Cruis’n World N64 Cheats

Cruis’n World


Moon track:

Successfully complete the game on “Cruise The World” mode under the Easy difficulty

level. An animation sequence showing your car being transported to the moon will

be displayed. The bonus moon track may now be accessed after the credits.

Switch Paint Jobs/ Power Up Vehicles:

Get the required amount of points in Championship mode to get the following secrets that can be activated on the car select screen.

8 Points: Power Level 2 (press C-Up or C-Down to activate)
20 Points:  New Paint Job (press L or R to select colors)
100 Points:  Power Level 3 (press C-Up or C-Down to activate)
150 Points:  Two Tone Paint Job (press L or R to select colors)
500 Points:Power Level 4 
1,500 Points: Power Level 5
9,999 Points: Access Secret Car: Speed Demon

Secret cars:

Select the “Practice Championship” option. Finish under the indicated time on

the following tracks to unlock the corresponding car:

Hawaii | 3.47 | Monsta
England  | 1.46 | Bulldog
China    | 1.14 | Enforcer
Japan    | 2.48 | Rocket
Austraia | 1.49 | Surgeon
Kenya    | 2.06 | Conductor
Mexico   | 1.46 | Howler
New York | 2.11 | Grass Hopper
Germany  | 2.27 | NY Taxi
Egypt    | 1.07 | Skool Bus
France   | 2.15 | Tommy
Russia   | 1.58 | Exec

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