Dr Disrespect on Mixer might not happen, but DeStache is pretty close

We probably won’t see Dr Disrespect on Mixer anytime soon, but there’s something almost as good as one of the biggest Twitch Streamers out there. Twitch streamer HasanAbi was looking around at random videos when he discovered a Dr Disrespect lookalike by the name of DeStache, a name that’s somewhat self-evident when you get a look at his epic facial hair.

“‘Mixer has its own Dr Disrespect’ — what?!” HasanAbi said in a Twitch clip. “Shut up.”

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HasanAbi had been interacting with his chat when one of them brought the lookalike Dr Disrespect on Mixer to his attention. He then looked up the Mixer stream in question, staring at the show, mouth agape. The only phrases HasanAbi uttered for the entirety of the clip were “What” and “Oh my god,” almost as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

To be fair, the two streamers on separate platforms do look pretty darn similar. Take a look for yourself:

Dr Disrespect on Mixer DeStache Comparison

DeStache seems to have been in the Mixer game since March of 2018. He doesn’t quite have the gear or the production value of a massive streamer like Dr Disrespect, but he’s managed to build himself a decent community by broadcasting on Mixer full time, six days a week. So far, he has 15.623 followers and 410,288 video views according to Social Blade, putting him in 615th place for followers and 346th place for views across the platform. Not bad for a guy who’s only been at it for a year.

So no, we still don’t have Dr Disrespect on Mixer. Whether intentionally or not, DeStache seems to have adopted the Two-Time aesthetic while building up his own community. You can see the stunning reveal of DeStache in the Twitch clip below, and you can watch the man himself on mixer.com/DeStache from Tuesday–Sunday starting at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.