Chu Chu Rocket DreamCast Cheats

Chu Chu Rocket


Hard mode puzzles:

Beat all 25 Normal mode puzzles.

Special mode puzzles:

Beat all 25 Hard mode puzzles.

Mania mode puzzles:

Beat all 25 Special mode puzzles.


Beat all of the Stage Challenges to transform the mice into chao from Sonic



Beat all of the Mania Mode puzzles in one player mode to transfom the mice into

NiGHTS angels.

Toggle Graphics:

The graphics may be toggled in the options menu after the respective puzzles

have been cleared.

Dreamkey web browser

This trick requires a Dreamcast keyboard, and can be used as a replacement for

the standard Planetweb browser. Go to the Homepage in the main menu. Once the

Chu Chu Rocket title appears, press Ctrl + O on the keyboard. The URL bar will

appear, which allows you to type in any Internet address. Some advantages of

the Dreamkey web browser include:

-Better list interface with arrow bars, which makes it appear more like a computer

web browser

Supports Flash 3.

-Better Javascript than the Planetweb browser.

-Ability to send and receive e-mail with VMU files attached.

-Higher on-screen color count than Planetweb browser.

-Can Save Midi or Wav files to the VMU.

-Pages appear to load faster.

-Supports cookies.

Keyboard shortcuts:
-URL bar:     Ctrl + O 
-Reload page: Ctrl + R 
-Bookmarks:   Ctrl + B 
-Mail:        Ctrl + M 
-History:     Ctrl + H

Saving Picture:

Save pictures from the web You can save pictures onto your VMU while using Chu

Chu Rocket’s

Dreamkey web browser. Place the cursor over the desired picture and press X

+ A on the controller.

No Kwyboard? No Problem:

If you dont have a keyboard how will you type in Ctrl + 0 to use the dreamkey

browser. here is how you can bring up the url bar without a keyboard: 1) Make

sure you are in the Hompage Section of the game 2) While holding A press start

ten times (unlocks everything) 3) Then place cursor over the status bar (bar

at bottom of screen) and press A + B togther while cursor is over the status

bar. The URL bar should pop-up If it didnt then Try A + B again. 4) After that

hold start + B to bring bookmarks up. start+x brings up history. Start + A brings

up saved addresses 5) X + is to go click simultaniously to skip many pages.


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