MTV Skateboarding DreamCast Cheats

MTV Skateboarding


Names & Places:

When you beat lifestyle with any character you get a guy named “Jimmy Sweetlove”.

This guy is an African American 70’s style Disco Dancer with one of the biggest

afro’s you’ll ever see. Also When you beat lifestyle you will get the Lunar

Level. This Level is on the moon so there are tons of craters and very low

gravity. (This is perfect for pulling off 1240’s).

Unlock Mad Mike Hoolign

When you beat MTV Hunt mode you will get a character called “Mad Mike Hooligan”.

He’s a half naked thrasher with lot’s of tattooes.

Unlock Chucky Mulgrave:

When you beat Stunt mode you will get a character called “Chucky Mulgrave”.

This guy is a 23 Year old street skater. Also you will get a bonus level called

Hades where you get to skate around in his dark Lair!!! (Very Sweet)

Bonus Outfits and Boards:

Also with every level that you beat you will get a bonus outfit and bonus

board. Good Luck!!!


Thanks to Revolution reader Chase Chambers!