Mario Golf FAQ


   MM M MM  AA  AA  RR RR   II   O   O     GG      O   O  LL     FF
   MM   MM  AAAAAA  RRRR    II   O   O     GG  GG  O   O  LL     FFFFF
   MM   MM  AA  AA  RR RR   II   O   O     GG   G  O   O  LL     FF

                   FAQ. (update) by: Aaron Illingworth
                             Company: Camelot
                        Rating: E (for everyone)
                    My e-mail: [email protected]

1. Characters
2. Levels
3. Tournaments
4. Get Character Mode
5. Ring Shot
6. Speed Golf
7. Stroke
8. Mini-Golf
9. Training
10. Secret Characters (Other Secrets included)

1. Characters

Drive: 270 yards
Shot: High Draw
Mario is a popular character who boasts a highly-refined technique. He's
always anzious to get out on the course!

Drive: 220 yards
Shot: Low Fade
Always in Mario's shadpw, Luigi's fade ball forms the core of his attack.

Drive:212 yards
Shot: High and Straight
Peach is an easy-to-play character. She lacks power, but shoots straight.

-Baby Mario-
Drive: 215 yards
Shot: High Draw
Baby Mario has a powerful swing for someone who's shorter than most clubs!

Drive: 230 yards
Shot: Standard Straight
Yoshi handles his clubs skillfully for nice, straight shots.

Drive: 208 yards
Shot: Low and Straight
For a beginner, Plum has a good shot, but she could use a little more power.

Drive: 210 yards
Shot: Low Fade
Charlie started playing golf just to be cool, but now he's hooked. his
ability, however, is the real question...

Drive: 260 yards
Shot: High Draw
Totally confident in his play, Harry's philosophy is "If I play my best
game, I'll win!"

Drive: 240 yards
Shot: High Draw
A bright and happy golfer, Sonny is very talented and sticks to a
traditional play style.

Drive: 250 yards
Shot: Low Fade
Wario's distinct club-wiggling play is backed by a smooth and powerful

-Donkey Kong-
Drive: 275 yards
Shot: Low Fade
With strength on his side, DK only needs his one hand to swing his club
around like a twig!

Drive: 280 yards
Shot: High Draw
Bowser can boast the most power on the course. Just looking at his massive
girth is enough to blow you away!

Drive: 245 yards
Shot: High and Straight
This energetic gal is the best female player on the circuit.

-Metal Mario-
Drive: ???
Shot: ???
Exactly like Mario, though Metal Mario has a harder hit with his club.

There are four other secret characters that can be playable. Go to my "Other 
Secret Characters" to find out how to get them!

2. Levels

You first start out with one level called "Toad's Highlands." After you beat 
Touraments(you will get the next stage after beating Toad's Highlands) you 
will get an total of 6 different levels. Here are all of them and their 

Toad's Highlands - Fairly Easy

Toad's Highlands is overall pretty easy. It's mainly all land, so you won't 
have to worry about hitting your ball into to much water. Therefore, there 
are some holes with water near them in Toad's Highlands. This level has alot 
of rough, though, which you may need to stay away from(if you can that is.)

Koopa Park - Fairly Easy

This level is alot like Toad's Highlands, but there are many mountains, and 
water. You probably won't have to much with this level. But there is sort of 
alot of water in some of the levels so you may need to watch where the wind 
is blowing, and where your ball is directed to.

Shy Guy Desert - Easy/Medium

You got it, a whole lot of desert. But this level really isn't that much 
harder than Toad's Highlands or Koopa Park. No water here, but, there are 
pains in this level like huge mountains of sand that can get in the way.

Yoshi's Island - Easy/Medium

Yoshi's Island really isn't to hard(but that DK sound gets so annoying!) The 
amount of noise coming from DK, it should be called "DK's Island"! Well, 
anyway, this level has alot of the bunker around, so it can make it tough.

Boo Valley - Medium/Hard

This level can get frustrating, and most of all, it can get hard. There are 
many high mountain tops, and there is tons of bunker. You will need alot of 
power shots in this level.

Mario's Star - Hard

Mario's Star is the hardest level of them all. Not only is there alot of 
bunker, and rough, the distances of the hole are very far. Sometimes, you 
must land your ball on a little piece of an island to even get to the ball, 
so expect a difficult level ahead.

3. Tournaments

This part of the game is pretty fun. You have to do this in order to get two 
secret characters, and earn stages. There are 108 Birdie Badges in all. 
There really isn't that much to explain in this part of the game. All you 
need to do is beat all 18 holes getting first place to get the gold trophy, 
second place to get the silver trophy, and third place to get the bronze 
trophy. If you have any questions about the Tournament mode you can e-mail 
me at the address above(On top of page.)

4. Get Character Mode

This mode is to earn characters. Here is the list of all the characters to 
earn(Not in order.)


Bowser is one of the secret characters. (The Secret Chracters section also 
has Bowser listed there as well.)

Here is their difficulty.

Luigi - Easy

Yoshi - Easy

Sonny - Medium

Harry - Medium/Hard

Wario - Hard

Mario - Hard

Bowser - Very Hard (If you have Metal Mario, it's a breeze.)

The other four characters are there for you to use when getting these 
characters. All of those characters above (except for Bowser) will be 
already playable in regular multiplayer (2-4 players.)

5. Ring Shot

This is pretty fun. There are 36 levels to beat. Some of them pretty simple. 
You have to do each level in the game for Ring Shot. There are 6 rings in 
each stage.

Here is a list of every level in the game, and it's difficulty (I am also 
giving tips as well.)

Course 1 (Easy/Medium)

All of the rings in Course 1 are shooting from different directions (Like in 
Every Which Way.) This level probably won't take you very long.

1. Give It a Shot! (Easy)
2. Climb That Hill! (Easy)
3. Ring in the Valley (Medium)
4. 3 Rings Above the Pond (Easy)
5. Creek Crossing (Easy)
6. Every Which Way! (Medium)

TIPS: I don't have any tips for this level, because it is so easy. But if 
you are stuck on getting a ring or two, you can e-mail me.

Course 2 (Easy/Medium)

Pretty much the same difficulty on this level as well as Course 1. You 
actually do the same things, but the rings and stages are just a little but 

1. R-RR-Ring! (Easy/Medium)
2. Arch at Forked Creek (Medium)
3. Switchback Swinging! (Easy/Medium)
4. Hide-an-Go-Ring! (Medium)
5. Power Past the Pond! (Medium)
6. Arches Here & There (Medium)

TIPS: This level is just a little bit harder, but still, no real tips, just 
aim for the rings because mainly, all of them are pretty straight, or the 
one in Arch at Forked Creek is absolutely in an opposite direction. Just aim 
for it, and if you land on it, you will get it. You actually don't need to 
aim the middle of the ring.

Course 3 (Medium/Hard)

Some of these stages in this level are very irritating and can be hard. I 
have a few tips at the bottom.

1. The Anthill Bunker (Medium)
2. Cactus Arms (Medium)
3. Pyramid Ring (Medium/Hard)
4. Center of the Bull's-Eye (Medium)
5. Shoot for the Stones! (Medium)
6. Sand Dune Summit (Medium/Hard)

TIPS: I do have a few tips. If you only have one shot left before you have a 
BOGEY, and you are close to the pin, putt it. Even if you are semi on the 
rough, aim for it(or use approach and aim well.)

Course 4 (Medium/Hard)

Some of this level is easy, and some of it is hard. I don't have any tips 
for this level though, sorry.

1. Doughnut Hole (Easy/Medium)
2. Scraping the Cliff (Medium)
3. Dunk the Bunker! (Medium)
4. Drop into the Valley! (Hard)
5. Arches in the Hills (Medium)
6. Zig and Zag (Medium/Hard)

TIPS: (None)

Course 5 (Hard)

To tell you, this is pretty hard. I don't really have any tips either. You 
know, all you really have to do, is aim for the ring. This level that you 
know and hate (some of you might like it, though) is that there isn't very 
much land, and it's mainly a whole lot of nothing. That's probably why they 
call it Boo Valley.

1. The Bottleneck (Medium)
2. Past the Peak (Hard)
3. The Egg Hill (Medium)
4. Emerging from the Mist (Medium)
5. Valley in the Valley (Medium/Hard)
6. Duck and Dodge! (Medium/Hard)

TIPS: (None)

Course 6 (Very Hard)

Oh man! Is this course hard! It takes many tries just to get one stage done! 
The hardest one is probably Princess Peach's Ring (I beat this one with 

1. Bloober Calamari Rings (Hard/Very Hard)
2. Skull and Bones (Medium)
3. Bowser's Big Mouth (Medium)
4. Lakitu's Glasses (Medium)
5. Sorry, Bob-omb! (Hard)
6. Princess Peach's Ring (Hard/Very Hard)

6. Speed Golf

I never really play this at all (in fact, I don't play this game hardly at 
all anymore.) Well what you do, is that each hole you play is time to see 
how fast you can do it. It's not that cool, but if you want to challenge 
someone and see who can do it the fastest could be fun.

7. Stroke

The fewest total strokes wins. You can also play a 9-hole game. And you know 
what, I don't think I have even ever played this. Well, I may have tried it. 
But, try it out and see if you like it. All I mainly do if I play this game 
is just play the Tournament, or go against some of my friends (and like I 
said, I hardly play this game anymore.)

8. Mini-Golf

This is kind of fun. I played Mini-Golf in this game a few times. There are 
only two levels, Luigi's Garden, and Peach's Castle. The hole you play on 
each time has a shape of a letter or a number. There are 18 holes. 
Sometimes, Hole-in-One's can be very easy to get. Have fun.

9. Training

If you are a first beginner, this may be a good time to try out training. I 
tried this out a few times, and it is just to hit the ball (pretty much just 
practice.) You can choose levels, and certain holes, and even a driving 

10. Secret Characters

You can get up to 6 secret characters, and here they are, and how to get 

Donkey Kong - Beat the Ring Shot mode.

Maple - Get 50 Birdies on the Tournament.

Bowser - Beat him in 'Get Character' mode.

Metal Mario - Get all Birdie Badges in the Tournament.

Ok, I said there are 4 more. To access them, you must have a GameBoy, and 
the GameBoy version of Mario Golf. You can transfer them to your Nintendo 64 
somehow. I don't have the game, so I don't know. I am not sure what the 
characters names are. But you can see what they look like when you beat the 
Ring Shot mode when the credits come and stuff.

Well, that pretty much covers everything. I updated this FAQ. because my 
last one suck, and it was very short. Now, this one is alot longer. And 
remember, if you have any questions at all, you can e-mail me at this 
address below:

[email protected]

Thanks for reading my Mario Golf FAQ.!

                      ~*Thanks Game-Revolution!*~

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!