Resident Evil: Code Veronica Walkthrough

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Version 0.1 (03/28/00)

* FAQ started

Version 0.3 (03/30/00)

* Added some of Claire's walkthrough (Disc 1)

* Added some more Controls

* Added some more Q's in the FAQ section

* Added some more Character Profiles

Version 0.4 (03/31/00)

* Added a bunch more to Claire's walkthrough

* Added some more tips and strategies

* Added a new section: Quick Guide. This guide shows what is in each   
  and every room in the game.

Version 0.45 (03/31/00)

* Added even more of Claire's Walkthrough. Almost done with it.

* Updated the Quick Guide Section

* Updated FAQ section

* Added some stuff to the Battle Mode Section, thanks to JL Lee

Version 0.5 (04/01/00)

* Finished up the Walkthrough: Disc One

* Added the Boss Guide Section

* Updated the Quick Guide Section

* Updated the Enemies Section

* Started the Disc Two Walkthrough

* Updated the Herb Mixing Guide

Version 0.55 (04/02/00)

* Added some more of the Disc Two Walkthough

* Added a new Section: Files. This section shows all of the Files.
  This section is not yet complete.

* Updated Tips/Strategies Section

* Updated Battle mode Section

* Added my review of RE:CV. It's in Introduction Section

* Updated the Enemies Section with a chart for each enemy telling 
  how much ammo for each gun it takes to kill that enemy.

* Updated the Quick Guide section

* Updated the FAQ section

Version 0.6 (04/04/00)

* Finished up Claire's Walkthrough, started on Chris's Walkthrough

* Updated Enemies section

* Updated Boss Guide section

* Updated the Quick Guide section

Version 0.65 (04/05/00)

* Added some more of Chris's Walkthrough, Disc 2

* Added a new section: Puzzle Guide. This section lists out all of the major 
puzzles in Code Veronica and tells you how to solve them. This section is not 
yet complete.

* Updated the Quick Guide Section

* Updated the Enemies Section

* Updated the Boss Guide Section

* Updated the Files Section

Version 0.8 (04/07/00)

* Finished up the ENTIRE Walkthrough for both Discs, including the Final Boss

* Updated the Puzzle Guide Section

* Updated the Files Section

* Updated Enemies Section

* Updated Boss Guide Section

* Added the File Locations Section

Version 0.9 (04/09/00)

* Added Claire's Maps Section

* Fixed some stuff

* Next Big Update: Chris's Maps, the rest of the Files, and anything                       
  else I need

Version 0.91 (04/09/00)

* Added a ton of stuff in the Battle Mode Section

Version 0.95 (04/11/00)

* Finished up the Files Section

* Fixed some small stuff in the FAQ

Version 0.96 (04/12/00)

* Updated Battle Mode Section

4. Controls

Run........This helps you go faster and avoid confrontation with

Shoot......This allows you to shoot enemies

Action button...This allows you to perform an "action" like pushing
                something or opening a door.

Aim........Allows you to aim your weapon


Move Character..........Analog Stick
Start...................Button Option menu/Skip movie/Cut-scene

X.......................Action/Confirm selection
Y.......................Map Screen
B.......................Status Screen/Cancel
A.......................Run (with D-pad UP)/Cancel selection

L Trigger...............Aim/Change targets
R Trigger...............Ready weapon (press and hold)

5. Walkthrough - Disc 1

| P R O L O G U E |

The mid-western town of Raccoon City 
was completely decimated by the
T-Virus outbreak, and incident instigated 
by the international 

Claire Redfield, who traveled to 
Raccoon City in search of her 
lost brother Chris,
managed to 
escape from
the city
along with rookie 
police officer Leon S. 

But their ordeal is only a 
prelude of things to come.

Now, 3 months later...

| E N D  P R O L O G U E |

After viewing the AMAZING FMV sequences, you'll find yourself in 
a prison cell, along with a man who has captured you. You'll need to equip your 
lighter in order to activate the next real-time FMV scene. The man will tell you 
something about the prison being taken over, and that you're free to go. He then 
passes out because of blood loss. You will now take over as Claire. 

Once you have the lighter equipped, walk over to the corner of the room that's 
right across from the man. You'll find some handgun bullets. Once you've 
collected these, walk over to the desk and you should find a combat knife. This 
will be your first weapon, and you'll need it. After getting the combat knife, 
head back into your cell, and you should see a green herb towards the back of 
the cell. Pick this up then leave the room.

In this hallway, you'll see a typewriter and an ink-ribbon. Collect the ink-
ribbons, save your game (just to be sure), then head up the stairs at the other 
end of the hallway. 

Once you go up the stairs, you'll find yourself outside, in a graveyard in the 
rain. As you walk forward, there will be a short cut-scene involving a briefcase 
falling out of the burning plane or something. Then tons of zombies will emerge 
from the ground. Avoid these guys, then head over to the opposite door.

In the courtyard, you'll encounter Steve Burnside. After a brief cut-scene, 
he'll leave, and you'll be all by yourself again. But by the end of the cut-
scene, you'll have a handgun with 12 rounds. Head over to the dead zombie where 
you picked up the handgun to collect some more handgun bullets. Now exit through 
the unlocked door.

Here, head over to the wooden walkway, go to the end, and grab the green herb. 
Now go through the wooden door near it. In this room, there will be three 
zombies. Kill them, then go up the wooden stairs and collect the green herb on 
the table. Now go back down, go around the table in the middle of the room, and 
collect the handgun bullets that are on the shelf. Now go towards the back of 
the room, and grab the Prison Map that's on the wall near the sink. Now go 
through the door that's to the right of the one that you entered.

In this room, you'll pass by some bunk beds, and on one of them there is a 
Prisoner's diary. Collect it, then go to the end, then go right, and you'll see 
some handgun bullets on a shelf. Immediately after getting the bullets, a zombie 
will bust through the door, and he'll drop two MP-100s (automatic pistols). Kill 
him and the other two zombies, then collect the automatic pistols. Go into the 
shower area, and get the bullets in the end shower. Now exit the way you came, 
then go around the building, and go through that door. 

In here, you'll need to place any metallic items in the security box. Do this, 
then go to the other end. Go past the second security box, then grab the flame 
rounds to the right of it. Go a little bit further to find some BOW Gas Rounds. 
Now look on the table to find a first aid spray and a User's Manual for the 3-D 
duplicator. After getting these items, go into the next door that's to the left 
of the second security box. 

Right when you enter this room, you'll spot a piece of paper right in front of 
you. This is a Fax On The Faculty Access Application. Collect it, file it. Now 
walk a little bit farther into the room, and you'll encounter Steve again. After 
the short cut-scene involving Steve storming out of the room, turn around and 
search the desk with the computer. A drawer should open up, and you'll find the 
Hawk Emblem. Now collect the Ink Ribbon near the typewriter. Now go to the 
glowing blue switch on the wall, and turn it on. Go back to the previous room, 
the one with the 3-D duplicator, and place the Hawk emblem in it. Now place any 
metal items you have in the security box, then go back through the security 
hallway, grab some weapons from the first security box, the go back outside. 

Once outside, head over to the steel shutter that was previously locked. 
Zombies! Kill off the two in front of you, grab the fire extinguisher, then 
either run by or kill the othre zombies. Now go into the cage that the zombies 
broke out of. In here you'll find a gullotine. Grab the Padlock Key from the 
gullotine, and head all the way back to the graveyard. 

Once in the graveyard, use the Fire extinguisher to put out the fire where the 
briedcase was, then grab it. Now go to your inventory screen, then examine the 
briefcase by turning it so that you can see the top end of it (you know, where 
the handle is). Here you'll find a button. Push it, then you'll see that the TG-
01 was in it the whole time. Now go back to the route to the 3-D duplicator. 

Go past the graveyard, but when you enter the area with teh zombie dogs, 
immediatly go right and through the gate. It will be locked, but you have the 
key to open it. Now go through the door to the right of the open gate. You will 
now see that you are back in the area where the gullotine was. This route is a 
shortcut, and will help you avoid those pesky dogs. Go ahead, and go into the 
lab area again, and place all of your metallic items in the security box again, 
then head down to the 3-D duplicator.

Go to the 3-D duplicator, then place the TG-01 into the maker to the right of 
the actual scanner, and it will create it. Now you have a 3-D duplicate of the 
Hawk emblem that won't set off the metal detector! After you have collected the 
duplicate Hawk Emblem, attempt to leave. Three zombies will break in! Now might 
be a good time to save your game in the office where you met Steve, but it's 
your choice. When you attempt to exit, you'll have to avoid the zombies, because 
you have no weapons. After avoiding the living dead, grab your stuff from the 
first security box, then head back out to the graveyard (the place where you 
first met Steve). Go to the large gate, and use your duplicated Hawk Emblem on 
it to unlock it. Go through it.
Noticed that it stopped raining? Weird. Anyways, you are now on the Iron Bridge. 
As you walk forward, go down the stairs to the left of you, right before the 
jeep. Walk along the metal catwalk, and grab the two green herbs at the end. Run 
down the bridge and check the jeep for some handgun bullets. Now go back to 
where the fire is. See that white crate nearest to the bridge? Push it towards 
the fire, and when it can't go any farther, push it to the left, towards the 
other crates. When you have done this, climb on top of the crates, and use them 
to walk over to some stairs. Go up the stairs to escape from the prison.

Go forward, past the zombies, and go up the stairs at the end of the path and 
through the gate. Avoid the dogs here, then go right up the stairs, grab the 
green herb, then go into the large door. You are now in the Palace. Once you are 
inside, go down the small flight of stairs, and take the large set of stairs to 
Claire's right. At the top of these stairs, go right again and up another small 
flight of stairs. Once at the top, go through to door. Here is a great stopping 
point. In this room there is an Item Box and a typewriter to save your game. But 
before you save your game, you should grab the Secretary's Note on the table, 
the green herb at the end of the hallway, then push the chest near the green 
herb out of the way to find an ID Card, grab the Ink Ribbons near the 
typewriter, and the handgun bullets on the shelf behind the typewriter, near the 
Item Box. After doing all this, deposit whatever you need to, then save your 
game at the nearby typewriter.

Ok, now once you've saved your game and you're ready, leave the save room. Now 
go back downstairs to the main room where you first entered the Palace. Go over 
to the computer on the desk near the stairs. Grab the handgun bullets on the 
desk, then go to the computer. Go into your inventory screen and check the ID 
Card. It should have the code "NTC0 394" on the back of it. You must use this 
code in the computer to unlock a door in the main room. After entering this 
code, the security lock system will become deactivated. Discard the ID card, 
then go into the blue door thats to the left of where you first entered the 
Palace. In here, you'll find some bats. Use your lighter to keep them away, then 
grab the First Aid Spray on the sink, and the handgun bullets in the bathroom 
stall behind the sink. Towards the back of the bathroom is the duralumin case. 
Collect it, then go back to the main room.

Once in the main room, go into the door that you just unlocked with the 
computer. In here there will some zombies, so be prepared. After you've killed 
the zombies, grab the handgun bullets near the door, next to a vase. Now run to 
the end of the hallway, grab the red herb, then go back to the save room to put 
away the duralumin case into the Item Box, because you won't be needing it until 
you get some lockpicks. Now go back to the hallway where you got the red herb, 
run to the end, and head into the door at the end. 

In this room, you'll need to grab the handgun bullets on the table. Now go over 
to the small display case with the ant in it, with the glowing blue button. Push 
the button, and you'll get to see a short FMV with the twin sisters pulling the 
wings off a dragon fly, and then feeding the dragon fly to some ants. Anyways, 
after this is over, the giant display case with the tank in it will move, 
revealing a hidden door.

In this room you'll find a steering wheel right as you walk in. Take it, then go 
to the back and look at the two Golden Luggers. Ohhhhh. If you take them, the 
room locks up and it turns really hot in there. You can always put them back 
when you want to. After looking at the Golden Luggers, leave the hidden room, 
and head back to the main room.

In the main room, try to leave through the main doors. But wait! You hear Steve 
yelling for help! Go back to the display room (the one with the Golden Luggers). 
You'll find that Steve has decided to take the Golden Luggers, and he's trapped. 
To help him, you'll have to solve a puzzle. Go to the control panel next to the 
Tank display case, and examine it. You need to match up two of the six items 
that are the same type of thing. Here's what it looks like:

       _______      _______      _______
      |A      |    |B      |    |C  *   |
      |_______|    |_______|    |_______|

       _______      _______      _______
      |D      |    |E  *   |    |F      |
      |_______|    |_______|    |_______|

A- Ship
B- Ant
C- Gun