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Fallout 76 Coming to Fruition – How to complete

Fallout 76 has many epic quests, and most of the best ones are connected with the game’s many Factions.  Doing the quests for these Factions can be very rewarding. Fallout‘s famous Brotherhood of Steel Faction is one of the best, and if you want to join them, you’ll need to complete the Fallout 76 Coming to Fruition quest.

This mission is the middle part of the Brotherhood of Steel Faction quest line in Fallout 76, so you’ll need to do it at some point. But where do you get the quest, and how do you complete each stage? Where do you take the Master Holotape each time? We’ve got the answers below.

How to Get the Fallout 76 Coming to Fruition Quest


In order to start the Fallout 76 Coming to Fruition quest, you’ll first need to complete the previous quest: Reassembly Required. This can be started at the Free States Bunker, otherwise known as Abbie’s Bunker, which is right in the very north-east corner of the Fallout 76 map. You’ll probably be sent there by Rose from the Raider Faction, as part of The Missing Link quest line. After that, Abbie will get you to do a number of objectives, then you’ll go to Rose at Top of the World to turn the first quest in. Rose will send you back to Abbie’s Bunker, at which point when you arrive Reassembly Required will be completed and Coming to Fruition will begin.

Take the Master Holotape to Raleigh’s terminal

Fallout 76 Raleigh's Terminal

First you’ll need to listen to Abbie’s instructions at the bunker. Grab the Master Holotape from the desk in the main roon, as she instructs you. This holotape will be the focus of most of the objectives in this quest, so don’t drop it in your coffee or anything like that. Your first objective is uploading the Master Holotape to Raleigh’s terminal in the Armory, which unfortunately is located far to the south of Abbie’s Bunker a little south of Harper’s Ferry. It’ll be marked on your map at the point above.

You’ll need to deal with Scorched to get there, but once you do you’ll find a security terminal outside called the Armory Access Control terminal. Upload the Master Holotape to it, and you’ll gain access. Head to the building on the right and hack the terminal to get through the locked door, just watch out for turrets around the place. The middle building has tripwires connected to flamethrowers, so either watch out for them or sneak up to them and disarm them. Drop down when you reach the gap, advance forward to the final building, and watch out for more turrets.

You’ll eventually find another locked door and a terminal to hack. Do so, and you’ll find Raleigh’s terminal at last. Upload the Master Holotape, then choose “Initiate Program File Scan.” Abbie will give you your next objective.

Hack Sam’s terminal and Where to Go

Fallout 76 Charleston Building

The next objective is Senator Sam Blackwell’s terminal, which is located in the Charleston Capitol Building, that rather conspicuous building in the center of Charleston. It’s basically in the middle of the Fallout 76 map, and it’ll be marked with your next objective. Head inside, and you’ll have to battle with loads of Scorched, but they should be low-level. You’ll need to head to the top floor of the building, where you’ll easily find Sam’s terminal. Upload the Master Holotape… but that was clearly too easy, because it’ll fail due to a security lockout. Sigh.

Instead, you’ll now have to head to the very bottom floor of the Charleston Capitol Building, then just east of the main hall until you’re next to the kitchen. The security room is here, so head inside and look carefully for the Security Terminal. Once you’re in, select Accounts, then Account Lockdowns, then Samuel Blackwell, then Unlock. Now Senator Sam Blackwell’s terminal should be ready for you, so head all the way back to his office on the top floor and upload the Master Holotape once again. You’ll again need to select “Initiate Program File Scan,” then you’ll be done. Now listen to Abbie give you your instructions, as well as the location of the final terminal in the Coming to Fruition quest.

Load the Master Holotape in the Relay Tower and Complete Coming to Fruition

Fallout 76 Relay Tower

Your next objective is to head to any Relay Tower and upload the information for Abbie. As luck would have it, there’s one of these towers really close to the Charleston Capitol Building. It’s called Relay Tower HG-B7-09, and it’s located west and a little south of Charleston, or directly west of the Charleston Fire Department, which you’ll have visited if you’ve done the Fire Breathers Faction quest. As you can see on the map above you really won’t have far to walk at all.

Head to the Relay Tower, and clear out the various enemies surrounding it. You’ll need to find the Emergency Management System Relay terminal somewhere inside the Relay Tower, then just go ahead and upload the Master Holotape and select “Initiate Program File Scan” once again. It should all go smoothly, this time at least. Unfortunately now you’ll need to head all the way back to Abbie’s Bunker, at almost the exact opposite end of the map, so we hope you’ve saved those bottle caps for fast travel. Access Abbie’s terminal and select “Reboot the System” to complete the Fallout 76 Coming to Fruition quest, which will automatically unlock the next part of the Brotherhood of Steel Faction questline, “Defiance Has Fallen.”