Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

Name: Ken Carrell
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of Game: Pokemon Snap
System: Nintendo 64
Walkthrough: To start out, click on New Game. 
Enter your name and click "end". Now, 
Professor Oak will be on the screen. 
He will tell you some stuff. Now, click on "Course". Select the level "Beach".
Course #1: Beach
Prof. Oak will guide you throught the Pidgey in the first part of the level. Now, the machine you're in will be moving 
by itself. You can slow it down or speed it up by the direction you're facing. A Doduo will suddenly jump out. Keep 
your camera zoomed after you get out of the Pidgey part. Snap, when the Doduo jumps out 
(centering it gets you more points). A Pikachu will appear behind a rock. Snap! A few Butterfree will be flying in 
the air. Snap! If you squint your eyes, there will be a Lapras in the background of the ocean. Take a picture of it 
because there will be more close-ups of it later in the level. You will see (most of a) Snorlax's stomach. Don't take 
a picture. You will just be wasting film. A Meowth will be on top of a rock a short distance from the Snorlax. Snap it 
when it tries to scare you. A short distance after, you will see the ocean. Snap the Lapras (there should be a few in 
the background, try to get those in the shot as well). A Pidgey and a Meowth will come out of the bushes.. Snap them if 
you want. Butterfree will fly by as you drive over the bridge. Snap! There will be a bush, visible from the bridge. 
A Doduo, a Pidgey, and a Meowth will come out of the bush. Snap! After traveling a ways, you should see an Eevee and a 
Chansey (don't snap the Chansey, it will only waste film). Snap! The ocean and a few Lapras will be a short distance 
after. Snap! A Kangaskhan will have his back on you. Snap if you want, but you won't earn very many points. A few 
Pidgey will fly above your head with their butts facing you. The should be an alcove after following them. The Pidgey 
will gust a Meowth. Snap the Pidgey, not the Meowth. You do nothing more but drive into the portal and back to the lab.
Lab #1: New Level
Prof. Oak should open the next level for you now. But if he didn't, run through course #1 again.
Course #2: Power Plant
As you move along, the first thing you will see is a Pikachu. Take a few pictures of it.It will run away everytime. 
When the Electrode rolling comes by, Pikachu will jump on and run. Snap (extra points)! An Electabuzz will run by 
chasing an Electrode. Follow it. When you get in the cave, the Electrode will selfdestruct and Electabuzz will faint 
all at the same time, a Kakuna will come down. Snap! Snap! Snap! More Kakuna will be over on your left if you're fast 
enough. Snap! When you go through the metal door, a Zubat will fly past. Snap! A Pikachu will be on your left, and an 
electric generator on the right. Snap (the Pikachu, I mean)! A purple sphere will be floating in the air. 
Snap (it's really a Haunter)! A Magikarp will jump out of the water and float in the air. Snap! When you go through 
the next metal door, another Zubat will fly by. Snap! Two Electabuzz will be on the right and a Haunter 
(in sphere form), Pikachu and a Diglett will be on the left. Snap the Diglett everytime it comes out. 
It will eventually turn into a Dugtrio. Finally, you will see three Magnemite that are "camera-shy", so it's useless 
to take a picture. Go through the portal and back to the lab.
Lab #2: Apple-Shaped Pokemon Food
Prof. Oak should give you "apple-shaped pokemon food". If you throw it at an Electrode, they selfdestruct. 
Run through Course #2 again, except this time. you can get the Magnemite to not hide itself. You can make a Magneton 
if you bring them all together. Also, if you hit the Electrode in front of the rock-wall, a new level will open up.
Course #3: Volcano
When you start moving, two Ponyta should run by. Snap! There are more in the volcano crater. As you continue, you will 
see a Vulpix. Snap! There are two more as you pass through the two slanted walls. Snap! A Charmander and a Magmar will 
be on a rock island. Throw some food to get the two to come together. If Magmar flames Charmander, the fire-lizard will 
evolve. When you pass throught the two more slanted walls, you will see an egg in front of you, and two Charmander on 
the left. Don't throw an apple at the egg yet. First throw two to the Charmander. They will call upon four more 
Charmander and there will be six in total. Bring them together for major points. Hit the egg with an apple. and...what's 
this? A Moltres? Well...ok. Snap! Two Magmar will be on the ledge. Snap! As you pass through the two slanted walls, 
you will see three volcano pits on your right. A Charmeleon will be circling a volcano pit. Snap! Knock it in the pit 
with an apple for a Charizard. Finally, ride through the portal.
Lab #3:New Level
Prof. Oak should give you the next level. If not, go back to Volcano.
Course #4: River
Start out by throwing an apple in the brush where you might see a blue moving figure. That's a Poliwag. don't throw it 
at Poliwag, but near it. Now throw it where the second Poliwag is. Do the same, and do the same thing when there are 
three Poliwag. They will run down the hill and in the water. Snap! To your left, you will see a log and two stumps. 
Throw an apple near the log. A Bulbasaur will lure itself out. Snap! A Slowpoke will be up ahead. Snap! Lure it to 
the brown circle for a Slowbro. A second one will be up ahead. A Vilplume sleeping in the ground. Don't take a picture. 
You will do nothing but waste film. Shellder will float out of the water and move around. Snap! Continuing, we see 
several Metapod on the ceiling of the level. Throw a pester ball at one to make it come down. Throwing another one at 
a Metapod down, will cause it to go back up. A Psyduck will be on your left. Snap! Hit it with an apple to get it to 
jump up and down out of the water. Moving along we will see Cloyster and Shellder floating out of the water and back in. 
If you look in the hills on land, you will see two noses of Porygon. Don't take a picture. Like always, you'll just
be wasting film. After you move along almost the rest of the river. You will see a Pikachu pop its head out of a log. 
and a Cloyster (or Shellder) will fly above your head. Snap! Snap! If you snapped the Pikachu, it will run really fast 

around in circles. Bonus Points!
Lab #4: Pester Balls
By now, Prof. Oak should have given you Pester Balls. Use these to flush a Pokemon out of hiding. Go back to River and 
at the place where you find Psyduck, you will see two Porygon. Throw a Pester Ball at them. Throw another one to make 

them go from green of brown, to pink and blue. A little ways ahead of that you will find another Porygon. Flush that 
one out of hiding for a new level.
Level#5: Cave
Look down. Some Zubat will fly right by. Grimer will be on your left. Only take a picture. Do NOT throw anything at 
them. More will appear closer later in the level and you can evolve them into Muk. A Bulbasaur will be on your right. 
Snap! Throw a Pester Ball and see what happens. After going through the alcove, you will see a Grimer if you look down. 
Snap! Throw three Pester Balls at it to make it a Muk. Snap! Three Bulbasaur will be in front of you. Snap! 
Throw Pester Balls at them to make them into Dittos. After going through the Rock Valley, you will see a Koffing 
bothering a Jigglypuff. Snap! Throw a Pester Ball at Koffing. Do this with all three to unlock the Jigglypuff Trio. 
Throw an apple or a Pester Ball in the water for a Magikarp. Snap! A Weepinbell will be bouncing around a pond. Snap! 
Knock it in the pond for a Victreebell. Snap! Go through the opening in the wall (automatic). Throw a Pester Ball at 
the Zubat holding a Pikachu. Pikachu will float down on balloons. Snap! Jynx will be in the pond. Snap! Go through the 
opening in the cave and snap the Jigglypuff Trio.
Lab #5: New Level
Prof. Oak should give you a new level: Valley. If not, go back to Cave and work some more.
Level #6: Valley
You are in a River for this whole level. Line up the stones in the water with the shore and fires a Pester Ball. 
That is no stone! That's a Squirtle! Snap! Do this with the rest to get better points. Look at the Mankey a ways away. 
Throw a Pester Ball in the water near the shore closest to the Mankey. A Magikarp should flop over to it and be knocked 
over the mountain by the Mankey. Thow Pester Balls at Geodude to summon Sandshrew. Snap! Snap! After traveling a short 
distance, throw Pester Balls at both Geodude to knock down Graveler and summon Sandslash. Snap! Snap! Snap! A Mankey 
will be on your left. Snap! Go down the waterfall. Graveler will be on the wall. Ignore them, they won't do any good 
until you get the Pokeflute. If you knocked the Magikarp over the mountain, you shold see it here. 
Throw another Pester Ball to get Gyarados. A Staryu will be hovering above you. Snap it in the middle of the frame and 
get it to circle you. There will be three more. Do the same thing with the other two. They will turn into Starmie when 
you get to the bottom of the waterfalls. Snap! Throw three Pester Balls in the whirpool. It's the recipe for 
Instant Dragonite. Snap! A Dratini will be jumping up and down in the water. Snap! Now to play a game (another game). 
Squirtle bowling! Line up Squirtle and Mankey and throw a Pester Ball. It should knock the Mankey over the mountain. 
As you round the bend, Snap, and Pester Ball it onto the red button. Prof. Oak will tell you about the Pokemon signs 
and to snap them like you would a Pokemon.
Lab #6: Dash Engine and Pokemon Flute
By now Prof. Oak should have given you the Pokeflute and/or Dash Engine. If not, go back and win it all. 
Go back to all the courses and get better photos with the Pokeflute.
Pokemon Signs Part #1: Beach
Requirements: None
Near where you find the sufboard, you will find a bunch of rocks. At an angle, they look like Kingler. Snap!
Pokemon Signs Part #2: Tunnel
Requirements: Pokeflute, Apple-Shaped Pokemon Food
After going through the first metal doors, lure Pikachu to the egg with several apples and play the Pokeflute. 
This will make Pikachu let loose its powerful Thunder attack. The egg will open and Zapdos will pop out. 
After going through the next set of metal doors, travel a small distance and you will see a shadow on the wall. Snap!
Pokemon Signs Part #3: Volcano
Reqirements: Pester Balls
Throw a Pester Ball in the volcano and get a special cloud Snap!
Pokemon Signs Part #4: River
Requirements: Pokeflute
When you reach the Vileplume, play the Pokeflute and snap the tree.
Pokemon Signs Part #5: Cave
Requirements: None
When you reach the Weepinbell, snap the biggest star on your left.
Pokemon Signs Part #6: Valley
Requirements: None
Snap the mountain at the beginning.
Special Course #7: Rainbow Cloud.
How to capture Mew:
Step #1: When Mew appears, it rides in a glass ball. This ball is your enemy!
Step #2: If you try to take a picture of Mew while it's in the ball, it shields itself from view using a force field. 
Very annoying.
Step #3: Your first goal is to destroy the greenish ball using tossed bits of Pokemon Food or Pester Balls. 
Because Mew rides steadily ahead of you (although it bounces back and forth), it's pretty easy to hit the ball and 
break the glass. It takes only three hits to destroy it.
Step #4: Mew appears again in a yellowish glass ball. This one isn't much stronger, but it is faster. 
Now Mew crosses quickly in front of you from one side of the screen to the other. The easiest way to break this ball 
is to aim straight ahead ad hit it as it crosses your path.
Step #5: It takes only three hits to destroy this ball, as well. The difference is that now Mew must try to catch the 
replacement ball. Look left or right to see Mew dash past in hot pursuit!
Step #6: Hurry after Mew and start lobbing Pester Balls or Pokemon Food! One hit, and Mew will hang stunned in the air. 
Keep hitting it with Pester Balls or Pokemon Food until you catch up. Then let the creature uncurl from its protective 
couch. If you time it right, it will open its eyes and look at you in time for to snap the perfect picture! Remember, 
the larger Mew is in the photo, the more points you'll get.
Challenge Mode: Take time to get good shots of all the Pokemon in this level. Happy Squirtle and Sandshrew, 
and Angry Mankey and Dragonite will help you get the points you need to beat the Challenge Score. Don't forget the 
Graveler's Group Dance or Gyarados: both are worth the film.
Pokemon, requirements: 24,000 points
Pester Balls, requirements: 72,500 points
Pokeflute, requirements: Dash Engine and 130,000 points
Pokemon in Courses:
Course #1: Beach
First Pass Pokemon:
Special #1: Gust-using pidgey
Second Pass Pokemon (Pokemon Food):
Special #2: Surfing Pikachu
Third Pass Pokemon (Pester Balls):
Special #3: Pikachu on a Stump
Fourth Pass Pokemon (Pokeflute):
Course #2: Tunnel
First Pass Pokemon:
Special #4: Pikachu on a Ball
Second Pass Pokemon:
Third Pass Pokemon:
Course #3: Volcano
First Pass Pokemon:
Special #5: Fighting Magmar
Second Pass Pokemon:
Course #4: River
First Pass Pokemon:
Special #6: Speed Pikachu
Second Pass Pokemon:
Third Pass Pokemon:
Course #5: Cave
First Pass Pokemon:
Special #7: Jigglypuff on Stage
Special #8: Jigglypuff Trio on Stage
Special #9: Balloon Pikachu
Second Pass Pokemon:
Special #10: Flying Pikachu
Course #6: Valley
First Pass Pokemon:
Second Pass Pokemon:
Special #10: Graveler's Group Dance 

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Ken Carrell!