Super Mario Sunshine FAQ

Nintendo's hotly anticipated platformer...

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              S u p e r       M a r i o    S u n s h i n e
                FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Mario Sunshine
                        Only on Nintendo GameCube
                           Guide Version Final
                        Written by black hole sun

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This guide may not be ripped off, meaning you cannot paraphrase this and
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                      T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
1) Chapter One: Preface
      Version History
      The Cast
2) Chapter Two: The Basics
      Controlling Mario
      Controlling Yoshi
3) Chapter Three: Walkthrough
      Bianco Hills
      Ricco Harbor
      Noki Bay
      Pinna Park
      Sirena Beach
      Pianta Village
      Corona Mountain
4) Chapter Four: Of Coins and Things
      100 Coin Hunt Guide
      Blue Coins
5) Chapter Five: Secrets/Easter Eggs/Misc.
      Delfino Plaza's Secret Shine's
      Adventure Field Secret Shines
      Mysterious Noki Bay
      Contact Info

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                      1) Chapter One: Preface

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 /____/ Version History __________________________________________

V. FINAL - Alright, this is the LAST update to this OLD OLD FAQ. Not much is
happening, but I did add a few hints/tips. Please people, no more
hints/tips/glitches because this guide is DONE and I'm NOT going to update this
file AGAIN.

[All previous updates have been deleted.]

 /____/ Intro ____________________________________________________

I first heard of Mario back when I was about 7 or 8 years old, sitting at
home watching a TV screen.  My much-older sister was playing the NES, and on
the screen a little pixilated man in red trousers was jumping on goombas,
warping through pipes, etc.  As my sister cleared each level, I looked on in
awe of the innovation and crispness the game possessed.  I tried my luck after
she was done, and died to a game-over screen rather quickly.  I soon gave up,
sub-consciously realizing I was too young for such a tough game.  One thing
remained in my mind though: this 'Mario' fellow was someone to watch for.

Sure enough, years later I purchased the N64 along with a game called Mario
Kart.  There he was again, in another innovative title.  However, it just
didn't have the same...feeling that the games on the NES had.  A little later,
I found Mario appearing in yet another game: Super Mario 64.  I immediately
took it home, and that's where my addiction all began.

Needless to say, I was quite impressed with SM64.   Wait, impressed is too
small a word.  DAZZLED does it more credit.  I replayed the game 3 times,
collecting every Star, learning every secret.  Afterwards, I went into a
Mario withdrawal as no Mario title was released for a looooooong time
afterward.  Until now.

Here he is again, in Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube.  While it may lack
the innovation of SM64 and past Mario games, its still darn fun and one of the
best games on the GameCube, and for that matter one of the best on ANY
system.  Here in this FAQ I will explain how to attain each of the levels 11
Shines, though I will NOT cover the blue coins, as I found them quite tedious
to search for.

I know this game might appear to be oversaturated, but it really isn't, with
only three FAQs complete and the rest rotting in limbo.  So, I asked myself
'Why Not?' This is my favorite game to date, and I felt like having something
to work on until Rare's anticipated SFA came out.  School work was and has been
rather light, so I had a lot of time to work with this FAQ, molding it unto
perfection.  So read on and the latest edition to the famed Mario series will
take form in your mind and you'll master this game, like I have.


 /____/ Storyline _______________________________________________

                   [Taken from INSTRUCTION BOOKLET]

Close your eyes and imagine...soothing sunshine accompanied by the sound of
waves gently breaking on the shore. High above, seagulls turn lazy circles in a
clear blue sky. This is Isle Delfino.

From the hustle and bustle of the Mushroom Kingdom, this island resort glitters
like a gem in the waters of a southern sea.

Mario, Peach, and an entourage of Toads have come to Isle Delfino to relax and
unwind. At least, that's their plan...but when they arrive, they find things
have gone horribly wrong...

According to the island inhabitants, the person responsible for the mess has a
round nose, thik mustache, and a cap...

What? But...that sounds like Mario!?

The Islands are saying Mario's mess has polluted the island and cause their
energy source, the Shine Sprites, to vanish.

Now the falsely accused Mario has promised to celan up the island...but how?

Never fear! FLUDD, the latest invention Gadd Science Inc. (Ed. Note: 'E. Gadd'
from Luigi's Mansion, remember?) can help Mario tidy up the island, take on
baddies, and lend a nozzle in all kinds of sticky situations.

Can Mario clean up the island, capture the villain, and clear his good name?
Its time for another adventure to get started!

 /____/ The Cast  ________________________________________________

M a r i o

We all know Mario. He's the Italian plumber from NES days that the old gamers
loved. Mario is not exactly a tall or muscular, nut quite fit to be a hero. He
looks more fit with him having his face under a leaky faucet. But looks are
deceiving, as Mario is one of gamedoms best-known and most lover characters of
all time. Mario basically has followed a course of saving mushroom Kingdom,
and notably princess Peach, from his nemesis, Bowser. This game take a little
break from that same plot, or so it will seem at first...

P e a c h

Princess Peach called by her friends, though her real name is Princess
Toadstool. We've never seen who her parents were, as she apparently rules
Mushroom Kingdom by herself. Quite possibly the WORST voice actor evar, Peach
isn't playable in this game; only Mario, much like SM64. Peach is basically a
passive observer in this game, as she doesn't play a key role in the plot. Or
so it would seem at first...

T o a d s w o r t h

An old long-time friend and steward of the royal family, Toadsworth was absent
in SM64. When you talk to him, he makes a god-awful noise, something like "Bah
bah bah bah bah bah" in a really deep tone. Not much else to desribe about
him, except the obvious fact that he's pretty old.

T o a d

The worrisome little fellow Toad, seen in every Mario game, even Luigi's
Mansion. Toad is Peach's attendant, and aside from having a giant head he's not
much use, and doesn't give you an occasional Star like in SM64.

P i a n t a

The Pianta are Delfino's main residence. Most of them are fat and jolly, but
some are just plain grumpy and stubborn.  They grow little trees on their
head, and the only difference between male and female is their colors, blue for
male, red for female. They are widely known for their strength, and their
talent and enjoyment of throwing things, like Mario for instance. Oft times
they have hints and tips they're willing to share with you, so talk to everyone
of these fellows you come across.

N o k i

Small sea-sheel like animals, Noki are the games only other sentient
life-forms in this game. When threatened, they withdrawl into their sea-shells
for protection. The Noki children are wildly playful and disobedient, and
often times have good hints they are willing to share.

S h a d o w  M a r i o

Shadow Mario is a mysterious, blue, Mario impersonator, whom is the cause of
all of all the trouble that has overwhelmed Delfino Island. He spreads his
graffiti around using his little magical staff, supplied by a certain
scientist name E. Gadd. Shadow Mario makes several appearances over the game,
most taunting you to chase him. Shadow Mario appears to have no connection to
any other enemy, but that might change over the course of the game. Shadow
Mario has virtually the same moves as Mario has, but he of course doesn't have
the FLUDD, which may just be the key to defeating this strange adversary.

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                      Chapter Two: Basics/Actions

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 /____/ FLUDD ____________________________________________________

FLUDD is the water pack you'll find at the first playing of the game.  You
will be required to use FLUDD for the majority of the games puzzles and
trials.  You must learn to master the controls of FLUDD.

The first and most basic use for FLUDD is to squirt water, washing away
graffiti and killing some enemies.  To squirt while moving, lightly hold the R
trigger and the water pack will squirt until it loses so much water pressure
that it stops squirting, so you must start again.  This is the action I would
recommend using for a good portion of the game.  FLUDD's second water
squirting feature is shooting in place, drenching nearby enemies and graffiti.
This tactic is best used when you must squirt something above or below you.
Since this mode is very hard to aim in, its highly advisable for you to switch
to Mario Cam with the X button.

FLUDD's second most important feature is the Hover Ability.  This ability is
self-explanatory; you can hover over gaps or anything else for a short time.
You will most of the time use this to get to hard to reach places by hovering
upwards or hovering over gaps.  You cannot however hover forever, as like the
squirt function once you lose water pressure you plummet to whatever is

FLUDD comes with several upgrades.  These include the Rocket Nozzle and Boost
Nozzle.  The Rocket Nozzle blasts Mario high into the air with the rocket like
propulsion being water.  Move the analog stick to have Mario fly at a slant in
the desired direction.

The Boost Nozzle is used too...well I'll let YOU figure that out :P.  Hold R
to power up and blast from point to point.  Turning is terrible on land, but
in water it's excellent.  It's an ideal way of getting around Isle Delfino, as
you'll never run out of water because your sucking in more as your spitting it

 /____/ Controlling Mario ________________________________________

Here in SMS, there are a wide array of moves Mario has at his disposal.  Most
of which repeat from SM64, but there are some new ones and if you've
never played the N64 version (shame on you!) here is the complete list of

Jump - Double Jump - Triple Jump

This is a pretty basic function.  To jump, press A.  To double jump, which
is another jump but this is a bit higher, press A to jump then right
as Mario hits the ground press A again.  To do a Triple Jump, execute a
double jump then press A again when Mario hits the ground.  Mario will flip
into the air at his highest capability.

Side Somersault

One of the key jumps in the game, Mario can jump almost as high as the
Triple Jump, yet without all the effort and button mashing.  To do this, run
Mario in any direction then quickly move the controller stick in the opposite
direction, making Mario gain momentum, and press A.  Basically, yank the
controller stick right then left the press A.

Ground Pound (Butt Stomp)

For some reason Shigeru decided to change the name of this move.  Oh well.
The 'ground pound' is something Mario does when he needs to press a switch or
flatten an enemy.  To do this, jump, then press the L Trigger.  Whatever is
below Mario will take a big hit.

Note also that you may use this move to break your fall: when falling from an
excessively elevated height, execute this move and no falling damage will
affect Mario.

To make your ground pound even more powerful, try blasting into the air with
a rocket nozzle(explain below) and ground pounding from the highest point.

Wall Kick

This move was one of the hardest moves to execute in SM64; you had to have
such precise timing.  Miyamoto however has made things easier this time round.
To do a wall kick, where Mario jumps back and forth between walls, ascending
as he performs each jump, just jump into a wall and press A.  Continue to
press A to ascend to higher ledges.

Spin Jump

A new ability, though rarely useful.  Many SSBM veterans will recognize this
move.  Mario spins in a circle, plowing his fists at unsuspecting
enemies.  To do this, jump then quickly rotate the analog stick 360 degrees.


You can pick up items with the B button.  This ability eliminates Mario's old
punch ability, but no matter since the punch was quite weak.  Stand next to a
piece of fruit or whatever to pick it up.  Press B again to drop the object,
or run and press B to throw it.  Note that you cannot use the FLUDD pack when
heaving around an object.

Dive - Front Somersault- Body Slam

All of these moves are returning from SM64.  When running, press B to slide
forward for a short time.  When you slide on a wet surface, things get fun :).
A front somersault is basically when Mario jumps up from the ground if he's
sliding. You can cover a LOT of ground very quickly if you repeat this tactic
a few times.  To Body Slam, jump then press B and Mario will hurl himself into
the face of any enemy.

Camera Angles

Ah yes.  The dreaded Mario camera angles.  Though not as bad as Sonic Adventure
2 (God forbid!) they're still pretty terrible.  You do however have a lot of
control over it.  You can manipulate it to your liking by using the C Stick. 
Press forward to zoom towards Mario, and back to Zoom out.  Left and right to
their corresponding directions, of course.

You can also go into a semi first-person mode called Mario Cam by pressing X.
In this mode you cannot move, but you can squirt your FLUDD.

 /____/ Controlling Yoshi ________________________________________

Yoshi has been in nearly all of the Mario games.  Like in many of the previous
SMB games, you can ride him.

[Above Error Fixed]

At some point in the game, a Yoshi egg will be shown, carried by Shadow
Mario.  After you chase Shadow Mario down, the egg will become available to
you.   To hatch it you must find a fruit that matches the one Yoshi is
dreaming of, seen in a bubble above the egg.  Bring that fruit to the egg and
Yoshi will pop out.

Notice at the bottom left of the screen that Yoshi has a Juice Meter.  When
his juice runs out, he runs out of gas so to speak and dies.  You can
replenish his juice meter by eating fruit with the tongue grab, explained
below.  Yoshi's juice meter depletes even if you do nothing.  It does not
deplete, however, when you squirt out fluid from Yoshi's mouth, which was
quite surprising to me at first.

Yoshi controls virtually the same as Mario.  He can do Double and Triple
jumps,  which if timed right can be MUCH higher then Mario can achieve, he can
squirt liquid, though a different kind (see below), and do a ground pound.  He
cannot however swim.  If Yoshi goes into water above his head, he drowns and
returns to his egg.

Some of Yoshi's exclusive moves are the tongue grab, the juice squirt, and the
ability to hover in he air for a short time using only his feet.  The tongue
grab can be used to swallow fruit or even enemies, executed with the B button.
The juice squirt is much like Mario's water, only this juice disintegrates
certain kinds of barriers, and turns certain enemies into platforms...  To
hover for a while, jump the hold A and Yoshi will kick and ascend a little
before falling back down.

To dismount a Yoshi, press the X button.  Careful though, as Mario tends to
leap off a Yoshi rather then slide off, making it so he'll even leap off
ledges if you dismount too close to them.

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                        Chapter Three: Walkthrough

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 /____/ Walkthrough ______________________________________________

---------------------| :::  Delfino Air Strip ::: |---------------------

You begin with a cutscene (in a Mario game!?) that lands you onto the air
strip.  After some talk with Peach and a conference with Toadsworth, you'll
gain control of the Italian plumber facing a pile of goop.  That goop is
graffiti, which plague's the isle's inhabitants.  More on that later.

Proceed north of the goop, careful not to tread in it, to find the FLUDD next
to a Delfino resident, a Pianta.  After a brief introductory tutorial to
FLUDD, head back to the goop.  Squirt its center to make a monster, the Gate
Keeper, appear.  To destroy it, you must squirt water inside its mouth when it
opens.  Switch to Mario Cam for this battle.  After you kill it, a Shine
Sprite will appear for your taking.

Once you retrieve the Shine, Delfino constables will grab Mario and throw him
in prison, believing him to be the one who spreads the graffiti around.  After
more cutscene you'll arrive at Isle Delfino.

NOTE :    You can return to the air strip once you have beaten Episode 7 in
          every world.  Talk to the Pianta on the dock, next to the house
          where you trade in blue coins.  You can run the 100 coin hunt and
          find the 8 red coins.

---------------------| :::    Bianco Hills    ::: |---------------------

Location : Delfino Plaza, starting point.  Destroy the Gatekeeper next to
peach.   A statue will appear.   Squirt the M on it that Shadow Mario went
through to open it as a portal, then hop in like you did with graffitiings in

NOTE :    Wherever you start each level, I will consider straight forward to
          be North, backwards to be south, left to be west and right to be
          east.  Remember these words come later levels.

        Episode 1: Road to the big windmill
As you start your first level, you won't exactly be dazzled by its graphics. 
But when has a Mario game ever been about the graphics?  So, ignoring the
visauls and focusing on the gameplay, head down the stone walkway.  You might
want to slide down the wet part of the slope, as that's always fun.  Proceed to
the east end of the level by jumping onto the tightrope bridging the river. 
Pass the trees and proceed to the goop covering the ground.  The base of the
goop is where the gatekeeper lies, where the rolling balls of graffiti are
being spawned.  Defeat the gatekeeper to claim the Shine.  Notice that a path
has arisen out of the ground, bridging the big windmill to you. You'll need to
go to that path in a later episode.

        Episode 2: Down with Petey Piranha
Proceed to the point where you defeated the Gatekeeper in Episode One.  Get on
the path spiraling around the windmill.  Ascend it, spraying graffiti off as
necessary.  As your progress, you'll soon find a gap in the walkway: use the
hover nozzle to get around it.  The next gap in the path will have strange
prickly vines stemming from the top of the windmill: hover around them to the
other side.  Spray the M if you want a blue coin, then take the rotating
platform up to the top of the windmill.  Petey Piranha will smash the top of
the windmill and you and him will plummet to the windmills inside base, there
to fight to the death.

Petey Piranha is much like the gatekeepers.  To damage it, let a stream of
water into its mouth when it opens to suck in air.  It will fall on its side,
momentarily stunned: there's your chance.  Jump onto the thing's stomach and
ground-pound the water out of him, where the arrow is pointing.  Do this three
times, warding off the little enemies it occasionally spawns, and it will die
and leave you the Shine.

        Episode 3: Hillside cave secret
Traverse to the east side of the level.  Find the walkway, and follow it left
where the arrow on the sign is pointing.  You'll find a low tightrope, less
then 3 feet above the water.  Jump onto it and have Mario balance across.
Jump to the next tightrope, cross it.  Do this to the last platform, avoiding
the annoying little enemy that scurries back and forth along the rope.  Across
is an un-bridged platform.  Hover to it, then jump onto the above ridge.  Turn
right, side somersault up into the cave.

These little areas, reminiscent of past Mario games, are in every level of the
game.  They require precise timing and a lot of patience.  This first one
however is quite easy.  Ascend the horizontally moving blocks up to the safety
of the platform.  Cross to the next platform via the moving cubes, carefully
timing your jumps.  The next platform requires you to get past a narrow bridge
that has large blocks rotating around it.  Run across, diving as necessary.
The last obstacle is a trio of rotating triangles.  Easy enough.  The final
platform of course has the Shine.

        Episode 4: Red Coins of windmill village
Ahhh yes, the red coin hunt from SM64.  Collect 8 and you get a Shine.  All
thses coins are, as you'd expect, well hidden.  I'll go over the locations of
all of the coins. Well, let's continue shall we?

Enter windmill village past the river.  (1) is on a low tightrope connecting
two buildings on the left, near the Hover Nozzle upgrade.  (2) is on the roof
the same tightrope bridges. (3) is on the white archway wall separating the
east end of the village.  Climb the tightropes to reach it.  (4) is right next
to the previous coin.  Still on the wall's top, head to the left towards the
bells.  (5) is under the archway. Climb to the top of the wall to find a
tightrope leading to a roof of a building with coin (6).  From there, hover to
the rotating windmill.  (7) is floating in the air off and above the windmills
wooden platform.  From there, hover to the building across from you that has
the two towers.  (8) is on the roof of the left tower.  Wall jump to it.  The
Shine will appear on a high platform off ahead of the roof you found (8).  Use
the tightrope to reach it.

        Episode 5: Petey Piranha strikes back
As you start off, go to the northern end of the village.  To the left is some
graffiti, and a Pianta is trapped under it all.  Spray the graffiti off the
Pianta and he'll plop out of the goo.  Spray him clean, then talk to him,
FACING the wall behind the Pianta.  He will, as a "Thank You" present, throw
you up onto a terrace.  Another way to get to it is to climb to the top of the
tower where you found the number (8) coin in the previous episode and use the
tightrope.  This way is easier though.

Leap up the sodden steps to the top.  Approach the pink...things floating
around.  Turn left and you'll find Petey Piranha snoring in the distance.
Face him, then switch to Mario Cam.  One of the pink things will get caught in
Mario's  FLUDD, so hold R and let go in the direction of Petey.  If the
pink thing hits Petey, he will wake, which is exactly what we want.

Petey will then fly over the village, barfing out graffiti as it does.
Much like you would do to other real-life dangerous flying things, such as
wasps, squirt it.  It will fall, wings soaking wet.  After it lets out a few
tornados, it will open its mouth.  You know what to do.  I would recommend you
to clean up all the graffiti around the village before you engage in battle
with Petey, as it will make things easier.  Either way, after you kill it, the
Shine will appear where you pulled the Pianta out of the mud.

        Episode 6: The secret of the dirty lake
Go the lake on the east side of the valley; it will be polluted.  Only the
surface is hazardous; if you find yourself in the water and in the middle of
no-where, swim underwater to a shore, minimizing health loss.

Head up the path twisting around the mountain the big windmill is on.  Look
down over the ledge facing the inaccessible part of the level.  You should see
a cave with the pollution pouring out.  You need to penetrate that cave.  Jump
over the ledge and free-fall for a few seconds before letting the Hover
function on your FLUDD take over.  You will not make it to the cave, but you
can make it to the logs in front of it.  Land on them, then jump into the

From your starting point head forward and jump on the blue platform after it
flips.  Wait for it to go left, the jump on the recently flipped red platform.
When the blue platform next to you flips, jump on that, then make your way to
the safe block with the mushroom.

Grab the 1-up on the triangle then wall-jump to the large cube.  It
will start to rotate in all kinds of funky directions.  Nothing I can help
with here.  Your going to have to build up some skill for this.  On the next
platform, run past the duster blocks then hop onto the next cube.  It will
flip like the last one did.  Good luck.

Atop, just time your way across the space using the platforms.  Grab the Shine
with pride if you beat this tough level.

        Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the loose!
This is quite possibly the easiest Shine here.  Just chase Shadow Mario and
squirt him with water.  Notice that for some reason he can swim rivers, yet
water from Mario's pack damages him...?   Baaah!   Anyway, don't bother
jumping onto the roofs of the buildings SM will leap to; he'll just jump down,
making it a waste of effort.  He falls when you damage him enough, and he'll
cough up a Shine.

        Episode 8: Red coins on the lake
Go to the lake, which is now pollution free.  Now head over to the tightropes
to the left of the path that ascends around the windmill. You shall find (1) on
the rope. Turn right at the end to find (2) floating above the water. To get to
it, use the Lilly pad a ways past it. To move it, squirt in
any direction. Proceed to the high tightropes, near the entrance to the secret
cave. You will find all other coins here in the complex of ropes.

The shine will appear in an indentured alcove on the windmill. Get to it by
dropping from an above path.

---------------------|:::    Ricco Harbor    :::  |---------------------
Location: Defeat the Gatekeeper on the west end of Delfino Plaza. A hut will
appear with the portal on it. Note that that is where you may trade in 10 blue
coins for Shines.

        Episode 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
Run onto the freighter; don't bother with the manhole: all exits are currently
blocked up with crates.  Proceed to the north end of the harbor, and you'll
find a stack of colorful crates with a tentacle sticking out.  Grab it with the
B button and pull it until it snaps off; Gooper Blooper will emerge.

This is one of the easier bosses.  All you must do is to squirt it in the eyes
and it will attack by swiping at you with its tentacles.  When it does this,
jump to avoid the hit and land on the tentacle to flatten it, then pull the
tentacle off.  When you pull all of its tentacles off, go grab its nose and
pull it.  It will seem to die, but won't; a second form will appear.  Again
pull all of its tentacle off then pull its nose again and let go when its face
turns purple.  Once you defeat it, a Shine will appear.

        Episode 2: Blooper Surfin Safari
Turn around, about 180 degrees.  Approach the set of logs and cross them.  Get
on any one of the bloopers to go surfing.  Surf it to the north end of the
harbor.  You'll find a cave with a polluted entrance.  Enter it.  Inside
you'll find a racing track.  You must surf on a blooper through the track in
less then 45 seconds, dodging obstacles along the way.  It's pretty easy and
pretty fun.  Don't need my help.

        Episode 3: The caged Shine Sprite
You should have ground-pounded the crates blocking the manholes in the
previous episode, so enter the manhole and proceed down the dock to a pair of
towers with 'Fruit' spray-painted on them.  Go to their right, then hover onto
the grate next to the working crane.  From there, hover onto the roof of the
buildings to the west, the ones in front of Mario.

Roof-hop over to a roof with stacked crates.  Ground-pound them to reveal a
manhole, which will make getting here easier, if you perchance die.  Hop onto
the metal beam connecting to the catwalks.  Turn right at the 3-way
intersection, squirting the mini gloopers off into the water.  Hop onto the
moving poll, and have Mario's back face south.  When the poll gets as close as
it can to the gate, press A to have Mario leap to it and grab on.  Climb to
the square outline and press B to switch Mario to the other side.  Push off to
the next fence, then again switch to the other side.  Leap to the catwalk. 
Hover over the gaps, then squirt off the omnipresent gloopers.  Proceed to the
red box in the distance; open it to find the rocket nozzle.  Use it to blast
into the top of the cage the Shine is located in, using the trampolines if you
must.  You may also enter the cage from below it on the platform; if you do
that, go to the revolving hatch on the fence and flip it to arrive inside the
cage.  Either way, grab the Shine to complete the episode.

        Episode 4: Secret of Ricco tower
The tower is located a little ways to the North, and it's visible from your
starting point.  You can get to its top by retrieving the rocket nozzle, or
you can make your way to the rooftop north of the tower(use the manhole). 
Either way, enter the tower.

This is an obstacle course, much like that found in Bianco hills.  The first
set of obstacles will be a series of rotating blocks.  Run across them,
keeping sure that you are on the side that most horizontal so that you don't
slide off.  Once you reach the safe platform, be sure to wall-jump to get the
1-up mushroom hanging in the center so if you die, which you probably will,
you'll restart the level without _technically_ losing a life.  If you continue
to grab the hanging 'shroom after you die, you won't get one of those annoying
'Game Over' screens and have to climb your way up to the tower again.

Next, you'll have tread a pair of rolling wheels. This is pretty tough: the
only thing I can say is just to keep running and jumping against the direction
it is moving.  Continue to the mound of sand blocks; be quick t oget off them,
because once you step on them they start to disintegrate.  Jump up and pass it
to the final platform with the Shine on it.

        Episode 5: Gooper Blooper Returns
Go to the north end of the dock.  Once there, look upon the helipad to the
east. The Gooper Blooper has returned, and is awaiting your approach on the
helipad.  You must get the Rocket Nozzle to get up there, which is located
directly below the helipad surrounded by polluted water.  Hover over to it,
and when you get there, grab the nozzle and blast off straight up: Mario
will latch himself onto the grate that happens to stretch below the helipad to
a switchboard.  Shimmy him to the turn-able switchboard, then press A this
time, as the B button have Mario release his grasp on the grate.

Destroy the Gooper Blooper like you did the last time.  Make sure that
when pulling its tentacles you don't walk yourself off the helipad.  I did that
a few times :P

        Episode 6: Surfin for red coins
From your starting point, turn around and go to the isle with the afloat
bloopers.  There will be a red switch there; pound it to make red coins
appear.  You must gather them in the allotted time, 3:00.  First, go to the
northern end of the level, to make things easier for you (and for me to
explain this).  Between one of the struts supporting the helipad is (1).  (2)
is a little ways past (1), near the gate blocking you from going off further
into the ocean.  From there, hug the gate and turn right.  Proceed along to
find (3) and (4) next to a pair of bowies.

Once you attain (4), turn 180 degrees and head towards the ship next to the
bowies.  (5) is there.  Turn left at (5) to find the next coin, (6), under a
red platform in the middle of the docking area.  Turn to the north to find (7)
hovering in the air a little ways past the submarine.  Turn right to find (8)
lodged between a boat and a strut.

The Shine will appear on the deck where you fond the bloopers.  Gain speed and
jump into it.

        Episode 7: Shadow Mario returns
Chase Shadow Mario onto the catwalks above, where he will stay for the rest of
the chase.  You don't really need to move; just stay in range of him, squirting
place.  When you can damage him no longer, just approach him and he'll slip
and fall and give up a Shine.

        Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
You must have chased Shadow Mario through Delfino Island when he was holding
a Yoshi Egg to do this episode. If you have, let's continue. If not, exit this
level and get enough Shines until that happens.

Proceed to the north end of the dock.  You'll find the Yoshi egg in the market
area.  He'll be wanting some weird fruit that I've never seen or heard of, but
some readers have emailed me with its name: a durian.  Anyway, to get this
fruit, jump up to the top of the towers with 'Fruit' spray-painted on them. 
Stomp on their switches until the fruit Yoshi wants plops out of the pipe.

It figures: Mario cannot pick up the durian.  It's too spiky.  So, its time to
play Mario Soccer.  He will kick it when you approach it.  Sometimes he'll
punt it down-field, other times he'll just dribble it a bit.  Its random I
tell ya, and darn annoying.  Line up the kick in Yoshi's direction and boot
it.  You could use your water gun to squirt it, but that takes a lot longer.

Once you hatch the Yoshi egg, find the fish jumping up and down.  Squirt them
with Yoshi's juice and they'll turn into platforms and will take you across to
the strut in the distance.  You must play this tedious game of timing,
squirting when its just high enough so that you can reach the strut, yet low
enough so that you can reach it.  Have fun.  I have yet to complete this
mission.  The Shine Sprite awaits at the last strut.

 ////////////////////////////Reader Contribution\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
////////////////////////////                     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Reader Mr. Grey writes, which is an EXCELLENT strategy (I fixed some grammar
and spelling):

"Get Yoshi then shoot the first cheep-cheep and ride the platform to the
first scaffolding. From there, jump to the cliff to the left with the bent
tree. Dismount Yoshi (hit X) and spray the green fruit until it falls, then
feed it to Yoshi and he'll turn pink. Now when you spray the platforms, they
will move vertically instead of horizontally. Should be elementary from

Let's all give Mr. Grey one big "w00t!"


Yet another strategy from [email protected]:

In Episode 8 of Ricco Harbor there is an easier way than using Yoshi to jump
across all the platforms.  I simply used Yoshi to get to the second
platform, and then I looked up and sprayed the fire out on the cage.  Then I
went back with mario and got the rocket pack, and blasted my way to the
shine.  I found this much easier than manipulating Yoshi across the

---------------------| :::    Gelato Beach    ::: |---------------------
Location: Northeast side of the island.  A gatekeeper will cover it up, and
once you beat it a tower will appear.  On the tower the portal will emerge.

        Episode 1: Dune Bay sandcastle secret
From your starting point, head to the left.  There is a small peninsula; to
the right of it is a plant sticking out of the sand called a Dune Bud.  Squirt
that plant until it fills full of water.  A sand castle will appear on the
peninsula; enter it  before it disappears.

This is arguably the easiest obstacle course in the game.  Just run across the
sand blocks, as they start to disintegrate once you set foot on them.  Jump
up the blocks of sand at the end to find the Shine.

         Episode 2: Mirror madness!  Tilt, slam, bam!
Strange title, isn't it?  After your brief discussion with the Pianta, proceed
to the mirrors displayed in the opening cutscene.  Jump on any one of them and
you'll find some strange looking bulb creatures, presumably larger versions of
the common cataquacks found on the beach.  Speaking of which, vikki writes:

"The red Cataquacks are annoying. However, there's a trick. Get close to one
and let it chase you. Stay out of its reach until you reach the smoothie
hut. At the end of the pier, jump off. The Cataquack will try to go back,
but it will fall off the pier, flatten, and give you a coin. (a.k.a. die
when it touches the water and give you a coin) Just call me stupid, but I
believe you can clear the whole level of Cataquacks this way. If you can
clear the whole level this way, you can easily drag the watermelon to the
hut. (Sorry for saying drag instead of push, but push is also the name of a
Matchbox 20 song.)"

The amount of these things vary between mirrors, but one things the same: you
must remove all the creatures from all the 3 mirrors.  To do this, squirt them
with your FLUDD towards the edge of the mirror, until they lift up one leg. 
Once they do this, quickly get to the opposite end of the mirror and
ground-pound.  All those lifting their legs will fly off the screen.  Do this
for all three mirrors and the
Shine will be yours.

        Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy!  Full steam ahead!
This is one of the most memorable boss fights in the game, as well as one of
the most enjoyable.  Remember that wiggler you knocked off the tower in the
previous episode?  Well, he's back, and he's pissed off you woke him up.  He
will be marching in a fit of fury in a set track around the beach.  If you are
in his way, you'll go flying.  Water cannot harm him and he's going too fast
to be susceptible to the ground-pound.  What do you do?  Think back to the
first episode where you sprayed the Dune Bud until the sand-castle appeared. 
Pretty big Sand Castle, wasn't it?  Big enough to stop the wiggler, wasn't
it?  Yes, yes it was.  Squirt one of the Dune Bugs in the wigglers path until
it fills and creates an obstacle.  If the wiggler runs into the obstacle, it
will trip onto its back for a short time.  There's your chance to ground-pound
him where the arrow is pointing.

He takes a total 3 (its always '3' in these types of games) pounds to die. 
After you damage him twice, he'll be REALLY tough to get as when you trip him
he will fall in pretty deep water off the shore, left of the peninsula.
You're going to have to swim to him ASAP and climb onto him to ground-pound.
This'll take a few tries, but you'll eventually get it.

        Episode 4: A sand bird is born
The great sand bird has hatched!  What does that mean to you?  Absolutely
nothing!  Except for the fact that this particular sand bird has 7 red coins
on its back.

Run to the far north of the level.  You'll find a step cliff face blocking
your progress.  Scan the face of the wall to find one of those little plants
from previous episodes in an indentured section of the wall.  Squirt it and
stairs will rise to meet the cliff's top.  Turn left to find a little platform
with a view of the level.  Slide down its slope and jump onto the trampoline. 
From the air, hover to the tower and drop into the large hatched egg.

You'll be transported to a cloud high above the level.  The Sand Bird will
soon fly under it, sweeping you with it.  7 Coins are located on its back,
head and tail.  They are all easy to get.  However, the sand-bird will soon
make a sharp turn, causing it to flip vertically.  You WILL fall off unless
you find something to hold you.  That something is one of the two little
blocks sticking out of its wing, there for no apparent purpose except
to help you out.  Wait out its turn, and you'll see the last coin on the tower
it circles.  Wait until the bird ascends enough so that you're level with it,
then hover over to claim the Shine.

        Episode 5: II Piantissimo's Sand Spirit
Go to the purple Pianta in the distance, throwing his head back laughing.
You'll automatically engage in a talk, and he'll challenge you to a race to
the flag.  Remember the race with Yoshi in SM64?  Well this is a heckuva lot
easier.  All you need to do is keep body-slamming and popping up to get a good
lead on him.  However, when you come to the cliff face at the north end of
the level, there will be no Dune Bud to help you climb.  Use the wall jump
instead.  Note that if you feel like making this even easier you can get the
Rocket Nozzle, located on a shelf to the right of the cabana, the one ahead of
where you met Piantissimo.  Once you beat him to the flag, he will admit
defeat and give you your reward.

        Episode 6: Red Coins in the coral reef
As you start the level, head west towards the peninsula.  In the distance
you'll spot a dock extruding into the ocean.  A few yards to the left of that
dock is the coral reef, a series of funny looking underwater plants.  You'll
find all of the red coins there.  There is no way I can possibly describe each
individual location, a they are crowded so close together.  You don't need my
direction here though; they all are easy to find, except that a few of
the coins are floating along with a school of fish.  Follow them and grab the
coins they take along.

        Episode 7: Its Shadow Mario!  After him!
Meh.  There is no way you can have trouble with this.  If you do, I pity you

        Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival
Wooo-hoo!  A watermelon festival!  (o_O)  Err, okay.  Here you must find the
biggest, bestest watermelon you can find and present it to the judge.  If you
get the biggest one, you get a Shine!  This particularly large watermelon is
at the north end of the level, up where the flag was located at the previous
episode.  You must roll that thing down to the dock next to the coral reef. 
Easy right?  NOT!  You know those cataquack things that march around the
beach?  They throw you up into the air if you get close.  They do the same
thing with the watermelon, only when they throw it up into the air it bursts
and you have to the whole thing over again it.  The watermelon also bursts if
you press it against a tree or Pianta, so watch out.

You can squirt the cataquacks with water to knock them unconscious for a short
time, so do so when you get near the dock.  Once you get to the dock, you have
to move the watermelon along the narrow bridge.  If it falls in the water,
well you know.  Once you push it to the end, you'll get your Shine.

---------------------| :::      Noki Bay      ::: |---------------------
Location: Town center; a ray of light beaming from the sun signifies its
presence.  Look up at the sun while standing in the light to teleport to the

        Episode 1: Uncork the waterfall
Notice that the lake surrounding your isle is colored purple.  That is because
It's poisonous, like the dirty Bianco Village lake.  Again, only the surface
is hazardous; if you find yourself in the water and in the middle of no-
where, swim under water to a shore, minimizing health loss.

Skip across the first few platforms ahead of Mario and jump up the little
shells forming steps.  From their highest point, hover over to the ledge of
green to the east.  Turn right, spray the graffiti on the wall off to make a
ledge for you to use appear.  This puzzle will be used quite often in this
episode.  Jump up to the higher platform and you'll find a little carrier
connected to a wheel mill.  Across from the carrier is a vase; fill it with
water to ascend.  Continue your climb until you find a trampoline that looks
like an hour-glass.  You must use that to get across the gap.  However, from
its current position and size you can do nothing.  So, spray it to shrink it
down to Mario-size, then pick it up and drop to the track below the ledge. 
Place the trampoline so you may get up on the above terrace.  Boss time!

The weasel is very simple.  All he does is throw bombs: spray them to force
them to a temporary dormancy, then pick them up and throw them back at the
weasel.  Do this three times and he will die, and waterfall will become

        Episode 2: Boss of the tricky ruins
Go to the north, where the cutscene showed you the strange looking fellow you
encountered in the previous episode.  Once there, look above him to find a
stone marking in the cliff wall.  Spray it and the wall will retract to form a
wall jumping puzzle.  Wall-jump up the crevice.  Do so quickly, because before
long the maze will disappear into the wall and you will fall if your not
safely away by that time.  So, continue your little series of wall jumping
until you come to a ledge that appears to lead no-where.  Look around the
ledge to find another crevice to wall-jump up.  I was stuck there for the
longest time :P ...

Spray the stone marked in the cliff-face, this near some bloopers.  Wall jump
on to an ascending corridor.  Continue to follow this to find Gooper Blooper
again.  Doesn't this thing ever give up?  No problems here; just make sure you
don't fall off the ledge when pulling on its tentacles.  After you defeat it,
the hole it was guarding will open.  Drop down to claim the Shine.

I suppose I also should add this confusing reader-submitted strategy, just in
case you guys don't like mine:

Submitted by vikki:

"This way, you can skip the first switch system altogether and use less of the
second. Remember the place where you got the gold bird? Go there. This may seem
a little confusing, but you'll get it if you look around. Jump off the cliff,
hover for a while, then land on the bunch of platforms below seven switches and
a hole. Jump in the hole. If you fell on one of the lower platforms, side
somersault up to the top. Run out on the platform and (if you're confused, look
around) hover over to the hole in the cliff that you started this expedition
on. You might want to fall a bit and drift towards the entrance. Trust me on
this, it is hard, but it leads you to the place you got to by using the switch.
Hover and drift over to the grassy area. Kill the squid guys and spray the next
switch like you normally would. Go over to the holes with coins in them and
spin jump and hover into the tunnel. Then, continue as if you did it the
other way. Go into the room Gooper Blooper was covering in later episodes
to get an extra life and coins. To avoid damage, you might want to hit L
while free-falling into the hole."

        Episode 3: Red Coins in a bottle
As you start, you'll engage in a talk with that crazy old dude.  He'll give
Mario a bowl to wear over his head.  Err, its a little more sophisticated then
that, but not by much.  Mario will shrink to miniscule size and dive into a
little bottle the old man will produce.

This coin hunt is fairly easy.  The hardest part about this is learning how to
control Mario.  You must use your hover nozzle to ascend, normal nozzle to
move horizontally.  E-z, just make sure you keep an eye on your O2 meter; get
coins to replenish it.

        Episode 4: Eely mouth's dentist
Yesiree, you get to play dentist to a two-ton four-eyed poisonous eel (0_o).
Walk up the smartly placed tightrope as a shortcut.  Get to the top of the
waterfall, where you battled the weasel.  You'll find the old man there again.
Ignore him and dive into the waterfall.

Descend to the bottom of the Noki city.  Grab the coins if you want your
health meter replenished.  This eel thing at the bottom has a tooth problem.
His teeth are all black from eating too much of who-knows-what and he needs
you to clean it by spraying them with water.  But wait a minute!  Isn't this
place, like, submerged?  Why yes, yes it is (0_o).   Anyway, when the eel
opens its mouth, hop right in and get to work.  Spray all his teeth a shiny
white.  You won't get much time; he'll spit you out after a while of cleaning.
Doesn't know what's good for him, this eel.  Eventually you'll get all his
teeth cleaned.  But don't attempt any dentistry while your O2 meter is
blinking; get coins ASAP.  You don't know how easy it is to drown here.

Once you finish up, your Shine will appear at the bottom.

A little thing I never noticed (submitted by vikki):

"When you're done cleaning the eel's teeth, he will leave behind a ring of
coins. Look at the shape of the ring to figure out his opinion of you. Did you
notice that the yellow tooth falls out and two of the others fall out
inevitably while cleaning them?"

        Episode 5: II Piantissimo's Surf Swim
Climb across the rope to meet Piantissimo.  Another easy race.  Hover to get
an advantage; surface onto the platforms in the water and hover if necessary.
He will zig-zag as he swims, making it nearly impossible to lose.

        Episode 6: The Shell's secret
Climb up the shells to the north.  Get across the tightrope, jump up the
next tightrope, and from there continue on ascending, to the shells entrance.

Wall jump out of your glass cage and proceed to the ambient bridge.  Jump onto
to it then leap to the across platform using the rotating block.

Turn left and wall-jump to the extruding block.  Make your way across the
other extruding blocks to a pole, and then jump into it then climb to its top.
Jump onto the landing.  From there, wall jump up to the next platform.  Go to
the slope then run up.  If you start to slide don't worry; the tightrope below
will catch you.  Just be sure not to jump while sliding as you'll overstep
your landing by 30 feet o_o.  Once you get to the landing, wall jump onto the
higher platform.

This wall-jump will be tough to execute: you must wall jump onto the left
side of the wall TO the right side of the wall, then while your at it wall
jump to the above platform.  It'll take a bit of practice but you'll get it.

Now you come to the easy part.  Make your way across the gyrating blocks, up a
revolving step of landings, to the Shine.

        Episode 7: Hold it Shadow Mario!
This chase is a bit tougher then previous ones because of the geography you
will be forced to navigate.  Mainly, Shadow Mario will leap up onto the ledges
where you fought the weasel.  You'll force him to ascend, then atop he'll jump
to the ground and start the whole thing over again.  Not much strategy applies
here; just keep a squirting until he falls. You can get to the upper ledges via
the wall jump, using the two close-end walls to the right of the water pools.

        Episode 8: The red coin fish
As you start, the Noki kids will give you a bowl to put over your head.  You
know what the means.  Take the tightrope and find gramps on the ledge above
the waterfall and dive in.

Here you'll be required to find the red coins.  Not as tough as it looks
though.  They are all bunched together, along with some yellow coins, in a
fish formation found near the top of the sunken city.  The coins move like
fish's do, swaying back and forth and swimming along the depths.  At some
point, the 'fish' will disband and the coins will scatter momentarily; wait
unit they re-group before hunting on.  Since they are so close together, each
run through of the fish you should at least get 2 at a time.  This should be
fairly easy.  The Shine will appear on the ocean floor.

---------------------| :::     Pinna Park      ::: |---------------------
Location: West corner of Plaza; shadow Mario will be there and will kidnap
Peach.  Hop in the cannon to blast to the park.

        Episode 1: Mecha-Bowser appears
Proceed into the park.  You'll find Shadow Mario, but you won't be able to
damage him.  Just chase him to a fountain and he'll call forth mecha-Bowser, a
mechanical apparition of Bowser himself.

The parks' MC will let you ride in a roller-coaster to battle the mecha-
Bowser, thinking this some kind of act :P.  Once you arrive in your car,
you'll get a rocket stuck in your nozze; fire it at mech-Bowser.  Pretty
simple. The only thing you'll have to worry about are the bullet bills that
approach Mario's car from behind or in front; squirt to vanquish them. 
Mecha-Bowser's only other attack is spraying flames out of his mouth.  Squirt
it to put them out, making it safe to pass by.  After you defeat it this
demeaningly easy excuse for a boss, the Shine will emerge onto the center of
the fountain.

        Episode 2: The beach cannons secret
From your starting point, turn right towards the beach.  You'll be assaulted
by homing-in bullet bills.  Keep moving and they shouldn't bother you.  Upon
approaching the antagonist, you'll find him a weasel much like the one found
in Noki Bay.  Use the same tactic to defeat him; spray the bombs he throws
then pick them up and 'return to sender'.  After he is defeated, hop in the
cannon's hole.

This obstacle course requires speed.  The blocks you need to traverse slowly
turn black, and when they do they disappear completely.  The key is to never
stay in one place too long.  Once a block appears, jump on it.  The first part
is pretty simple; run along, avoiding fading blocks.  The second part is a
long stretch of blocks leading to a safe platform.  Right when the first
block appears, dive onto it and get up, dive and get up, repeat and you
should get across easily.  Use this tactic for the third stretch of blocks
extending to the platform with the Shine.

        Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
Enter Pinna Park.  Proceed to the stairs leading to the swinging pirate ships.
On the landing is coin (1).  Jump onto the first swinging pirate ship, and
when it swings to the right hand side you'll find (2) floating in the air.

Get off the ships and go up the mountain trail.  Find the gazebo, look across
from it to see an un-bridged landing.  Hover over to it.  Hover to the wire
fence.  Ground pound the hatch to have Mario shimmy the underside, which is
where you'll find (3).  Shimmy up the slope and press A to knock off the
electro-koopas.  Once they are gone, go back to the upper-side of the grate.
Go up the slope to find (4).  While at the landing, hover onto the beams
supporting the swinging pirate ships.  Carefully walk across them to find (5)
floating off to the left.  After you get it, go back up the mountain to the
grates.  (6) is located on the underside of the grate to the right, but a
electro-koopa is there guarding it; ground-pound it away beforehand.  (7) is
located on top of a metal cage to the left of the swinging pirate ships, and
(8) is on the underside of the grate fence, next to (7).  To get this last
coin, enter the cage that (7) sat upon.  Ground pound the hatch, and shimmy to
the coin.  The start will appear on the landing where you found (4).

        Episode 4: The wilted sunflowers
This is the EASIEST mission in the game.  Without a doubt, too.  From your
starting point, head RIGHT.  You'll find a series of wilted sunflowers.  They
are wilted because eggs are placed in front of them, probably sucking up the
nutrients they need.  You must remove each egg from its planted spot to attain
the Shine Sprite.  So, squirt the egg until it hatches.  A sea turtle will
emerge.  Draw it onto the sand, let it try and ground-pound you.  If it
misses, it will get stuck in the sand for a bit.  That's your chance to
ground-pound the underside of the turtle's.  It will kill it, so do this for
all the sea turtles and a Shine will be given to you as an apparent reward.

        Episode 5: Runaway Ferris Wheel
Enter Pinna Park and head to the gazebo.  Jump down past it to find the back-
side of the Ferris wheel.  Its a series of metal gates you must climb to reach
the top; it doesn't help that there are several electro-koopas on the fences
as well.  So, jump onto the first grate, squirt the grates across from you to
flatten them, making a scaffold for you to stand upon.  Turn left, squirting
down the grates as needed.  Jump into the next grate; now you must rid the
network of grates of the koopas.  To do this, you must first climb onto the
opposite side of the grate they are on.  Once there, align yourself with the
electro-koopas and pound the grate with the B button.  The momentum will force
them off.

So, with the koopas out of the way, getting to the top should be a breeze.
Continue to ascend and you'll find a rope.  Gain momentum on it, then leap up
and latch onto the gate.  Slam the electro-turtle sitting at the top off
and a Shine will appear.  At the top of the Ferris wheel.  To get to it, jump
onto one of the Ferris wheels cars and ride it to the top.

        Episode 6: The Yohsi-go-round secret
Enter the park.  Head past the clam cup ride and through the archway to a
deformed tree.  Past it is a ledge, and on it a Yoshi egg.  Whatever fruit it
wants, bring it to him.  The locations of the fruit are:

 BANANA: Left of the cleft with Yoshi, on a ledge extruding from a cliff
 face, facing the pirate ships.

 PINEAPPLE: Under the gazebo.

 GREEN FRUIT: Under palm tree left of the Yoshi-go-round but before the
 fountain where you fought mech-Bowser.

 DURIAN: He never has wanted this in two playthoughs of the game, but just
 incase you need it, it's located behind the fountain.  Its nearly impossible
 to kick that  thing to Yoshi, so you may as well exit the area then start
 again in hopes  of Yoshi wanting something else.

 LEMON: Hanging from the deformed tree in front of the Yoshi egg.  Spray it

If your Yoshi turns out to be any color other then orange, have him go eat a
lemon from the deformed tree to make him orange.  He must be this color for
you to access the Yoshi-go-rounds secret.  Go to the Yoshi-go-round, on the
Yoshi's back, and find the pole that misses a Yoshi.  Ride into it.

Beat the obstacle course to claim the Shine.

        Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the park
Honestly, just making a section for this guy is a waste of space.  Spray him
down and get the Shine.

        Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons
Head up to the gazebo and across the newly formed bridge.  Talk to the girl to
play a little shooting game.  You must blast the balloons with the rockets
you'll get from the tracks.  No bullet bills chasing this time, thankfully,
but the mission is hard enough.  There is next to no help I can offer; you
simply must have good aim.  You get three go-arounds then you die.  Here was
my score of balloons by each go-round to match yours:

 1st: 7
 2nd: 17
 3rd: 20

Good luck!

---------------------|:::     Sirena Beach     :::|---------------------
Location: On roof of the building north of the statue that has the portal to
Bianco Village.  You must use Yoshi to eat the large pineapple plugging up the
entrance on the pipe.

        Episode 1: The Manta Storm
Head north, dodging the goop you'll find along the way, to a Pianta staring
at a lot full of goop.  Talk to him, and the boss will appear.  This boss is
rather simple to defeat.  It is electrified, so if you paid attention in
science class you'll know water opposes electricity.  Squirt it and the manta
will divide into smaller parts.  Squirt them too.  Keep squirting the thing
until the parts are so small they disappear.  If you really need help, stand
on a tree or under a cabana and they will NEVER approach you (they'll go over
the roof).

There are coins located under the cabanas, if you need them.  Remember that as
the boss moves it releases electric goop as an excretion, so watch it and
don't try and squirt the goop unless your clearing a path; it'll just reappear.

        Episode 2: The hotel lobbies secret
Enter the hotel, which reappeared when you defeated the manta ray, by talking
to the Pianta out front.  He'll tell you of a ghost problem he wants taken
care of.  You'll enter this house-full-o-glitches afterwards.  ARGH!  This is
one of the most messed up places in the game, FULL of glitches, draw-distance
problems, and every other problem you can think of.  Honestly, it looks like
it's still in the beta stages.  Oh, its still playable.  But barely.

Go to the center of the lobby and notice that the stairs, which you would
normally use to ascend to upper floors, is blocked with a wall.  So, use the
pink boos; squirt them and they will form platforms which you can use as
stepping stones to the top, the 3F.  From there, enter the boo's mouth, the
one on the statue, to warp to the secret level.

A relatively simple secret.  Leap up the ledge, hop over the gaps using the
heads of the flying goombas.  You'll soon find a brik wall.  You can break the
bricks by jumping into them using Mario's head, just like in retro Mario
games. From there, continue to a wooden wheel(a 1-up can be found by pounding
the watermelon on the bottom of the stack, closest to the wheel).  Take it to
some a sand-castle of sorts.  Leap over it and find the Shine guarded by a
single goomba.

        Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino
Enter the hotel.  You'll find a Yoshi egg; he wants a pineapple, but the fruit
stand is fresh out.  Spray the jerk maintaining it for a punishment, if that
justifies anything :P.  Enter the men's restroom, the door to the left of the
stairs with the complaining Pianta next to it.  The ceiling in one of the
stalls has water damage, and you can jump through it, so do so.  In this room,
find the picture with a Pianta next to it.  Spray the picture until a ghost
appears on it.  You can now jump through to the next hotel room.

Go to the closet near the annoying boo's.  Spray it until its flaps form the
silhouette of a boo.  All of its flaps will open, so enter through.  In here,
find the wooden shelve and squirt it to make it flip open.  Through the secret
passage, you'll find a room with a Pianta running back and forth.  Ignore him
and scan to floor to find the single discoloration in the tiles; pound on it.
You will go right through the floor and find a room full of Pineapples, which
are in the crates.

Take any pineapple to Yoshi, then get on its back and head to the 3F.  Ignore
the pool room with the Shine for now; you cannot get to it yet.  Enter the
only opened door.  Inside is a bed with a pair of Noki on it.  Jump on the bed
with Yohsi and you'll go flying through a hole in the ceiling to the roof.

Turn LEFT, stick out Yoshi's tongue with the B button to eat the ghost,
clearing the way.  Proceed along the outer most passage of the roof, slowly
making progress to the southeast corner of the roof.  You'll soon come to a
dead end; but look at the floor and you'll find a tile cracked.  Stomp on it
with Yoshi and you'll arrive at the pool room with the Shine.

        Episode 4: Secret of Casino Delfino
Enter the hotel once again.  Turn to the left in the lobby to find a Pianta
standing in front of a door.  Talk to him to enter the casino.

Find the slots on the walls.  Spray each of them until they come to triple
7's.  This will open a curtain.  Go to it and spray the '?'s until they form a
picture of a Shine.  The gate will retract and a pipe reveal.  Enter it.

This obstacle course is one the easier ones.  Navigate the ambient cubes, to
the second platform.  Your bridge to the rest of the obstacle course is a
small rotating cube.  Jump onto it when it gets close enough and stay with it
to some protruding, moving horizontally back and forth.  Leap across them,
contine to the Shine Spite on the final platform.

        Episode 5: King Boo Down Below
Enter the casino in hotel Delfino.  Find the roulette table, and notice that
one of the markers is purple.  Ground-pound on it to make the table descend
and you'll battle the King Boo.

The King Boo will attack according to what symbols appear on his own little
slot machine.  But first you must make the king boo run the slots.  To do
this, squirt him.  His wet tongue will run over the slots and force them play.
If the symbols it lands on are three (?)s, random enemies will be spawned, in
which case you should get on the other side of the arena and wait till they
disappear.  If its triple 'coins', coins will appear.  If its three ghosts,
you guessed it.  If its triple fruit, fruit will appear.  Believe it or not,
you must attack with fruit.

When the Boo spits out fruit, find one of the two red chili peppers and throw
it at his tongue.  His tongue will start to catch fire and he will try and put
it out.  While he's doing this, grab a pineapple, lemon, or one of the green
fruits and throw it at him.  Do this three times and the Boo will admit

        Episode 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach
Right when you start, the hotel manager will complain to you a graffiti
problem that's covering the beach and surrounding area's.  You'll be given a 2
minute time limit to spray it all out.  Don't worry; you don't have to get
every last drop.  You just need to get around 90% of the isle cleaned up and go
talk to the manager, who will reward you with a Shine.

        Episode 7: Shadow Mario checks in
Defeat Shadow Mario in the hotel.  He will usually stay out of the rooms, so
whenever you lose him check in the lobby.

        Episode 8: Red coins in the hotel
Enter the hotel and stomp on the red switch.  8 red coins will appear.  (1) is
in front of you.  Head to the women's bathroom to find (2).  Enter the men's
bathroom and find the water damage.  Jump up to find (3) in that room.
Descend back down and go up the stairs to the 2F to find (4) on the landing. 
Head up again to find (5) on the landing near the lamp.  Turn right and enter
the pool room to get number (6).  Enter the open door that contains the spring
mattress bed.  Jump up onto the roof with it and head right.  Follow the
corridors to the northwest corner of the roof and stomp through the cracked
tile to arrive back at the room with the picture that you must spray to jump
through.  Do so and in the next room you'll find (7).  Continue to the storage
room where you find pineapples to find (8) in the little hole in the wall. The
Shine will appear in the lobby.

---------------------|:::   Pianta  Village    :::|---------------------
Location: Top of the Shine Gate Tower, in the town center.  You must have the
rocket nozzle.  Enter the red pipe.

        Episode 1: Chain Chomps Unchained
This is, quite possibly, the funnest and hardest level in the game.  You'll
be challenged quite thoroughly, as could be expected with the games final
adventure field.

You'll find three chain-chomps running amok around Pianta village, and the
villagers need you to get rid of them.  Mario the animal control specialist,
eh?  Anyway, you must cool down each of the chain-chomps, whom are overheating
to a dangerous degree, by spraying them with your FLUDD water.  After that you
must grab their chains and pull, letting go in the direction of the lake,
which is located in the center of the level.  They will be sprung head-first
into the water, and they will no longer be a threat to the good Pianta's
here.  Capture each one relatively close to the lake and spring away.  Your
reward, of course, is a Shine Sprite.

        Episode 2: II Piantissimo's Crazy Race
You'd think after 4 consecutive defeats the guy would give up, wouldn't you? 
Meet Piantissimo at the end of the bridge and foot-race him to the flag.  He's
not much tougher then previous encounters, but still you cannot win him on
legs alone.  Keep diving and getting up, proceeding north.  My time was 00.20
secs.  Ha, take THAT Piantissimo!  I smite thee and thumb mine nose!

        Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno
You'll start the level much like you start an obstacle course, because as soon
as you start the level Shadow Mario will come and take away your FLUDD pack. 
Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but in this episode the whole level is now
flooded with fiery graffiti, and your objective will be to get to the center
of it, looking for the cities mayor.  Mario, helpless to pave a way to the
mayor, must find an alternate route.

Head North, avoiding the goop by staying on the edges of the city.  To the
right of the hot-tub is a hole in the ground.  Ground-pound into it to come
out on the undercity.  Shimmy Mario across the gate, avoiding the spiders and
electro-koopas.  At the end, cling to the vertical gate and bang it with B to
thrust it forward.  Right when it stops, get off and cling to the top of the
gate because it will fall.  Continue down the path to a dead end.  Below will
be a swing, identifiable by the characteristically hanging ropes.  Drop onto
the swing.  Leap from mushroom to mushroom, making way to the small green
toadstool.  This toadstool can be used as a trampoline, so use it to reach the
gate.  Cling to the gate's top, then approach the hanging gate and bang it to
the other side.  Make way to the next hatch and press A to open it.

Wall jump up the hole to find yourself at the center of this 'goopy inferno.'
Pick out the spots in the ground where the goop is missing and use them as
stepping stones to a platform made of gates.  Climb it to find your FLUDD on
a landing, and a dirty mayor above you.  Hose him down to receive the Shine.

        Episode 4: Chain Chomp takes a bath
This time a larger, more dangerous Chain-Chomp is running amok.  Well, not
quite _yet_ running amok, but he will be.  He is to the right of the bridge. 
Let him loose by picking up the cool end of his chain.  That's right, let the
beast loose.  This chain-chomp will avoid you, but if you run into it you'll
burn badly because it's overheating.  Its impossible to pull its chain and
move it with it overheating.  To cool it down, throw a barrel of water on it.

What you're trying to do is to lure it near the hot-tub and drag it in there.
Remember that it avoids you, so stand in the paths' intersections' you
want it not to go.  When you get it near the hut-tub, throw a barrel of water
on it (you should store a few near the hot-tub for this occasion) and grab
its chain, then drag it in.

        Episode 5: Secret of the village underside
At the end of the bridge is the Yoshi egg.  All the fruit it wants can be
found under the fruit tree to the north, about 5 yards before the hot-tub, on
a dais made of sod.  The ONLY fruit Yoshi might want that the tree cannot
supply is the Pineapple.

I could have SWORN I added the pineapple location to the FAQ. I've been
receiving at least 2 emails a day telling me its location, and I've been
telling them all I've already added it to the FAQ! Silly me, I guess I forgot.
I do apologize. Anyway, the pineapple is attached to the tree with the other

After you hatch the Yoshi, take him to the left of the bridge, next to the
starting point.  Have him leap onto the mushroom below.  Mushroom-hop all the
way to the inner village underside.  You should have noticed some yellow slop
on a mushroom, in the previous episode, so spray that part with Yoshi's juice
from a distance and it will dissolve.  Dismount Yoshi and enter the hole.

This secret level is much different form the rest, in that you must get from
platform to platform via Pianta 'Chuckers' that throw you over their shoulder.
Go to the 'chucker' at the end of the platform.  BEFORE YOU TALK TO HIM, MAKE
when you talk to each chucker is where he will throw you, so if you aren't
facing the right direction he very well might throw you into oblivion.

On the second platform, talk to the _smallest_ Pianta when he is near the
edge. Since he is a small little fellow, he can't chuck you as far as other,
bigger Piantas. But he'll get the job done, provided you hold the controller
stick forward.  The other, bigger Pianta would overthrow you by a mile and a
quarter, so don't talk to him.

On the third platform, talk to the Pianta surrounded by infinite goombas.
Again, make sure your facing the direction of the above platform.

On the forth platform, you want to be thrown LEFT, so make sure the Pianta is
on the left side of the barrier and you face left when he chucks you.  Grab
the Shine, as always, ending a strange but unique secret level.

        Episode 6: Pianta's in need
In this episode, all you must do is find and clean off ten Pianta's that have
got themselves trapped in goop.  Spray the mess they are in, then spray each
individual until they turn all sparkly.  You do have a 3:00 time limit to do

And don't forget to talk to your freed Pianta's.  They will each give you a
blue coin, except for the two smallest, probably kids.

The first three trapped Pianta's are stuck in the goop to the right of the
bridge. Go to the east and spray another small pool, taking care of. Head
along the road leading east; you'll find a few more Pianta's to the left. Head
north to find a little Pianta behind a tree. From this spot, head go along the
northern road and at the end of it you'll some more Piantas off to the left.
Continue north, and head west; clean off the villager. Go west past the
riverbed, then continue south downhill to find some more confined there. Go
back up the hill and go west, then south at the westmost road. Go south
and clean up the next villager you find. Head to the east and you'll find
one more. Once done, go back and talk to the mayor to claim your prize.

        Episode 7: Shadow Mario returns
...not even wasting a full line on this ridiculously easy episode.

        Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin hunt
ACK!  I took an entire hour of torturous searching and tearing the level
apart before FINALLY finding the last coin.  You better appreciate it, because
if it weren't for this FAQ I wouldn't have bothered with this tedious coin
hunt.  This is BY FAR the toughest Shine in the game, and the toughest coin

The first (1) red coin is to the right, up on the slanted tree's large leaf
overlooking the bridge.  (2) in the tall grass on the west end of the level.
 (3) is under the fruit tree.  (4) is in the hot-tub, and number (5) is to the
left of the hot-tub, under the bee's nest.  Don't let the bees hit you, as
they hit me off the ledge on my first try.  (6) is located on the east side of
the level, in the bunch of stack crates.  (7) is in the undercity.  Most
people never find this coin.  Reach it by getting on the roof of the gates you
used to hang on.  It's on the top of a gate near the west end of the level.
And finally, (8) is located on the top of the HUGE tree in the center of the
level.  Get to it using the clams that are attached to its sides.  DO NOT get
the rocket nozzle; it won't help.  Your hover nozzle will do fine, as I found
somewhat of a glitch: hover into the tree and you'll ascend at a high rate of
speed.  Well, not so much as the first time you must use it, but on the
highest shell you'll reach the top.  The coin is on the stand in the center.

Tom Smith writes:

"To get the eighth red coin and shine easier, climb the big tree with the coin
on top, and get the Rocket Nozzle. Then go back down the tree, and run up the
slanted tree where the finish line for Il Piantissimo's race was. Get onto the
leaf facing the big tree in the middle, and Rocket boost to the red coin tree
(this is quite hard, make sure you  are at the very edge of the leaf and push
fowards. May take a few tries.). Rocket to the platform with the coin on, then
go back down the leaf to the fluffy thing and ride it to the Shine."

The star is altogether another matter.  It's WAAAAAAY on the west side of the
village, out there in no-wheres-ville hovering above a cloud.  You must reach
it using a could puff, which appears to be their only use.  But only one
certain puff will work.  That one is located at the top of the tree where you
found coin (8).  It hovers above the leaf facing the cloud with the Shine.
Grab onto it, and it will drift to the cloud.  Be sure to jump off at the end
of the ride, as it'll disappear and leave you for dead otherwise.

---------------------| :::   Corona Mountain  ::: |---------------------
Location: Once you beat the Shadow Mario Episode in every level, Delfino Plaza
will flood.  Go to the town center, proceed to the cave in the hills to the
north.  Enter the cave the cutscene showed Shadow Mario entering.

         The Final Trial
Upon arriving at the inside of Corona, you'll find you must traverse a series
of platforms to get across the pool of lava.  These platforms are quite
hazardous, as you might expect.  The ones that AREN'T ablaze have prongs that
stick up from their floors every so often, killing Mario if he's on them.  I
recommend staying on the ablaze platforms as often as possible, as their fires
can be put out easily using water, but most of the time you'll have to use the
more dangerous platforms.  Do this successfully by jumping towards them and
hovering above them while its prongs are in the air.  Once your hovering power
runs out you should land, but the prongs should have receded by then.  Quickly
land then jump to the next platform.

Eventually you'll come to a little island where a sprinkler (???) will fill up
your FLUDD.  From there, hop into the boat and squirt towards the island to
propell it forward.  Be very careful here; if your boat hits ANYTHING it will
sink and it's a loss of a life for you.  Continue to progress forward, but
slowly and carefully.  There are some islands with blue coins, if those
interest you.  Continue on to the next island, where you'll find the rocket
nozzle.  Blast up the clouds using the rocket nozzle, level by level making
your way up to Bowser.

Bowser and Shadow Mario have captured Peach, but she's unreachable, along with
your enemies, because they're in some kind of toxic goop.  Their main attacks
will be throwing bullet bills and spraying flames.  Avoid the bullet bills by
squirting them before they hit you, and avoid the flames by OUTRUNNING them.

Sean Pepin writes:

"When Bowser is breathing fire at Mario switch to the Spray Nozzle and shoot in
his mouth! This stops his Fire Attack!"

To attack Bowser, go to the walkways jutting out away from the arena.  There
will be a little symbol painted on the ground; it wants you to power up your
rocket nozzle, blast off, and ground-pound on the symbol at your highest
altitude.  The platform will rock, damaging Bowser, but the problem is the
walkway your on will be crumble and fall apart if you don't get off it now.
Use the rocket nozzle to blast to safety, then continue to another walkway
and do the same thing.  Three times, and Bowser is toast.  A cheap, very cheap
final boss.  End game.

So ends the latest edition to the critically acclaimed Mario series.  Until
next time, good night everybody!

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                  Chapter Four: Of Coins and Things

 ______                ________                _____            ______
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 ¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯¯            ¯¯¯¯¯¯

 /____/ 100 Coin Hunt Guide ______________________________________

                           Delfino Plaza

This is, quite possibly, the easiest 100 coin hunt you will encounter.  Though
the island itself doesn't have very many coins, the Air Strip does, which
counts as part of Isle Delfino.  Go to the Air Strip, accessible only when you
beat the 7th episode in each level, to find more coins then you'll ever find a
use for.

                           Bianco Hills

The best possible episode is 8, 'Red Coins on the lake'.  Make sure you have
Yoshi for this.  Go to any of the 4 locations of the circularly placed plants.
Have Yoshi do a sprinkler squirt with his juice, budding all the flowers at
once to get 6 coins.  Since there are four locations of these plants, your
coin collecting should amount to 24.  Now head over to the east side of the
level where the palm trees are located.  Have Yoshi Squirt down the bee-hives. 
As the bees are chasing, have Yoshi eat them to get coins.  Since there are 2
bee hives, you should amount to about 60.  The rest can be found up high on
the tightropes or on the lake.

                           Ricco Harbor

Episode 2, the caged Shine Sprite, is best.  First off, jump into the manhole
near the starting position.  If you thoroughly search the sewer system, you'll
find 40 easily.  The rest can be found on the catwalks high above the lake,
near the cage with the Shine Sprite.  A good source for coins is using the
crane, which moves a platform back and forth to the center of the black goop. 
You can also find some on the top of Ricco Tower.

                            Gelato Beach

The hardest stage to gather 100 yellow coins, hands down.  The best episode
would probably be the first.  Squirt all of the red and blue bulb-creatures
around the beach, ground pound for a single coin each.  Get all the coins on
the tightropes, especially the ones the green birds have by squirting them. 
Also, get some coins on the shelve where the rocket nozzle is located.  You
may also use that rocket nozzle to blast up and reach the coins hovering above
the sand.  Good luck.

Ryan Daniel writes:

"Firstly get rid of as many 'cataquacks' as you can, do this by first getting
them to chase you and make a path straight for a 'Dune Bud'  if the
'cataquack' runs over one it will flip over and get buried, to finish it off
spray the 'Dune Bud' until it explodes sending the 'cataquack' flying (try
to jump away from the 'Dune Bud' so that you dont go flying aswell) when the
'cataquack' hits the ground it bursts into paint and a coin pops out. Get
rid of as many as you can (you cant get rid of the ones on the uppersheves
so you just have to get the coin normally. Now you move onto the
watermelons, dont take them to the juice place yet, you need to smash them
open and get the coins inside (i use the jet/speed pack to easily smash them
open, its in the hills next to a pole) continally smash the watermelons
until the coins stop poping out, then role it over to the juice place and
you will get even more coins. once you finish there just get the coins that
are scattered through the level (you know where they are swing/hills/air etc)
bit descriptive but I found that level reletivly easy plus you can use the
killing of the cataqackes to get the watermellon home easily too."

                             Pinna Park

The best episode is episode 5, the Runaway Faris Wheel.  Instead of entering
the park, go to the beach to the right of the starting point.  There, all you
must do is squirt the sand.  Coins will plop up at random, wherever you squirt.
There is no limit to these coins.  Also, try stomping on the flying goomba's,
as the are a good source.  If all else fails, enter the park and kill the
electro-koopas by squirting them when they release their shell.

                              Noki Bay

The best episode for this is the 5th, the Piantissimo race.  You can find 50
right off the bat, scattered in the water surrounding the small platforms.
The rest can be found easily in the tricky ruins, which is located to the
north of the starting point, to the left of the cliff-face.  You'll find a
small indentation in the cliff side made of stone, which you can use to
wall-jump up and collect coins in the secret tunnels.

                            Sirena Beach
Relatively simple; pick any episode.  Enter the hotel and search every room,
the pool room, the lobby, and roof and you'll easily surpass the 100 coin
marker.  If need to, enter the level on episode 4, 'Hotel Casino secret', and
use the slots.

                           Pianta Village
Episode 1 is best.  Start off by squirting the tops of the mushrooms until the
fire is extinguished, for a good amount of coins.  Ground-pound the crates,
getting some coins there.  Scout the top of the tree for another lot, and
there might even be some on the village underside.  Pretty easily done, IMHO.

 /____/ Blue Coins _______________________________________________

Though I couldn't find all the blue coins in the game (I refuse to, shamefully,
look at another FAQ or buy a game guide), I still may provide helpful hints and
tips for you guys and gals to follow on your quest to the 250 blue coins.

o  Examine every inch of the levels; this is a general rule of thumb.

o  Carefully explore all of the manhole passages you'll find in Delfino Plaza.

o  Different coins are located in different episodes.  Remember to thougharly
search each episode.

o  Look for X's or other graffiti-made marks.  Squirt them off the wall and a
blue coin will appear somewhere in your vicinity.

o  Look for bee hives.  If you find one, get on Yoshi and squirt it down, then
have Yoshi stick his tongue out and eat each and every bee to get a blue coin.

o  If you see a Pianta with goop all over him, squirt him off and you may get a
blue coin as a reward.

o  If you ever should see a Pianta on fire, be a good neighboor and put it out.

o  Put out all fires in general.

o  If you are on a beach, use the FLUDD's water and squirt the sand.  If the
animation looks as if you've hit something, keep squirting until something

o  Look for differences.  If you spot something out-of-place, such as a
sleeping enemy among actives, or a well-hidden crate, attack it or squirt it.

o  Squirt things that have no apparent use.

o  Clean off anything covered with goop.

o  Look for out-of-place enemies or NICs(non-interactive characters, such as
fish).  If you spot a school of fish in the ocean a mile off the coast, nothing
else around them, they may just be swimming along with a blue coin.

o  Explore the waters.  Many blue coins can be found out in the middle of no
where off the shore.

o  Kill all of your enemies.  Some nearby enemies may have blue coins they
would release upon their demise.

o  Squirt blue jays, blue birds found in (almost) every level.  They always
contain blue coins and if you drench them enough they'll cough one up.

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                 Chapter Five: Secrets/Easter Eggs/Misc.

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 /____/ Delfino Plaza's Secret Shines ____________________________

Delfino Plaza contains a load of secret Shine Sprites that you can find.  Here
are all of the ones I have found, including some secret levels.

        Secret Shine #1
To the left of the starting point, there is a double-doored entrance with a
Shine Sprite in it.  You must have the Turbo Nozzle to blast down the doors.

        Secret Shine #2
In the tower next to the river is a shine.  To get to it, make sure you have
at least one coin the hop on the roof next to the tower.  Talk to the Pianta
sitting on the roof, pay him a coin, and he'll chuck you into the tower with
the Shine.

        Secret Shine #3
Head to the tower that has the portal to Gelato Beach.  You MUST have the
rocket nozzle for this.  Rocket blast to the top of the tower and look down at
the little cap with the symbol.  Blast off again with the Rocket nozzle and at
the highest point, ground-pound and land on the cap, and it will break,
letting loose a Shine.

        Secret Shine #4
Go to the island off-shore, with the Pianta stranded on it.  Once their, scan
the sky for a YELLOW BIRD.  Squirt it and a Shine will pop out.

        Secret Shine #5
You must have the Rocket Nozzle for this.  Head to the tower with the large
bell, covered in black goop.  Spray it clean, and a Shine will appear on its

        Secret Shine #6
Head to the tower opposite of the previous one and clean off the bell.  The
shine will appear INSIDE the tower; get to it using the MANHOLE on the roof of
the building across from it.

        Secret Shine #7
Go to the town center.  Head to the Shine Gate, the large tower with the large
Shine on it.  It will be covered with goop; spray it clean.  The Shine will
appear over it.

        Secret Shine #8/#9
Head to the town center.  Find the black  entrance.  Enter it and talk to the
Pianta; you'll play a game of stomp-the-crates.  You can re-do this twice to
get two shines.

        Secret Shine #10
In the northeast corner of the plaza is a double-door with a pair of Pianta's
flanking it.  Blast through the double door using the turbo nozzle.  You'll be
transported to a secret level.  Beat it to claim the shine.

        Secret Shine #11
Under the archway leading to the canal is a hole.  You must use a rocket
nozzle on a passing boat to blast up it, or you can wait until the village
becomes flooded.  It's a red coin hunt, and one a tough one.  Good luck.

        Secret Shine #12
This a complicated secret level to get to.  You must have Yoshi.  Take Yoshi
to the manhole on the platform preceeding the platform which has the cannon
that blasts Matio to Pinna Park.  Take the manhole to the island with the
Pianta that wants some bananas.  Wait for a boat to come by, a boat NOT
heading into the canal, and take it to a high platform in the middle of
no-where.  Jump on it and wait for another boat to a make a go-around to you.
Take it to the island.  Have Yoshi spray the stuff off the pipe and hop in.
A red coin hunt, and a hard one at that.

        Secret Shine #13
A strange place to find a shine.  Go to the tower that has the portal to
Gelato Beach.  Spray the sand around it and a shine will appear.

        Secret Shine #14
Look for the little island by the place with all the fruit stands.  Go there
but do not go on the right side.  Instead, try to swim towards the left side. 
You will see a yellow bird.  Do not go to it.  Stay where you are, enter Mario
Cam, then squirt it.  If it flies in circles in the sky, remain in look mode
and keep squirting it.  A Shine Sprite will appear on those mountains by the
lighthouse.  You will need Yoshi to get it.


        Secret Shine #15
To get an extra Shine Sprite on a fairly easy sub-world, get the rocket FLUDD
attachment and head towards the red cannon at Delfino Plaza.  Swim along the
right side near the rocks and pass the sideways hanging palm trees.  Just past
it, charge your rocket and jump just before the meter fills up.  You will be
able to enter a pipe on a tiny cliff.  The mission is to collect eight Red
Coins on one supply of water -- fill up before going there.  There are two
obvious Red Coins sitting around.  To get the other Coins, shoot the red bird
that flies around, extinguish the man on fire, jump on the two Flowerheads,
shoot one Purple Flowerhead from a distance and jump on him, look around the
high grass for an opening where a Red Coin lies just below (look near or
around the edges of this area).


Email me (see below) if you find more Secret Shines in Delfino Plaza.

 /____/ Adventure Field Secret Shines ____________________________

There are two unlisted secret Shines in every level.  Most are just going over
the obstacles courses again to do a red coin hunt, but there are a few
variations.  As you'll notice, on most of the red-coin hunts in the obstacle
courses I haven't even bothered to list the locations of the coins.  That's
because most are easy to find, just tough to get to and get to quickly.  Your
going to have to rely on your jumping precision and speed for those parts.

        Bianco Hills

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Hillside Secret obstacle course.  Go there
with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time though,
instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front of your
starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them all within
the time limit to get the shine.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
This Secret Shine is located in the episode 'The Secret of the Dirt Lake'
obstacle course.  Go there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your
FLUDD.  This time though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a
red switch in front of your starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin
hunt.  Gather them all within the time limit to get the shine.

        Ricco Harbor

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Secret of Ricco Tower obstacle course.  Go
there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time
though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front
of your starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them
all within the time limit to get the shine.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
Pick the Blooper episode and begin the level.   Head over to the cave to the
north where you did a time-trial.   This time you'll have to finish the race
within 40 seconds.  This'll be pretty tough.  I would recommend picking the
green blooper, as its best for turning and all around speed.  Hold the analog
stick forward at all times.   Jump over any obstacles you encounter, and try
not to make a whole lot of turns as that slows you down.   When you reach the
final stretches of the race, where all you must do is make sharp turns, go
OVER the cement sidewalk instead of going around it.  You'll lose some speed,
but you'll gain quite a bit of time in doing this.

        Gelato Beach

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Dune Bug Secret obstacle course.  Go there
with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time though,
instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front of your
starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them all within
the time limit to get the shine.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
On any episode, go to the north cliff-face and turn left near the Dune Bug that
creates steps when sprayed.  You'll find a Dune Bug in the sand near some
cataquacks, if you're on the Watermelon Festival episode.  Squirt the Dune Bug
until it creates a ditch.  Hop in a squirt the wall until a picture of a Shine
appears.  A shine will pop out.

        Pinna Park
S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Beach Cannon's Secret obstacle course.  Go
there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time
though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front
of your starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them
all within the time limit to get the shine.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
This Secret Shine is located on the Yoshi-go-round Secret obstacle course.  Go
there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time
though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front
of your starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them
all within the time limit to get the shine.

        Noki Bay

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Shell's Secret obstacle course.  Go there
with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time though,
instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front of your
starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them all
within the time limit to get the shine.

(1) is in the air a ways past the red switch.  Wall-jump up to the extruding
platform.  Somersault and you'll find (2) in the air right there.  Continue
over to the pole, climb it.  Run up the slippery incline and about halfway up
leap over the edge facing the pole.  There is where you'll find (3).  Head all
the way up the incline then turn 180 degrees.  You'll see (4) sitting up on a
narrow ledge.  Go grab it, continue up the following platform to find (5)
hovering in the air.  (6) will be located on the second platform hovering in
the air.  (7) is on the top platform, floating.   (8) is on the first landing
following the spinning block.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
Any old episode will do for this secret Shine, but I prefer an episode where
the lake is clean.  Head to the north of the starting point to a wall with the
stone marking on it that, when squirted, would create a stone maze.  Do not
enter that, rather, turn left and approach the pools of water.  Pass them and
go over to the split in the wall and wall-jump up into the dark cave.  Follow
it out to the end, somersault up into the larger black hole (no pun intended).
The hole will throw you up onto the top of a cliff.  There you will find a
yellow bird flying around; squirt it.

        Sirena Beach

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Hotel Lobby's secret obstacle course.  Go
there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time
though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch above
the bricks you must head-butt to destroy.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin
hunt.  Gather them all within the time limit to get the shine.

This is one of the few area's I feel you guys should need help in finding the
red coins.  (1) is on the sand block in front of you.  (2) is on the next set
of sand blocks, and (3) is hovering above the third set.  For (4) you are
going to have to literally drop down from the third set of sand blocks, where
you should be now, and make mario hang onto the ledge below.  There you will
find (5).  Squirt the ice until it melts then head-butt the bricks to the top. 
You'll find (6) in the air on the bricks at the end of the stretch, and (7)
and (8) can be found in the pyramid positioned sand blocks ahead of you.  The
Shine appears next to the blue, empty shine on the last platform.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
This Secret Shine is located on the Casino Secret obstacle course.  Go there
with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time though,
instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front of your
starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them all
within the time limit to get the shine.

        Pianta Village

S e c r e t  S h i n e  1:
This Secret Shine is located on the Village Underside Secret obstacle course.
Go there with the appropriate episode.  You won't lose your FLUDD.  This time
though, instead of just making it to the end you'll find a red switch in front
of your starting point.  Pound it and it'll be a red coin hunt.  Gather them
all within the time limit to get the shine.

This is the one of the rare times I'll describe how to get these coins.  So,
here goes.  (1) is located in the air above the first chuckster.  Bop up on
his head for a while to get it.  (2) is located on the next platform above the
air.  (3) and (4) are located on the following platform with all of the
goomba's.  From there, turn around to find a tightrope.  Jump on that and
you'll find (5) floating high in the air above it.  (6) will be on the
platform the tightrope leads to.  The Pianta on fire DOES NOT carry a red
coin, so don't waste time on him.

Return to the platform with the goomba's and have the chuckster throw you to
the next platform.  You'll find (7) and (8) hovering next to each other.  The
Shine will appear on that platform.

S e c r e t  S h i n e  2:
Go to the top of the tallest tree in the level, meaning on top of the stand
with its legs balancing on the leaves.  Look down at the marking of a shine.
Notice also that a Shine resembles the sun...and notice that the sun happens
to look quite close from this height.  Figure it out? I knew you wouldn't!
Squirt the sun until a shine appears.

 /____/ Secrets/Glitches _________________________________________

!CREDIT!: All of the current Secrets and Glitches, except those especially
marked with brackets displaying the contributor, are courtesy of The direct link is here:


Ending bonus:
Successfully complete and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat
near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at
the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a shirt covered with Shine
pictures from the man who gives Mario sunglasses on the beach.

Yoshi Glitch:
If you spray water on the ground and jump on Yoshi, the water turns to juice.
It also works backwards.

[Contributed by RedRapier]

Secret Tree:
I found this myself. In Gelato Beach, go to the cliff-face to the far north.
To the left of the Dune Bug is a patch of grass. Squirt it, and a tree will
sprout, full grown, into the air. This serves no purpose whatsoever but it's
still an interesting tidbit.

Secret Manhole:
Near the tower that has the portal to Gelato beach is the guy that sells you
sunglasses. About four feet in front o the mat he sits on is a manhole, but
you cannot see, unless perchance you squirt around the area and wait for its
silhouette to appear. Ground pound it and you'll find some coins and a 1-up

Yoshi Juice:
Different fruit affects the color of your juice spray. Purple juice turns
enemies into floating platforms that go left, right, or straight and back.
Pink juice turns enemies into pink platforms that go up and down. Orange juice
creates stationary platforms.

Invisible Floor:

In Pianta village go to episode 5: the secret of the village underside. Get
Yoshi and hop onto the first mushroom, then just jump off the edge; I'm not
totally sure where it is but land on one of the slanted pieces of land down
there so that you slide off the edge. One of the edges slides you into a wall
that brings you to a little intersection of two little pieces of land that if
your sliding down you get stuck, wait a few seconds then dismount yoshi. You'll
fall to the bottom of the pit, but you won't die: you hit the bottom lose, lose
a piece of health, but you'll be on an invisible floor floating in the night
sky! This is extremely weird and there is no way to get out or die down there,
the only way out is to exit the level.

[Credit: [email protected]]

Lighting up Isle Delfino:
The more Shine Sprites you collect, the more sun will get though. When you
have collected sixty Shines, all of Isle Delfino will light up.

Glitch: Extra crane:
Go to Rico Harbor and go to where the Void level is located (on the very
left). Go below the secret area and talk to the man on the boxes. Then, talk
to him ten times in different positions. Once out of the ten times you will
see a crane halfway in the wall, but when you are done talking to him the
crane will disappear.

Glitch: False reflection:
Go to Delfino Plaza. Go to the area where the lighthouse stands (Gelato
Beach). Splash into the ocean behind the light house and climb onto the rocky
platforms. Then, go up the platforms and you will see a pipe. Turn on your
Hover Nozzle. Next stand close to the edge of the platform, but face the pipe.
Finally, use your Hover Nozzle into the pipe. You should see Mario in the
reflection of the water when he is falling down the pipe, even though you
are supposed to see the pipe.

Glitch: Hard cloud:
When on top of the Sandbird in Noki Bay where you have to find the Red Coins,
there are many clouds. When you get very high up, jump down and land on a
cloud. Mario will get hurt as if he fell on something hard.

Glitch: Spray water out of the Turbo Nozzle:
Get a Turbo Nozzle in any level. Bring out your Squirt Nozzle and hold R all
the way down. While holding R, switch to your Turbo Nozzle and you will be
squirting water out of it.

Glitch: Get in cannon:
Go up to one of the red cannons (which has not been unlocked). Jump above the
guy and stomp. It may take a few attempts, but if it works, you should be in
the cannon. If you look up, the guy's body will not be complete

Glitch: Go through building:
From where you start, go right towards Noki Bay. Around that area is a lady
who wants bananas. Wall Jump on that building and hover back towards it. Make
sure that you are in between the ledge and the top of the window. If done
correctly, you should go through the building. If you land in it, you will
lose a life. This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: See through building:
Go to Sirena Beach on mission four. Talk to the man in front of the hotel and
he will take you inside. Go close to the steps, then switch to the Mario Cam.
Look up by the totem pole and eventually you will see the platform ghosts from
the second mission.

Glitch: Paint stuck in ground:
You can get to the other side of the airport and underwater. You can see a
large column of paint stuck in the ground, even though its in water.

Glitch: Yoshi's color:
At Hotel Delfino in the mission you need to use Yoshi, retrieve him and let
his juice meter run low. Once the meter is down about two thirds, continuously
spray him with water until his color washes off to reveal a green Yoshi with
the previous color's spit.

Glitch: The Vanishing Pier
In Gelato Beach, swim under the pier. The top of the pier should vanish.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: The Bendy Rope
Also in Gelato Beach, if you climb to the top of the hill where you find the
huge watermelon in episode eight, there should be a few ropes going along the
wall. one of the ropes should be like almost a diagonal. If you jump on that
rope, you should notice that under Mario's feet, it bends to form a straight

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Gltich: The Magically Moving Barrel
I've found this in Episode 4 in Sirena Beach. Maybe this will also work in
other episodes too. Anywho, just in front of the hotel are two hut things, one
empty and one with two Nokis and a Pianta. Now go up the stairs to the right of
this hut thing, and in back of the other hut thing is a water barrel. Grab that
and go back to the hut thing with the Nokis. Put the barrel in front of the
blue and white striped Noki. It will magically move to outside of the hut

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: Falling Up 2
On top of that hut thing that I just described above, jump on the roof, and
slowly move off the edge until Mario hangs on with his fingertips, and keep
pressing down gently on the Control Stick. Mario will go up and down and up and
down over and over again and again

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: The Invisible Tree:
One of the most memorable and weirdest glitches occured in this area. I
sprayed the ground near the second mirror in episode 2, and a tree grew. It
appeared to be a sapling, but the game treated it like a big tree. (Meaning
Mario was floating above the ground when the game was making him stand on a
leaf.) Then, I jumped off, and the leaf appeared, but not the rest of the
tree! If you spray the ground in some places, trees will emerge.

[Credit: vikki]

Glitch: Premature Scream of death (the scream Mario makes when he falls out of
a world)

The sound Mario makes when he falls out is kind of like "Waaaaaaaaahhhh!"
You can make that same sound without losing lives and repeatedly! Pick up
the rocket nozzle in Delfino Plaza. Climb a tree. Stand on one of the
highest leaves. Activate the rocket nozzle. When you start going down,
maneuver out of the tree's way. If you land on the ground, you'll hear the
sound it makes when you fall out.

[Credit: vikki]

Glitch: Falling Up
If you get on top of a regular tree (you know the yellowish palm trees, not the
brown ones with spikes on top) and position Mario correctly, he should fall up
a down on one of the leaves.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Miscellany: Silly Translations
I know what Gelato means. In Italian, it means ice cream. (Being that Italian
and Spanish are similar, I wonder what ice cream is in Spanish?) It'd be even
funnier if the place had been called Gatto Beach, cause then it would be Cat
Beach. Around here, we like to joke about it. Bianco, as for that, I don't know
what the h_!! it means, but it's often used in recipe names. (Despite the fuzzy
fuss, I know that both areas are fun. Especially when you drag the Cataquacks
out to sea and stomp on the sludgeheads and shoot down the Furby-like flying

[Credit: vikki]

Glitch: What's The Buzz?
In Secret Shine #11 in Delfino Plaza, if you look up from the starting points,
you should see two green slanting thingys. Jump over there and fall through the
hole. You should hear a buzzing noise coming from Mario just before the words

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: On The Edge
If you go to any edge and position Mario correctly, the camera will shake,
little clouds of dust will pop up and Mario will do some sort of buzzing noise.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: Yoshi's distorted voice

In Delphino Plaza, near where Ricco Habor is, if you look up near where the
manhole cover is, there is something like an archway. Hatch Yoshi, then go
under that archway, just a little to the left. Spin the Control Stick twice,
then jump. Yoshi will do a turn jump, but the little sound he makes when he
jumps will be distorted for about 1/2 second.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: Pole Running

I found this in Pinna Park, maybe it works in other areas too. Anywho, go up to
a pole in the gazebo, or any pole, actually-and start running against it. Mario
will move around in a weird way.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: Quick Voice Change
You know when you bounce on any kid's head, they sound different from the
adults? Go to Ricco Harbor, episode 8. There should be three kids swimming in
duck rings near where you came in. Swim over to one and bounce on their head.
They sound like an adult!

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: See Through Building 2
I just discovered this! To the left of the Grand Pianta Statue in Delfino
Plaza, there is an open window on the building if you look up. Jump over to the
tree right in front of that window, and hover over just so you can grab the
edge. Pull yourself up and move in. Then switch to Mario Cam. There isn't much
to see, just blue haze and Mario staring into the blue haze.

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

Glitch: Fruit sound:
In Pinna Park's beach area, you can hear the sound a regenerating fruit makes
behind the sunglasses man behind the rocky wall. This is as if the programmers
forgot to remove something there -- you can hear fruit regenerate and splash
into water inside the rocky wall.

 /____/ Mysterious Noki Bay ______________________________________

This strange level deserves its on section, and it ruddy well needs one. There
are a good many interesting aspects most people overlook here.

                            The handholds

If you'll look to the right of the waterfall, on the cliff-face, you'll find a
small crack going along cliff.  Not only that, but there are several
'punctures' in the cliff-face, forming a sort of design.  After many minutes
of thinking, I realized a move Mario seldom uses: the shimmy.  Firstly though,
we must get ourselves in a position to use this shimmy.  Go up the shelves
that led to the Boss - Weasel.  Head on over to the wheel and hanging vase. 
You'll spot the crack in the cliff.  Walk slowly towards the edge, and have
Mario hang onto it.  Now, turn the analog stick left and Mario will shimmy in
that direction! That appears to be the purpose.  Shimmy over to the far left
to find a coin embedded in the design of stone; squirt it to reveal the blue

There is another blue coin you can get to using this shimmy tactic.  From your
last position, drop down and have Mario grab the crack in the cliff below you. 
Shimmy again to the far left and you'll eventually come to some double-side
stone walls that can be used for wall-jumping.  Wall jump up to receive a blue

This part of Noki bay appears to be the only use for the shimmy tactic.


Scan the wall to the LEFT of the waterfall, ABOVE the hut with the boat and
nozzle box.  You should see some holes in the wall.  Upon closer examination,
they cannot be reached and lead to nothing but a bluish hue suggesting they
were removed from the game, for one reason or another.  I have yet to find a
use for these things.

Christopher  writes:

"When you get to the end of those indents, spray the wall (however, there
is no marked spot to spray) and a secret area that contains a blue coin
will open up."

Thanks for the info, Christopher!

                           Pollution Center

On any two of the first episodes, you can go over near the water fall and
observe poison being dumped into the lake from a below abyss.  That is where
the eel lurks.  Not a secret or anything, just something people miss.

                               A book!?

Perhaps the most profound mystery in this level, and the game, is the sighting
of a _book_ in the 'Red Coins in a Bottle' episode.  Swim down to the bottom
of the bottle and you'll find a little structure.  On the left side of it a
slit large enough for Mario to creep into.  Enter it and you'll find a
inoperable door.  Position the camera behind the door to find the book.  This
is one of the weirdest secrets in this game.  No theories present as to its

                            The Yellow Bird
A Yellow Bird can be found at the top of the Tricky Ruins, the series of
stones carved into the cliff face.  If you squirt it enough, it will cough up
a shine.

                           The Purple Flower

Up near the waterfall's source is a shelve of land a few feet below it.  On
that shelve is a purple flower.  This is strangely out of place, since no
other such vegetation can be found in the entire level.  I have tried
everything from pulling it to squirting it, it appears to serve no purpose
whatsoever.  Maybe its some symbol put there from Miyamoto, or maybe its to
symbolize the polluted water in the earlier levels.  Whatever its for, its
certainly interesting.

                            Whee! A rainbow!

I just discovered this. On an episode where the water is clean, get onto the
platform that looks like a shell, with the noki and rope connected to it.
Switch to Mario Cam, then look at the waterfall. You'll see a rainbow! Isn't
this strange? What makes this even more intriguing is the position of the sun:
from where it's at now, there's no way a rainbow could happen there! I wonder
if this is of any significance to the mythic 120 shine reward...? It might, but
I doubt it. Hey, if anyone with 120 shines would mind checking this out, I'd be

                                A boat?

On any episode, you'll find a boat to the far north, near the wall that when
squirted creates the Tricky Ruins, under the cabana to the right of them.
There is no use for the boat, or at least no use that I've found.  Maybe its
something to practice for the final level, in which you must use a boat...?

Mike Wegener writes:

"You need the boat to get a Blue Coin.  There's a circle to the left of the
hut, on the wall, in one of the episodes.  You need to move the boat up near
the wall using FLUDD, spray it, and continue spraying so you move to the other
side of the lake to grab the coin before it vanishes."

Kevin McLaughlin  also writes:

"you dont need the boat to retrieve the blue coins in noki bay. underneath
where "grandpa" stands in episode one is a little cave, in which the turbo
nozzle rests. all you need to do to reach it, is jump off the cliff and hover
to reach it, makes getting the blue coins a heck of alot easier"

                       Stupid Green Cukoo Birds!
In Noki Bay, there are stupid little green cukoo birds that pop out of walls to
throw you away from where you want to go. One of them is somewhere in where you
use the shimmy technique, just spray the walls and climb up to get the coins,
eventually a cukoo bird will appear and bounce you halfway around the level.
Another one is near the top of the waterfall, spray the wall where there's a
gray square with a design in the middle, go in and a cukoo bird will bounce you

[Credit: Myriam Labbe]

 /____/ Contact Info _____________________________________________

Alright, this is it. I'm not accepting any more hints from this mre-than-old
game. Sorry. I still might reply to questions, but I don't have the time to
keep updating this finalized guide.

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