,’ and ‘The Entitled Women of TwitchCon.’

Hambly posted a screenshot of PewDiePie appearing in his livestream, writing: “My life is complete [because PewDiePie] stopped by my livestream. I get its lame but I’ve looked up to the man for years.”

Shortly after, Twitter users began commenting on PewDiePie’s appearance in the video’s comments section, criticizing him “hanging out” in the controversial YouTuber’s livestream:

PewDiePie is no stranger to controversy, having previously been criticized for anti-Semitic “jokes” made on his YouTube channel, livestreaming himself saying a racist slur, and last month withdrawing a planned donation to the Anti-Defamation League after being criticized for doing so by his fanbase. He has yet to comment on the criticisms surrounding his appearance in The Quartering’s stream.