Dr Disrespect is confident about Riot’s ‘Project A’

Riot Games‘ upcoming hero-based first-person shooter Project A seems to be drawing the attention of a number of popular players. Now, one of the biggest first-person shooter streamers on the planet has chimed in on it. Dr Disrespect has shared his thoughts on Project A, and he seems pretty positive about it.

During a recent stream, the game-developer-turned-streamer expressed his thoughts on Riot’s upcoming shooter. Doc is usually known for raging on games and developers for various reasons. In this case, however, he was actually quite positive, expressing confidence in Riot’s ability to deliver on the game.

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“I’m sure because it’s Riot Games and obviously they’re tackling some of the technical stuff early on, which is exactly what you’ve got to do,” he stated in the stream. “Like, there’s no denying that the game is probably going to be really awesome and built for esports competitive – just like every other game they make.”

Dr Disrespect is confident about Riot's 'Project A'

That said, despite his general praise for the game, Dr Disrespect did express one major concern for the game: Basically, Doc worries about whether or not the game will be able to stand out against the other shooters in the market.

“I think the only thing, while we’re critiquing it… I don’t know. I just know it’s going to be good. It’s going to be quality, but is it unique enough?” he asked. “Different enough to really make an impact? I don’t know.”

For what it’s worth though, Project A does stand out from the other games Riot revealed during the League of Legends tenth anniversary stream. While all of the other games Riot announced (including the long rumored fighting game) were spin-offs based on League, Project A takes place in an all new setting. The game itself has been described, by Dr Disrespect no less, as looking somewhere between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. Whether that also applies to the rest of the game, not just its looks, remains to be seen. Riot hasn’t released much about it so far, so it looks like fans like Dr Disrespect will have to wait a bit longer to learn more about it.