Pokemon Yellow GameBoy Cheats

Pokemon Yellow



Bulbasaur can be found at Cerulean City, near the Pokecenter.


Charmander can be found at Route 24 N.W.


Farfetch'd can be found on Routes 12 and 13.


Magnemite can be found in grass before the rock tunnel entrance.


Get the Thunder Badge on the S.S. St. Anne, then go to Vermilion City to find Squirtle.

Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres

When you have reached the mystical bird (Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), save the game before going into battle. This will allow you to restart if you knock them out or run away.

Catch Wild Pokemon Easily

When in battle against a wild pokemon throw the pokeball at the pokemon then just as it explodes press and hold the B button.Then the pokemon should be yours!

*Note: This cheat does not work all the time, and some pokemon may need stronger pokeballs and some need to be put to sleep, sutch as Mewtwo or Zapdos!

Pikachu surfing mini-game

*Note: The Pokémon Stadium game on the Nintendo 64 is required for this trick. Successfully complete the tournament mode on Pokémon Stadium without using any rented Pokémon. Then, transfer Pikachu to the Pokemon: Yellow Edition cartridge to play the Pikachu surfing mini-game.

Printing Pokemon

Your Pokemon can be printed at the Pokemon Club in Vermilion City.

Defeating Brock

Catch a Caterpie in Viridian Forest. Advance it to level 7 and he will evolve into a Metapod. Advance it to level 11 and it will evolve into a Butterfree. Butterfree can beat JR. Trainer and Geodude. Butterfree will have to be at least level 13 before it can beat Brock. Note: Use your Pikachu's tail whip to lower their defense.

Beat Misty:

Raise your Pikachu to level 20. Then go catch a Bellsprout. Raise it until you can't stand it.

Jesse and James locations

To find these team rocket members, go to these locations:

Mt. Moon (before you exit)

Celadon game corner (before you face Giovanni)

Pokemon tower, Lavender Town (before you rescue Mr. Fuji)

Sliph Co. (before facing Giovanni again, and before you get a Master Ball)

Give an Ultra Ball the Same Properties as a Master Ball:

When you use an ultra ball simply hold down "B" and press "Left","Right" consecutively. Now it should have the same properties as a master at 1,200 each as many as you want.

How to get HMs:

-To get HM 01 (cut), go to the S.S. St. Anne, and help the ship´s captain who is seasick, and he´ll give it to you.

-To get HM 03 (surf), go to Safari Zone, reach the house at the end. The man inside will give you surf.

-To get HM 04 (strengt), find a gold theet and give it to the warden who has speech problems and you´ll become HM 04.

-To get HM 05 (flash), go to diglett`s cave in Vermillion City. When you get out at the other side, go down to a house where OAK´s aide gives you flash.

How to Catch Abra:

Catching Abra's is a problem! But here is a cheat to do it, all you have to do is just use some sleeping or confusing move that will confuse it or put it to sleep and then capture it! Or use the great ball abra cannot escape from that!!!

Have 2 Pikachu's:

After catching a Pikachu in the Viridian forest go out of the forest and come back again and search the same place you find the old Pikachu in and you can find a LvL:3 Pikachu so you can have 2 pikachu's.

GameShark Codes

All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew, In Battle
Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep 

Catch Wild Vulpix             0152d7cf
Catch Wild Ninetales          0153d7cf
Catch Wild Jigglypuff         0164d7cf
Catch WIld Wigglypuff         0165d7cf
Catch Wild Zubat              016bd7cf
Catch Wild Golbat             0182d7cf
Catch Wild Oddish             01b9d7cf
Catch Wild Gloom              01bad7cf
Catch Wild Vileplume          01bbd7cf
Catch Wild Paras              016dd7cf
Catch Wild Clefable           018ed7cf
Catch Wild Butterfree         017dd7cf
Catch Wild Weedle             0170d7cf
Catch Wild Kakuna             0171d7cf
Catch Wild Beedrill           0172d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgey             0124d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeotto          0196d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeot            0197d7cf
Catch Wild Rattata            01a5d7cf
Catch Wild Raticate           01a6d7cf
Catch Wild Spearow            0105d7cf
Catch Wild Fearow             0123d7cf
Catch Wild Ekans              016cd7cf
Catch Wild Arbok              012dd7cf
Catch Wild Pikachu            0154d7cf
Catch Wild Raichu             0155d7cf
Catch Wild Sandshrew          0160d7cf 
Catch Wild Sandslash          0161d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran            010fd7cf
Catch Wild Nidorina           01a8d7cf
Catch Wild NidoQueen          0110d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran (male)     0103d7cf
Caych Wild Nidorino (male)    01a7d7cf
Catch Wild NidoKing           0107d7cf
Catch Wild Clefairy           0104d7cf
Surfing Pikachu
Unlock Sufing Pikachu without having to use Pokemon Stadium. Be sure to place Pikachu in the first position 
Catch Wild Bulbasaur          0199d7cf
Catch Wild Ivysaur            0109d7cf
Catch Wild Venusaur           019ad7cf
Catch Wild Charmander         01b0d7cf
Catch Wid Charmeleon          01b2d7cf
Catch Wild Charizard          01b4d7cf
Catch Wild Squirtle           01b1d7cf
Catch Wild Wartortle          01b3d7cf
Catch Wild Blastoise          011cd7cf
Catch Wild Caterpie           017bd7cf
Catch Wild Metapod            017cd7cf  
Enemy Can't Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match

Infinite Money                019946d3
Have All Badges               01ff55d3
Protect Status                010017d0
Never Miss and Have More Criticals

No Random Battles             01033bd1 
Infinite Casino Coins         0199a3d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone)   01f00dd7

Infinite Safari Balls         016446da

Float On Air                  010a13d7

Pacific Pikachu               013972d1
Infinite HP(in Battle)        01ff15do

Infinite PP (1st Position)    01282cd0

Infinite PP (2nd Position)    01282dd0

Infinite PP (3rd Position)    01282ed0

Infinite PP (4th Position)    01282fd0

Flying Pikachu with Balloons  013f99d4
Surfing Pikachu               013973d1 
Start with a Charizard        01B41ED1
Get master balls for free at any pokemart          

01017ccf Have all badges so you can get into the pokemon league 01ff55d3 Catch Mew in the wild 0115d7cf


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Amarjeet Kapoor and Kamakazie!