Mario Party N64 Cheats

Mario Party


Bowser’s Magma Mountain:

To unlock Bowser’s Magma Mountain, beat the first 6 stages and get 1000 coins

and you can buy the key to the extra stage Bowser’s Magma Mountain in the shop.

Eternal Star Stage:

Get 100 stars at Magma Mountain and you open up the Eternal Star stage.

Bumper Ball Maze 1:

Reach the goal of Mini-Game Island and defeat Toad in a game of Slot Car Derby

2. This will open Bumber Ball Maze 1.

Bumper Ball Maze 2:

Clear all 50 Mini-Games on Mini-Game Island and then go talk to Toad at the

goal to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 2.

Bumper Ball Maze 3:

Set new records on Bumper Ball Mazes 1 & 2 to enable Bumper Ball Maze 3.

Fill Mushroom Bank Easily:

Every time players complete a game, the stars and coins from each human player

are put into the Mushroom Bank. However, if computer players are filling in,

those coins and stars are lost. An easy trick to accumulate lots of stars and

coins is to switch all players to human in the last round of the game (you can

do so by pausing and accessing the options menu). Complete the board and you

will be able to keep ALL the stars and coins.

3 New Things:

If you beat the Eternal Stage, and then go to the Mushroom Bank, there will

be 3 new options: No Ghost, No Koopa Troopa and View Credits.

Gameshark Codes

Upper Left Char. Rolls 10800d62d3000a
Upper Right Char. Rolls 10800d6317000a

Lower Left Char. Rolls 10800d635b000a
Lower Right Char. Rolls 10800d639f000a

Upper Left Char. 99 Coins810f32b80063
Upper Left Char. 99 Stars810f32bc0063

Upper Left Char. No Coins810f32b80000
Upper Left Char. No Stars810f32bc0000
Upper Right Char. 99 Coins810f32e80063

Upper Right Char. 99 Stars810f32ec0063 
Upper Right Char. No Coins810f32e80000

Upper Right Char. No Stars810f32ec0000
Lower Left Char. 99 Coins810f33180063
Lower Left Char. 99 Stars810f331c0063
Lower Left Char. No Coins810f33180063
Lower Left Char. No Stars810f331c0063
Lower Right Char. 99 Coins810f33480063 
Lower Right Char. 99 Stars810f334c0063

Lower Right Char. No Coins810f33480000

Lower Right Char. No Stars810f334c0000



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