Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX GameBoy Cheats

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

Game Boy

Extra music:

Enter ZELDA as your name to get bonus music.

Alternate ending:

Beat the game without using any continues. You’ll see Marin fly across the screen

during the end.

Save your money:

Buy any expensive item and press Start + Select + A + B as you’re paying. Save

the game, quit, and reload. You should now own the item without paying full


Exploding arrows:

Put the Bow in the A or B slot, then put the Bombs in the other slot. Press

A+B at the same time to shoot.

Steal items from store:

Pick up the item you want at the store. Then go to the corner behind the

register. Run out of the store before the owner sees you. You’ll get the item,

but everyone will call you a ‘thief’ for the rest of the game. If you go back

into the store after you steal something, you’ll get killed.

A Special Song:

Type in ZELDA (All Caps) To get the Special song.


Put the Arrow on the A button. Put the bomb on the B button and press the two

buttons together. You will see a bomb attached to the arrow

Skip Places:

Before You get to the next screen, press select and you should be on the next

screen on the ledge. (you may get stuck sometimes).


Easy Money:

In level three, the boss will taunt you and say that you’ll never find him.

To get to him, ram the wall with pegasus’ boots. To get infinite rupies, get

to the boss, but don’t ram the wall. A bunch of little blobs will start falling

out of the sky. Kill these for as long as you want for easy money.

Finding Bombable Walls:

You can poke any wall to see if you can bomb through it. Just get your sword

out and poke at the wall. If you hear a hollow clank, you can bomb through the


Five Golden Leaves:

When Richard asks you to get the golden leaves for him, go to the castle. To

get one of them, go in one of the first rooms of the castle, defeat all of the

enemies. To get the next one, go into a room where you can bomb two walls. Once

you bomb the walls, another leaf will appear. To get the third leaf, go into

a room and defeat him, and another leaf should appear. Next, exit the castle,

and find a raccoon that throws rocks at you. Then equip your bow. Shoot arrows

at the raccoon until he dies. That’s where you will find the fourth leaf. To

get the Fifth, and final leaf, find a crow sitting in a tree. Equip your power

braclet and your bow. Pick up a rock, and throw it at the crow. When it flies

at you, shoot arrows at it, and it should die. Pick up the last leaf, and bring

it to Richard.


Get the Boomerang and Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and switch to the Rooster.

The Boomrang should hover below you. You can’t get attacked by enemies but you

can now attack them!

Heart Pieces:

Here are the locations of the pieces of heart using the map like a grid. A-Z

= up, 1-16 = across.

1. 1-K
2. 2-I
3. 5-E
4. 3-G
5. 15-M
6. 9-H
7. 15-C
8. 14-M
9. 7-H
10. 8-A
11. 2-A
12. 7-I 

Getting the Boomerang:

To get the boomerang here’s what you’ll have to do. First you need to get the

magnifying lens. When you are up to the 5th or 6th level you will have to go to

Koholint Beach and almost at the end of the beach there will be a rocky door.

Use a bomb on it and go inside. You’ll see that moblin guy that kidnapped Bow

Wow and he’ll trade you for the boomerang. Talk to him and he will say he has

found something good that just washed up on the beach, then he will say “I’ll

trade it for what’s in your B button.” You’ll then be prompted to trade, and if

you choose YES you’ll get the boomerang. If you talk to him again he’ll beg you

to give it back, but if you want to keep the ‘rang don’t do it, you won’t get

a second chance. If you trade for magic powder or bombs, you won’t find any anywhere

in the game until you trade back. So I suggest the shovel. It’s only necessary

when you get the slime key

*Note: Sometimes he will reject the item. He doesn’t want something cheap

for such a good weapon

Photo Shoots:

You can have a photographer take pictures of your character in

the game. These pics can be printed with the Game Boy Printer. Here are all

of the locations:

1. Link poses and gives a peace sign. Get this one by talking to the

photographer and then standing at the top of the room in front of the


Alternate: There is an alternate photo number 1. To get it, you must

answer every question that the photographer says with the answer “no”.

It is a picture of Link looking stunned with freaky eyes.

2. When you have Marin, take her to the cliff at Toronbo Shores

3. Marin falls on a very hurt Link. Very funny picture. Get this one by

jumping down the well in Mabe Village while Marin is following you.

4. Take Marin to the Rooster statue in Mabe Village for this one.

5. Peek in the window to the right of the outside of Ulrira’s house.

6. Link poses with BowWow. Get this one by leaving Madam MeowMeow’s

house right after returning BowWow to her.

7. A picture of Link stealing from the shop. Get this one by stealing from

the shop.

8. Fisherman flapping in the water. Go to the fisherman under the bridge

(the one you give the hook too) after having the magnifying lens.

9. Link and Zora together. Go into the empty house in the top right screen

of the animal village after finding the magnifying lens.

10. Link and Richard in front of castle. Before lowering the drawbridge,

go to the castle where the golden leaves are.

11. Link poses in front of the lone grave with the ghost. Get this one

by standing in front of the lone grave after returning the ghost there.

12. Picture taken as poor cameraman plummets to the ground! Funny! Go

to the chicken house in the mountains and go right two screens. Walk to the

middle of the bridge.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Arrows       013045DB

Infinite Bombs        01304DDB

Infinite Magic Powder 01204CDB

Infinite Health       01185ADB

Infinite Rupees       01095DDB

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