Mario Kart Super Circuit GBA Cheats

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Gameboy Advance

Special Cup Circuit:

Win a gold cup in all of the races to unlock the Special Cup circuit.

Super Mario Kart Tracks:

Win with "A" or better rank on each cupin GP mode. Then press, L or R at the cup selection screen to access the Super Mario Kart tracks.

How to Boost:

At the starting mark right when the light turns green hit the gas button.

Honk Your Horn:

By pressing select during a race. If you press R, L,or select while selecting a character(don't press start-leave the box on the character),you can honk his or her horn by pressing select, press R to jump, and L to shoot green turtle shells.

Ribbin Road Shortcut:

Troble in Star cup. This cheat will alow you to to get an almost gurentee for 1st! Just before the 1st jump turn right to try to hit the extra boast before the boasts before the jump. Then jump whall bosting and turn right and land on the striped platform (To the right.) and Hit the breakes to got control of yourself. If done correctly your lap will be about 7 seconds shorter.

Rainbow Road Shortcut:

If you have a mushroom hold on to it until the beginning of the next lap. When you reach the turn before the straightaway with the falling stars, don't turn, just keep on going forward then use the mushroom. If done right, you should jump across a huge gap and land on a series of turns halfway through the lap.

Cheep Cheep Islands Shortcut:

When you got a mushroom save it for the 5th brigde. Before the 5th bridge go to the right and stay on the right of the bridge. Right after the bridge use the mushroom and keep on going straight. If you did it correctly you'll hit a jumping pad and another one on the water and be on the end of the last bridge and cut a ton of time off your lap.

Riverside Park Shortcut:

After the first jump look for some shallow water in the river. Drive through it for a small shorcut.

Cheese Land Shourtcut:

Before the second jump turn slightly to the right and go in the direction where theres a couple of jumping pads. after landing tur a little right after the jump to land on the road.

Yoshi Dessert Shortcut:

When you get the last lake drive to the left (not into the swirly sand.) and hit the jumping pad after the swirly sand. This is hard to do unless you have a star or boo.

Big Lakeside Park Shortcut:

Here's a BIG, risky shortcut that'll cut 17 secondes off your lap! Before the jump hit the boost and then the jump. Turn Right and hit 1 of the 2 jumping pads then turn right again. If this didn't work consider ending the race cause it'll take a while for the cloud boy to bring you bak on the track. If sucsesful the rest of the race will be farliy easy!

Boo Lake:

On the turn right after the gaps, theres a invisible bridge to the left (where theres a section missin). If you stay there for a sec, it will glow a neon blue for a couple of seconds. But I reccomend not takin it unless your behind.

Cheating Podoboos:

If you get hit by one of these guys, just hit (B) so you dont lose time or coins. Pretty simple.

Hop, Skip and a Shell Throw:

While selecting a character, press the L and R buttons and the character will shoot shells and hop.

Use Secret Rainbow Road Shortcut Proberly:

After the falling stars and all those turns there's a small section of the road to the left. Jump on it and go ABOUT HALF WAY, then jump slightly to the left side and you should land on the track. Tap the breaks then continue racing! (Computers Will use this shortcut to but will usualy fall off after it.)

Reverse Red Turtle Shell Shot:

Get 1 red turtle HOLD down and shoot your turtle shell it will stay in the road and get the next person who passes it.

I Believe I can Fly:

When your on the level Sunset Wilds and you have a mushroom hold on to it. When you get past the seven boosts just stay off the road to the right then when the wall curves in, barely go by it. Use your mushroom right after you go by the wall on the right-hand side and you will hit a bump. If done correctly you will go flying over the wall and barely be behind the finish line.

Sky Garden Shortcut:

This cheat is needed if you want to break the time-trial record for the circuit (trust me!). Close to the end of the circuit, the last bend before the finish, you will notice two clouds. It takes some skill to jump on them but after you eventually manage, it comes in handy! Try it!

Another Sky Garden Shortcut:

After The First Jump and the 2 turns go slightly to the left and use a mushroom. Hit the jumping pad and turn left again to land on the road ahead of the dogleg.

Bowser Castle 3 Shortcut on Star Cup:

This shortcut requires a bit of training so do it in Time Trial before you try it in a real race. Some where in the track there are 5 or 6 jumps over lava. At the last jump turn left and try to jump over the lava at the wall of the track, but watch out if you're not at top speed at the first jump you won't be able to make the shortcut!

Broken Pier:

At broken pier there's 4 shortcuts. The first one is an Invisible bridge to the left of the first Boo but not as far as you can go left though. The second one there's a jumping pad before the 1st. bridge. Use a mushroom and jump, but timing is critical because if you have too much speed you'll fall. The 3rd one is another invisible bridge next to the second shortcut (It's A Relly Long Bridge to). The fourth one is a third invisible bridge. After the third shourtcut and the turn right then go straight. Remember if you stay on these bridges for a sec, they'll glow neon blue.

Honk your Driver's Horn:

To make your driver honk their horn, press Select while racing. Each character's horn sounds different, too.

Player Select Tricks:

On the Player Select screen, press L to make the rotating image of the character you put the cursor on shoot a green shell straight ahead. You can also press R to make that character jump. Do this as many times as you please, it's just a little trick to try if you want.

Power Sliding:

As in Mario Kart 64, you are able to power slide in this game as well! To perform a power slide, press and hold R to hop while holding Left or Right. When you land, you'll slide in the direction you were holding. After about 2 seconds, let go of the R button and stop sliding. When you drive straight, you'll be given a boost, which is the result of a power slide. It may take a little bit of practice to pull it off, but it helps when trying to get around hairpin turns, or if you want to cut a couple seconds off your time when racing in Time Trial mode.

Recover before Spinning Out:

When you run straight into a Banana or another hazard, you'll notice your kart goes off balance before spinning out totally. To get back on balance before spinning out, release the acceleration and press the brakes (you must do this before you actually spin out, or else it'll be worthless). If you did it correctly, you'll see a music note appear above your character's head, showing you pulled it off successfully.

Turbo Boost after Lakitu Retrieval

If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. When he picks you up, wait until just before you touch the track again, then press the acceleration and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly.

Turbo Boost at Start of Race:

To get a turbo boost to give you a head start in the race, do not press/hold the acceleration button before the race. Wait until just before the final light appears, then hold down the accelerator If you time it correctly, you'll be shot ahead, giving you a quick start!

Unlock Special Cup:

To unlock the Special Cup in a particular difficulty setting (50cc, 100cc, 150cc), you must beat the Mushroom, Flower, Thunder, and Star Cups and earn Gold Cups in all of them.

Unlock Super Mario Kart Courses:

To unlock the courses from Super Mario Kart on the SNES, you must get an A rank or better on all the cups in GP mode on any difficulty. On 50cc mode this means you must get 100 coins or more between all the races in each cup. Then on the cup select screen if you press L or R you can race the SMK tracks. Four are unlocked for every cup you do this on.

Boost in the Middle of the Game Without Boost Pads: o.k if you fall cloud guy will grab you if you press a in the middle when the cloud guy drops you to the ground you will boost!

Luigi's Circuit:

Doing Power slides in this track is much easier to do because it rains here. Use this to your advantige against opponents and for practicing.

Mega Shortcut: (this only works on time trails)

On Koopa beach 1, get a boost start and turn a hard right. Use a boost across the deep water tapping R. Do this cheat Every lap


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