Mace: The Dark Age N64 Cheats

Mace: The Dark Age


Hidden Characters (for 2 player mode):


Win three 2-player games. On the fourth 2-player game. Go to the

Executioner, Hold Start and press attack. (Be sure to keep holding Start until

the fight starts).

War Mech and Ichiro:

At the copyright screen (the very first screen) press

right, up, left, down, right, up, left, down. War Mech

and Ichiro appear above The Executioner and Lord Deimos.

Play as Ned:

At the Character Select screen move the cursor and press

start on Koyasha, Executioner, and Lord Deimos. Pick any fighter and

press A or B.

Play as Pojo:

Pick Taria and do her Execution. At the next Character Select screen

hold Start and Press an attack button to choose Pojo.

To unlock the secrets below, move to each character listed and press start

after each one, then go to your desired character and select as usual. All of

these secrets are for two-player mode only:

  • Big Head mode (Ragnar, Al’ Rashid, Takeshi)
  • Midget mode (Takeshi, Al’ Rashid, Ragnar, Xiao Long)
  • Mini Golf Course stage (Koyasha, Mordus Kull, Takeshi)
  • Inside Castle stage (Mordus Kull, Taria, Ragnar)

To select a specific stage to fight in, go to the character’s

portrait on the player select screen and press Start four times. Then

choose your character as usual.

To perform Pojo’s execution:

Push forward then kick.

Different Colors:

At the Character Select screen, while on the character you want to choose

hold any of the C buttons for different colors.

Play in Bunny Slippers:

At the Character Select screen press start on Ragnar, Dregan, and

Koyasha. Choose your fighter then press A or B. Nice shoes.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P18008b1e7 0064
Infinite Health P28008ae5f 0064
No Health P18008b1e7 0000
No Health P28008ae5f 0000
Extra Characters 8007f9f8 0001
R Button Health Restore P1d007cd2b 0010
8008b1e7 0064
Z Trigger Deathblow d007cd2a 0020
8008ae5f 0000

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