Pokemon Pinball GameBoy Cheats

Pokemon Pinball


Moving Pokemon in Pokedex:

Select basic Pokemon, then Press Start to watch an unevolved Pokemon move in

the Pokedex.

: This trick only works when the game is played in a Game Boy Color


Pokedex Record:

Enter the Pokedex and press Select to view how many Pokemon have been obtained

and seen.

*Note: The ones you have seen in your Pokedex are shadows.

Get Infinity Doubles:

Beat one of the gyms. Then go to where you first started. Go on the PC. Click

on e-mail. If you see it flashing click on it. It will give you cards. Then

go to another place. Come back and it will be flashing again and blammo; infinity


GameShark Codes

Ball Saver Always On  91ffa4d4

Infinite Time         91057ad5  

Infinite Dual PIKACHU Kickback
"Get 9                999  

Infinite Balls        01029dd4  


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