Mega Man X4 Cheats and Tips: Boss Weaknesses, Sub-Tank and Heart Tank Locations, Dark Zero and Dark Mega Man

The following Mega Man X4 cheats are confirmed to work on the PlayStation version of the game. If you’re playing the Mega Man X Legacy Collection version of the game on Xbox One, use the following equivalent buttons on the controller:

  • O: B
  • L1: LB
  • R2: RT
  • X: A

Mega Man X4 Cheats

To play as Dark Mega Man:

Go to the Character Select screen. Highlight X as your character. Press O, O, press Left 6 times, hold down L1 and R2, then press X. You should start off with a somewhat purplish tint to your armor. Now go to any Dr. Light capsule to receive the super armor. This lets you do unlimited giga attacks.

To Play as Dark Zero:

Highlight Zero then hold L1 and press Right six times then hold Circle and press Start.

Quick Ultimate Armor (Saturn):

  • At the player select screen, highlight X.
  • Press the “B” button twice, press Left on the D-Pad 6 times.
  • Now hold L and R and press start.
  • Then, go to Web Spider’s stage. There is a capsule hidden behind a waterfall. Pay no attention to Dr. Light. Jump into the capsule and you’ll have all four pieces of the ultimate armor.

Mega Man X4 Tips

Mega Man X4 Boss Weaknesses

  • Web Spider: Twin Slasher (cut the web he’s hanging from)
  • Cyber Peacock: Soul Body
  • Storm Owl: Aiming Laser
  • Magma Dragoon: Double Cyclone
  • Jet Stingray: Frost Tower
  • Spilt Mushroom: Lightning Web
  • Slash Beast: Ground Hunter
  • Frost Walrus: Rising Fire
  • Double: X-Buster
  • Colonel: X-Buster
  • General: X-Buster
  • Sigma: X-Buster

Find all the Sub-Tanks in Mega Man X4:

  • Cyber Peacock: Stage 1, get S rank on sector 2 to get the life sub-tank.
  • Marine Base: Stage 2, at the last track, do a full jump. Then when you hit the disconnected track tap X, and then press O to obtain the life sub-tank.
  • Snow Base: Stage 2, after you get through all the ice blocks, there should be another set higher on the platform. Keep on hitting it to obtain the weapon sub-t.

Locate all the Heart Tanks in Mega Man X4:

  • Jungle: Stage 2, use rising fire on one of the full tree trunks.
  • Cyber Space: Stage 1, Area 1, Get rank S.
  • Flying Fortress: Stage 1, get the heart before the laser destroys the

  • Volcano: Stage 2, speed jump over to the ledge were the balls of fire

    start raining down.
  • Ocean Fortress: Stage 1, don’t jump into the things that shoot, fall

    down to get the heart.
  • Bio Labrotory: Stage 2, Move past the first drills, jump back, use lightning

    web as wall.
  • Military Train: Stage 2, Use Ridden to smash open one of the cars.
  • Ice stage: Stage 1, use rising fire to melt the ice block.

Mega Man X4 Game Shark Codes

80172204 0002 Infinite Lives

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