4 Wheel Thunder DreamCast Cheats

4 Wheel Thunder


Beat ‘Em:

Beat Championship mode to unlock 6 more tracks, Arcade mode for 8 more tracks,

and Indoor mode for 5 more tracks.

Full Pause Screen:

As with most other Dreamcast games, hit X+Y at the pause screen to remove

the menus from view.

Jackpot Cheat:

After finishing a race in Championship mode, save your game in case a you

get to try for the jackpot. If you don’t win it on the first try, simply

reload your game in the options menu and keep trying until you win.

Boost Start:

In a race, when the time is counting down, right before the 1 fades away

press gas and turbo at the same time and you will get a small amount of

turbo to get to the first boost icon.

Three New Trucks:

Complete championship, arcade, and indoor modes to unlock one new truck

for each game mode completed.

Bonus Championship Tracks:

Complete championship mode to unlock the Atlas Sandstorm, Corsica Rain,

Far West Night, Iceland Snow, Scandinavia Storm, and Norway Night tracks.

Bonus Outdoor Arcade Tracks:

Complete outdoor arcade mode to unlock the Scandinavia, Jordan, Greece Sunset,

Norway, Iceland, Atlas, Alps, and Canada rain tracks.

Bonus Indoor Arcade Tracks:

Complete indoor arcade mode to unlock the Indoor Scandinavia, Indoor Far

West, Indoor Iceland, Indoor Atlas, and Greece daylight tracks.

GameShark Codes

999 Points
Infinite Cash

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