Asphalt Urban GT DS Cheats

Asphalt Urban GT

Nintendo DS

Gameloft F1:

Get first place in all 35 Evolution Championships.

Gamelati 1000 SS:

Get first place in every Arcade mode Road Challenge.

Gameloft F1:

Get first place in every Evolution Championship.

Easy cash:

You can buy the 2005 Corvette C6 for $45,000, then turn around and sell it for $45,500.

Fast cash:

(1) Sell every car in your garage

(2) Play the championship mission "Saleen Qualification"

(3) Sell the Hummer H2 you unlock for $67,500

(4) Do this about 10 times and you'll be able to get any cr in the game

Unlockable Vehicles:

Beat V6 Engine Sport Tuning Kit Evo 1
Beat Chevrolet Fighting Sport Tuning Kit Evo 2
Beat Under 500 hp Performance Tuning Kit Evo 1
Beat Gentlemen Drivers Performance Tuning Kit Evo 2
Beat Saleen Qualification Hummer H2
Beat Sport Racing Cars Lamborghini Gallardo
Beat Ultra Race Cars Lamborghini Murcielago
Beat Colossus Nissan 350Z
Beat Mythical Elanor Morgan Aero 8
Beat GT Championship Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
Beat Performance Racing Cars Ford Cobra Concept
Beat V10 Rage Evo Kit 1
Beat Urban Sports Cars Audi TT
Beat Urban Performance Cars 2005 Corvette C6
Beat every Arcade Mode Road Challenge Gamelati 1000 SS Motorcycle

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