Dr Disrespect talks money: Earnings from streaming vs game development

Dr Disrespect has recently talked a bit about just how much money he’s making he’s days. What is the Dr Disrespect net worth? According to him, he’s making “millions” in his job as a Twitch streamer.

“But when I’m making millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars just to put on a show,” he began, “in comparison to $56,000 plus bonuses after three years of working on a project and the bonus is barely as much as the salary… the math is just a little different.”

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The “millions and millions” that is contributing to the Dr Disrespect net worth is more than likely a very true claim. After all, Twitch Tracker says that he has 22,988 subs (9,182 of which are paid) and TwitchStats calls the number at 22,506. Consider that he is earning roughly $2.50 per sub and do the math yourself. The Doc is not just making millions of dollars a year, he’s making nearly half of his yearly salary on a monthly basis; his paid subs alone are bringing in $22,955 for him every month, nevermind the gifted and Amazon Prime subs.

But what about that previous number quoting the Dr Disrespect net worth at “$56,000 plus bonuses”? Well, that comes from the Doc’s earlier career as a level designer for the Call of Duty games, a talent he recently leveraged to make his own level in one of the latest games.

Dr Disrespect Net Worth Call of Duty Level

According to his page on the Call of Duty fan wiki, he had a hand in designing the following maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:

  • Solar
  • Horizon
  • Instinct
  • Ascend
  • Recovery
  • Sideshow
  • Site 244
  • Quarantine

Now, the doc is earning his previous lifetime salary (and then some!) on a yearly basis playing video games on Twitch, chatting with his fans, and having fun. That’s a heck of new career direction if I’ve ever seen one.