StarCraft 64 Walkthrough

                                 ***STARCRAFT 64***
For the Nintendo 64 video game console and the PC.


Version 1.2
Created by: Josh Mullins

E-Mail: [email protected]

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1) Legal $#!+
2)Tips and Strategies
4)Online PlayPC only.
5) 2-Player PlayN64 only.
6)Codes and Cheats
7)Game Shark Codes
9)Other Info.
Version 1.0 Started FAQ/walkthrough, added codes and cheats. Legal section complete. This FAQ is only started...
Version 1.1 Started the Tips and Strategies section. More Cheats.
Version 1.2 Started most of the sections. Added to FAQ/walkthrough.

1) Legal $#!+:
                        !PLEASE READ!
Ok, I understand that not many people take the time to read this kind of crap, so I'm going to keep this short.
 This FAQ was done purely for the pleasure of writing and to help people out in this challenging game. 
1) This FAQ is provided free of charge. Meaning, selling, renting, or any form of profitable use of this FAQ 
is immoral ans illegal. Yeah, sure, whos gonna find out, right? Well, probably no one. But I am asking kindly.
2) This FAQ is not CopyRight, therefore, any information from this FAQ may be placed freely on your personal 
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All I ask is that you give credit to the creators names.
3) Modification of this FAQ is not permited without notification. If you wish to modify this FAQ, send an E-Mail 
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Thats all for now, but I will be stricter with regulations if any violations are reported. So please, 
follow these rules. 
2) Tips and Startegies:
Before you start any of the missions, play the two training mission to help you learn the basics.
To Rush or not to Rush:
When playing Starcraft, there are certain time to stand ground and certain times to attack.
ATTACKING: When your enemy is weak or there are no troops guarding an area, you should have a small group 
attack the area.
When your enemy is slightly powerful, send a bigger force.
DEFENDING: There are times where the best thing to do is stand your ground. If your enemy is powerful, build a 
strong defence around your base. While your buildind defencive power, make a large offencive force to attack the 
weak spots of your enemy's base.
Progressive ground:
When your enemy loses its forces in an area, or a vacant area is found, start a base in that area.
Buildin a comand center, a Barracks, and some bunkers and missile turretes. This adds to your power over your enemy.
You will need to use diffrent tactics throughout Starcraft to progress.
SURROUNDING: Progressing on the enemys territory, circling their base is a great way of battle. If you know where 
the enemies base is, build in a pattern of defence and offence around their base.
DISTRACTION:  Sending a troup into the enemys area will call attension to enemy forces. While they are chasing your 
troop, your army can move in and attack.
BAIT: By sending a troop into the enemies area, you will call attension to their forces. When you have some of the 
enemies following you, go back to your base. The enemy will run into your forces and will be wiped out.
Presserving your Supply:
Just because you have it, dosnt mean you should use it. If you have mineral and gas you can use, save 
it for a worthy build. By using it to build unneccessary marines or SCV's you are wasting what could be a 
battlecruiser or a wraith. Save it for something good.

More tips soon.
3) Walkthrough:
Terran Campaign I
This is your first real mission in starcraft, and you should do fine. This level should take you no longer than 
five minutes to complete. You will start this mission with five marines and five SCV'
in your command. Order the group to travel along the road. When you reach the end of the road, move due south. 
Soon you will meet Jim Raynor. Continue south to find the base.
Your SCV's should be harvesting minerals at this point, when you get 150 minerals, build a barracks. Then, train 
five marines. NOTE: You may need to make more than 5 marines, depending on how many you lost in combat. 
Mission Complete.
This area is easy and should take no longer than ten minutes. You start in the same place as mission one. 
You may want to build some  additional SCV's to harvest minerals while one builds a supply depot. When you think 
you have enough marines, send them North. Destroy the creep colony and the zerlings near it. Continue North. You 
will reach a base with some bunkers to station marines in. When ready, send your marines East and destroy the 
infested Command Center. General Duke will contact you and start *****in'. Mission Complete. NOTE: You may want to 
keep an SCV in your group with Raynor to repair his vulture on occasion.
Desperate Alliance
This mission is pretty easy and will take 30 minutes to complete. This is a very fun mission IMO. You start on the 
right side of a fortress. Repair the bunker, train four marines and send them to it. Have two scv's on each side of 
the fort to repair the bunkers when zerg attack. The zerg only attack the sides of your fort so that is where you 
should biuld bunkers. Have some missile turretes by your bunkers to take out air units. Continue repairing things 
and traing marines.
Soon, around the last five minutes, a huge swarm will arive. Bunkers should have 1 firebat and 3      marines. The 
firebats have more power, but can only attack ground units. While marines can attack ground or air, but have less power.
Marines should be commanded to attack any air units, and the missile turretes will automatically attack them. 
After all of the air units are destroyed, command your units to attack the zerglings. If there are no available 
units to attack, simply lift your command center. Mission Complete. NOTE: If you send some units to the zergs base, 
the amount of them attacking will drop greatly.
The Jacobs' Installation
This is an easy mission, and shouldnt take any longer than 20 minutes. You start with some marines, a couple of 
firebats, and Raynor. Move up to the door and open it. Go straight until you run into a drone gun. Attack it until 
it blows up. There are two paths that lead to the left and the right. Dont bother with them. Go straight ahead, 
and into the next room. Work your way through the rest of this level until you reach the teleportal. Form there, 
go to the computer room and download the files from the glowing circle on the floor. Mission Complete.
NOTE: I will update the walkthrough for this level when I have more time. However, the level is easy and you should 
do fine without a perfect description of the map.
This level can be from medium-hard, depending on the player and should take around 45 minutes. Take your group south. 
You will meet Lt. Kerrigan. After a breif conversation, head east and take out the marine and the missile turretes. 
Head north and turn left killing anything that gets in your way. When you reach the open area, send your group into
the small area next to the bunker. When your ready, send everyone but kerrigan to the bunkers to attack. 
Cloak Kerrigan and send her south of the bunker. There is a path in the area leading to the main base. 
Kerrigan should use lockdown on the air units and move up to the command center. Now you have controll of the base! 
Start making new troups and SCV's. Research the cloak feild technich and build some wraiths. You will want to expand 
your colony. Build bunkers and missile turretes in every available area. When you have enough  wraiths, send them 
south, and destroy all SCV's. Then destroy the buildings. If the wraiths dont survive, build more, and send a 
dropship with some troups over for clean up duty. Mission Complete.
Norad II
This level is of medium difficulty and should take about 20 minutes.
All you need to do is build up your defense for a while. When you have 2 dropships, put Raynor in one of them and 
send them along the bottom of the screen. When you are directly south of the Norad II, go north. Mission Complete. 
NOTE: The SCVs near the norad 2 can repair the wraiths, and the Norad II.
This level is fairly hard and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1:30.
Imediatly from the start, send your unit to the south west, then lift the building and move them to the same area. 
Build your defence and get a good offence ready. After building MANY good units, expand your area until the enemy 
is small. Then send your offence to destract and destroy while an SCV carries the Psi Emmiter to the glowing circle. 
Mission Complete.

The walkthrough for the  last three levels of Episode one will be updated soon. Hang in there. ;)

Expect the start of the next 5 Episodes by 3/07/01

4) Online Play ( PC version only)
Future feature...   Will be added before 4/01/01

5) 2 Player Play ( N64 version only)
This section will not be completed at this point in time. Wait til 1.3

2-Player mode is best used with a split screen separater such as 
The ArenaTM ( can be purchased at
At this thime we cant add to this section. Sorry!
The arena uses mirrors to give the image of the screen through a place that only one player can see. This way the 
2nd Player cant see your screen. Buy it, or dont even bother.
6) Codes and Cheats:
Complete the final level of Protoss, Episode 3
Give me cash/gas
Episode 5: Terran Play patriots blood
When you get to the second computer beacon in the room with four civilians, use the bottom door to exit. Move to the 
right until the firebats are encountered. Go through the area and locate the Ursadon. Move all your units into the 
cell, when it ask to be hugged, press B.
All Upgrades
Terran 4, the Jacobs' Installation Episode 1
When you start send Raynor up into the hall alone. Turn right after you are attacked by the missile shooter. When the 
civilian beggs you not to kill him, turn back and continue along the usual route. NOTE: You have a short time to get 
to the civilian, so move. Also, use the move button instead of the attack button.
All Research
Episode 6 Zerg The Amerigo
Reach the part where the marines shoot the zerg in the pin.You will see a cage full of animals. Get kerrigan to the 
bottom left of that cage.
Info Mania
Complete the last level of Episode 6.
Mega Build
Episode 6 Zerg 
Play through the first level until you save the second hive. In a corner in that area, is a disc, pick it up.
Fog of war off
Protoss Legacy of the Xel' Naga
When the corsairs fly by, go to the small island and pick up the flag.
Open Tech tree
Prtoss Into the darkness
When the mission begins, go down the hall until you reach the stairs. Turn left until the advisor tells you 
to turn back. Go back a small distance and go back to the spot where the advisors contacted you.

7) Game SharkTmCodes:
NOTE: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.
Action                                                            Code
Low-Res Enable Code:                                              f109ba54 1000
High-Res Enable Code:                                             f109ba90 2400

Infinite Minerals-Episodes I, IV, & VI:                           810b1d48 3b9a   
                                                                  810b1d4a c9ff

Infinite Minerals-Episode II:                                     810b1d50 3b9a
                                                                  810b1d52 c9ff

Infinite Minerals-Episode III                                     810b1d60 3b9a
                                                                  810b1d62 c9ff

Infinite Vespine Gas-Episode I, IV, VI:                           810b1d78 3b9a
                                                                  810b1d7a c9ff

Infinite Vespine Gas-Episode II:                                  810b1d80 3b9a
                                                                  810b1d82 c9ff

Infinite Vespine Gas-Episode III:                                 810b1d90 3b9a
                                                                  810b1d92 c9ff

Every Episode complete:                                           800d13c4 000c
                                                                  800d13c5 000a
                                                                  800d13c6 000a
                                                                  800d13c7 000a
                                                                  800d13c8 000a
                                                                  800d13c9 000a

This section will answer any frequently asked questions.
Q: I bought starcraft for the N64. It works OK but I cant play the brood war missions.
A: You need an N64 expansion pak.

Q:How many total levels are in starcraft?
A: Around 50. 10 in the first episode.

Q:I built a command center. When I use liftoff it rises, but I cant land anywhere.
A: There are some places that you cant land in. You must land on flat land.

Q:I have seige tanks but I cant use seige.
A:You have to upgrade from diffrent buildings.

Q: My battlecruiser cant use Yamato.
A: Same as above.

Q: What is the maximum number of  troops I can use in starcraft?
A: 200. Troops like marines and firebats use only one person. But things like battlecruisers use 8.

Q:How do I access the global build screen?
A: Press R and Z together.(N64)

Q:I use cloak for my Ghost, but I'm still seen when I go to the enemy base.
A: Things like missile turretes can detect cloaked units.

Q: What does the ComSat do?
A: Its a kind of  satellite used to look in on the enemy.

Q: Can I have a Nuke Silo and the ComSat on one Command Center?
A: No. You must build an extra Command Center to have both.

Q: In zerg mission, the Amerigo, I'm at the part where the marines shoot the zerg in the pen. But  I cant get 
into the cage where the creatures are at.
A: There is a switch on the right side of the room used to unlock the cage.

9) Other Info.:
Web Sites:

[email protected] 

If by some chance you wish to contact me or one of my co. for something, send an E-Mail to the address above. 
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10) Credits:
Executive writer: Josh Mullins
Co writers:       Zach Massey
                  Chris Harris
                  Evin Harrison
Gamepro's and informants: Zach Massey
                          Josh Mullins
                          Chris Harris
                          TypO Possitive Name withheld by request.
Proofreader and web-informant:         Robert Johnson

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