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If you complete the game once and save it on the VMU, the next time you load the saved game, you should have a "$300000" loan for the game.

+72 attack booster

If you pay off your debt with Nina she will grant you a +72 attack booster!

+96 Attack Booster

After you beat Eugene, you can go to all the ruins once again. Go to the Blind ruins and search each floor completely

until you locate it.

Alternate costumes:

Press X at the character selection screen.

Bypass dialog:

Press B before a move is made during battle.

Combination attacks

Attack a monster from behind for your character to have two attacks in a row.

Easy EXP...method 1:

When in the carrier go to the 2nd room. Inside, you will find 2 doors. One of the

leads to a single hallway. Go through the door and there is a soldier. Fight him, then

exit to the hallway. Then enter and he is back. This happens infinite times.

Easy EXP...method 2:

In certain rooms you will notice that a red dot (enemy) will appear and disappear at random. So far I have only found two creatures that exhibit this type of behavior - the "Crinoid" and the ever illusive "Mechaphage". The Mechaphage looks like a mechanical (steal plated) version of the "Bacterio". This creature travels through the shafts an pipes connecting the dungeons. It is non-confrontational and will hide as soon as you come close to it. The only way I have been able to catch it is to use a "Cameleon Color" which allows me to sneak up on it un-noticed. When you catch it, it appears to always be by itself which is good because it is easy to defeat and will give you a minimum of 500 experience points each, along with other items it may drop when you defeat it. This is a good way to boost your characters levels before facing a difficult BOSS.

Easy EXP...method 3

After passing the Medical Room(the room with the Naolin Golds), Go down the stairs and clear the area. After beating everyone (+ 4 sleeping soldiers), go down the stairs. Three guards will come out and attack you. After defeating them, you'll hear a message over the PA. If you want, go back to the medical room to get some healing done. You can fight the guard on the bed by jumping on him and talking him. Go to the room across from there to fight the soldier who suprises you, and/or go back to the four soldiers (if it's the four soldiers, you have to go back, talk to one on the bed, leave to any another room, then go back again). Now, they're using Howitzers! Fighting four+ soldiers with Howitzers gives you more than 1000 EXP!!!

Unlimited Naolin Gold:

When you are on the carrier near the end of the game, enter the door with the first aid symbol and search the medicine cabinet for a Naolin Gold. You can search it as often as you wish to stock up on them.

Free Cash (AKA Pay off your debt):

Use the unlimited Naolin Gold described above, but sell it instead of using them to heal. Pay off your debt in no time! (also, when you beat the game you're gonna want to have about $200,000 stashed away to pay off a little something at the end.)

Hidden Red Viper:

Mag has hidden a Red Viper item (returns a fallen character to life with 25% health) under a shrub between the sign-post outside his house and the airfield. Check the shrub and he'll dig it up.

Hidden fireball:

When you first start the game as soon as you get the lecture from Gre go upstairs and look in the dresser in the corner. Do NOT recruit Gre or the code will not work.

How To Get Chain:

When you first start and you are on your way to society, stop at the bus and go in. Chain will come and talk to you and then he will go into the back, follow him there and press A. He will ask if he can join your party

How to beat the robot Eugene:

To beat Eugene you must be at level 75 and use Gre and Pepper as you partners. Make sure you have the cyframe parts hammer, hand, and recovery. Use MAGNA WAVE for Mag, PEPPER FLASH when you are Pepper, and any SPIRIT MOVES for Gre. Make sure you have a lot of green moss and nailon royal. Eugene has 30000 HP so be careful.


First have Pepper on your team and keep your HP up with Linear. Keep using flat shot with Pepper until the damage of his drill does only 1 (using the protective spell from Linear wouldn't hurt). Move Mag to the front so he will inflict max damage.


Your party should consist of Mag, Pepper, and Gre. Use Mag to cast the second spelling in the lightning hand parts to freeze Eugene's robot giving one other character the chance to hit him. Have Gre serve up his placid soup a couple of times in case Mag's spell misses, (there is less than a five percent chance of failure) also use Gre to lower Eugene's defenses. Have Pepper cast pepper flash and do normal attacks when she is out of FP. Use a green moss or apple seed only when Mag's FP are near empty.

Immediately eliminate status effect:

While in battle sometimes monsters will perform attacks that cause changes in your otherwise normal status, such as sleep and paralysis. When this happens it is possible to easily rid yourself of these two status changes by simply pressing the B button (blue button) when the turn of the player with the status change comes up. The dialog box at the top of the screen will say for example "Gre is alseep," and show a close up of your character, now press the B button and your character will be fully awake or fully able out of paralysis on his/her next turn.

Music Test:

After finishing the fifth and final ruins, enter the tavern and then check the jukebox. A list of all the music in the game is now available to play.

Screwed up writing:

Go fight and win a battle. After the battle when and only when your characters are flashing go to the Main Menu and select 'party.' Then select 'formation', and try to move your guys around. If your guys are still flashing, some weird writing will appear and the game will get really slow. Don't try this for too long though, it might screw up your game.

Special Items on the Ship:

When you reach the ship, be sure to search all of the crates/barrels/furniture/etc. in a room. Many of them hide special items that you will find _very_ useful. These special items can only be found once, so be careful how you use them. In particular, you will find: Green Moss (restores full FP) in the tank room; Cosmo Fruit (restores full HP and FP) in the ventilator storage room; and a Kevlar Tail Coat (for Gre) in the room where the Guard asks "Who's There?". Be sure to save the Cosmo Fruit and Green Moss for your 2nd encounter with Eugene. You'll need them.

Use Special Moves Without Using FP:

To use any special move without using any FP simply wait until you are in battle to master a technique. (This is really useful on bosses)

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health - Linear



Thanks to Revolution reader Danny Thomas!