All-Star Baseball ’99 N64 Cheats

All-Star Baseball ’99


Enter the following passwords…

ABBTNCSTLO- Fat & Skinny Players
ATEMYBUIK- Ultimate cheat: New stadium and aliens
BBNSTRDS- Big baseball
BEST- Choose the AL or NL All-Stars
BIGHELIUM- Big Head and Feet
GOTHELIUM- Big Head, Feet, and Bat

GRTBLSFDST- Baseball Trail


Want to change some things on the fly? Do the following key commands in the game

(U stands for up, L for left, A for A-Button, and so on)

Paper thin: URARADDUUD
Big Extremes: LARDBALL
Big Baseball: URALLBULL
Baseball trail: BLURDBALL
Fat & Skinny: ALLRUBR

Easy Pick-off:

This only works with a runner on second. Select your pitch, then wait for the

baserunner to edge past the umpire on the screen, then pick him off. Make sure

he’s past the umpire.

Little Homerun Derby Guy:

Make sure you have a roster slot open on a team. It should say “empty” instead

of a player’s name. Go to HOME RUN DERBY and pick that guy. You won’t even see

him walking in the grass because he’s really small. It takes a while for him

to reach the mound, so be patient. Watch the pitcher; he’ll actually have to

throw to the ground so this guy can hit the ball.

Cheap Fielding Trick:

Here’s a nifty little underhanded way to cheat in All-Star: Wait until you’re

at bat, hit the ball anywhere, and then quickly pause the game and switch your

controller to the other team. That way you can make the outfielder miss the

ball, the SS miss an easy grounder, and so on.


GameShark Codes

Infinite Creation Points800e2c3100b0

Infinite Balls800abfb70000

Infinite Strikes 800abfb90000

Away Team Scores 0 810800ca0000

Away Team Scores 50 810800ca0032

Home Team Scores 0 810797720000

Home Team Scores 50 810797720032

1 Strike And You Are Outd00abfb90000

2 Strikes And You Are Out d00abfb90000

1 Ball And You Walk d00abfb70000

2 Balls And You Walk d00abfb70000

3 Balls And You Walkd00abfb70000

1 Out And You Are Outd00abfbb0000

2 Outs And You Are Out d00abfbb0000

Alien Abduction Mode 8106724a0001

Big Ball Mode 810672360001

Big Head Mode810672320001

Fat-Skinny Mode 8106723e0001

Paperman Mode 8106723a0001

Ball Trail Mode 810672420001


Thanks to Revolution readers David N., Joe Demir, Devin D., Ken Smith, Adam

Goldschmitt, Insanity Patrick Zeller, Brad Nauman, Azzkikr, Joe Demir, Robert

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