‘PewDiePie’ trending as couple goals clip goes viral

The world’s largest YouTuber, PewDiePie, has been trending on Twitter for several hours in the United States. But, why is PewDiePie trending on Twitter? Concerned fans have been flocking to social media to find out, though, thankfully, it isn’t for anything unsavory. In fact, it’s all thanks to a sweet moment shared by Felix Kjellberg and his wife Marzia. These are relationship goals right here.

Why is ‘PewDiePie’ trending on Twitter?

Why is PewDiePie trending on Twitter

YouTuber PewDiePie is trending on Twitter in 2021 because of a viral video featuring him and his wife, Marzia Kjellberg.

Although many fans feared another celebrity cancelation after seeing the trend, in this instance, Pewds is trending for all the right reasons. In the viral video, the Kjellbergs embrace as PewDiePie vacuums their family home.

Social media observers are calling the video “cute” and “adorable,” with one Twitter user going as far as to say “this is all I want in life.”

The Swedish YouTube star hasn’t been a stranger to controversy in the past, so seeing PewDiePie trend for promoting lofty relationship goals is no doubt encouraging to his fans. If just one person shows some extra love to their significant other as a result of the trend, the world will be a little bit better.

Last year PewDiePie raised money for charity in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Shortly before that, Kjellberg signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube after making amends with the company. It had previously canceled Pewds’ Scare PewDiePie show on the YouTube Red premium subscription service.

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