Mega Man X Dive PS4, Xbox One, PC Support | Is it coming to consoles?

Capcom has today announced Mega Man X Dive, which brings together all the characters, Mavericks, and stages from the Mega Man X series together. As of writing, Mega Man X Dive has only been confirmed for both iOS and Android devices, but its somewhat traditional-looking gameplay will have had at least some of you wondering if the game is coming to consoles. In this guide, we’ll let you in on all we know about a Mega Man X Dive PS4 version, as well as Mega Man X Dive Xbox One, Mega Man X Dive PC, and a Mega Man X Dive Nintendo Switch port.

Mega Man X Dive PS4, Xbox One, PC Support | Is it coming to consoles?

Mega Man X Dive PS4

As stated above, Capcom announced Mega Man X Dive today for iOS and Android devices. You can read more about it and watch its reveal trailer thanks to our news post on the subject. It appears as though the game will feature at least somewhat traditional Mega Man X-style gameplay, with the developers aiming for home console quality action. Its reveal trailer opens with a traditional controller shell encasing a smartphone, anyway. Could we, therefore, see a potential Mega Man X Dive console release? Unfortunately, Capcom is yet to either confirm or deny anything regarding this.

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Mega Man X Dive PS4

With the aim for home console-quality and apparent (according to Rockman Corner) lack of gacha elements and microtransactions, it might appear that a Mega Man X Dive PS4 port of the game is likely. Despite this, we’d argue that you shouldn’t get your hopes up, as if it were going to be on consoles, Capcom would likely have already confirmed so. Don’t rule it out entirely, though. Stranger things have happened.

Mega Man X Dive Xbox One

Just as with a potential PS4 port, an Xbox One port of Mega Man X Dive would appear unlikely. We wouldn’t be too shocked to see it materialize, but for now, at least, this is a mobile-only title.

Mega Man X Dive PC

Mobile games tend to make the jump to PC more often than they do on home consoles, for whatever reason. Again, however, a Mega Man X Dive PC port seems unlikely, as Capcom would have already announced such a release, we’d like to think. Keep those hopes up, however, and it could happen.

Mega Man X Dive Nintendo Switch

Just as with any of the other platforms listed above, we’d like to think that a Mega Man X Dive Nintendo Switch port would be unlikely, but not too surprising if it ever happened. Keep those fingers crossed, and who knows?