Harvest Moon N64 Cheats

Harvest Moon


Love, Weather, Streanth:

Plant a veggie and go to the forest near the carpenter’s house, with your

veggie. Go on the little bridge and find the round pond, there throw the veggie

in the pond and press A. A green lady will come out and grant you a wish.

If you select ‘Love’, you will marry someone by the end of the year. If you

select ‘Steranth’ you will get a power nut. If you select ‘Weather’ it will

rain all year.

Blue Apple:

Throw three fish back in the pond across from the river and you will be given

a blue apple to stay healthy so you can work through the night.

Rainbow Apple:

Throw 5 fish in the pond as fast as you can and all your red apples will change

to rainbow apples. They make your ‘life’ and everything else infinite.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Lumber   81189e5003e7 

Infinite Stamina  8018906000ff

Infinite Money    811fd60effff 

Infinite Blue Feathers 

8018907c001c Infinite Medals For Horse & Dog Races 81189B06 270F 81205206 270F Infinite Yellow Flower Seeds 801c3f70 000f Unlimited Medals 81205206 25FD 81189B06 25FD Never Need To Refill Watering Can 8016FBCD 0080 Unlimited fodder 80180715 0099 Pink Love Meter For Maria 801C3F90 00FF Pink Love Meter For Popuri 801C3F91 00FF Pink Love Meter For Elli 801C3F92 00FF Pink Love Meter For Ann 801C3F93 00FF Pink Love Meter For Karen 801C3F94 00FF

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