Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Free States Bunker – Where Is It?

Fallout 76 has many weird and wonderful locations to find and explore, and some are easier to discover than others. One location, the Free States Bunker, is needed to complete “The Missing Link” questline in the game, which you’ll need to join the Free States faction. But where is the Fallout 76 Free States Bunker? Why is it so difficult to find? And why do you need to visit in the first place?

Where is the Fallout 76 Free States Bunker?

Fallout 76 Free States Bunker

The Fallout 76 Free States Bunker is located in the far north of The Mire region of Appalachia (that’s the dark grey region on the very east side of the map). You can see it on the map above, north of Thunder Mountain Nuclear Power Plant and another Free States bunker, Ella Ames’ Bunker. This is part of the reason why finding the specific “Free States Bunker” is so tricky, because there are actually three bunkers in The Mire that belong to the Free States. The one needed for The Missing Link mission, however, is Abbie’s Bunker, which is the one farthest north.

Why Do You Need to Go to the Fallout 76 Free States Bunker?

As mentioned, you need to go to Abbie’s Bunker to complete The Missing Link mission for Rose, who’ll also give you the Key to the Past quest line. You’re looking to fix a Scorched Detector Uplink, which Rose eventually helped you to find, but was damaged. You’re directed to “the Free States Bunker” in order to fix it. You’ll have to hack the access terminal in order to open the front door, but don’t worry if you don’t have the Hacking Perk, as it’s a level 0 terminal which can be hacked by anyone. Once inside a recording will begin to speak to you, and you’ll be told you’ve completed the mission. This will conclude The Missing Link questline.