Nightmare Creatures 2 DreamCast Cheats


Nightmare Creatures 2


Cheat Mode:

Pause game play and hold L + R and then press Left, B, X, Left, B, X, Left, B, X, A, X to view the game's cheat options.

Select Level:

Highlight the "Options" selection at the new game menu. Hold B for 3-4 seconds, release the button, then press Y, A, X, B. Hold X for 1 second then release the button and press B.

Hidden Artwork & Sounds:

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find wallpaper images from the game.


Allow the game to idle for a short time and a screensaver will appear.

Full Pause Screen

Pause the game and press X + Y.

Restore Health:

Just press and hold X, Y, and B. Your health bar will magically recharge, so you can endure more suffering.

Thanks to Revolution reader Joseph Tuvera and Seth Korrow!