Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer FAQ

Star Wars: Episode I: Racer

Author: FAQ64 Productions
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 1.5 

Table of wonderful contents:

I    Introduction
II   Story
III  Basics
     i.  Controls
IV   Pods
V    Tracks/ Detailed descriptions
VI   Tips
     i.   Wattos Shop/ The JunkYard
     ii.  Using turbo boost/ repairing your vehicle
     iii. Nintendo's Tips for success
VII  Codes/ Gameshark info
VIII Disclaimer
IX   etc./ Upcoming projects
July 5, 1999 - Changed the top title thingy so it isnt hard to read. Tryed to 
add some ACSII art but mine stunk so i gotta wait for my friend to make it for 
me. Added the ALL CODES code to the code section from Did 
some revising on the Pods sections. (i was too harsh in ratings) Also added a 
few things to Section IX. Also, dont expect anything new until 7/25. I am going 
on vacation for longer then i thought. Until next time... 


  Welcome to FAQ64 productions first project. This is my first awesome 
FAQ/walkthrough guide of many more to come. I decided to start making FAQs 
because i was inspired by marshmallow. Well, i thought it would be really cool 
if i made some too. So i started looking through other FAQs & walkthroughs & 
found that their was very little episode I: racer guides. So i decided i should 
help the gaming soceity by making an enhanced super guide. Well ever since i 
bought racer... i thought the game was awesome. I strived to come in first place 
in every level. Although this game lacks in music & Pre-track videos, it is 
still good enough to carry the name Star Wars in the title. So, live life in the 
fast lane & start gaming! 
**Warning** Please dont play this game without the N64 Expansion Pak. It looks 
so much better with it. Also, the rumble pak is a nice add on too!


Taken straight from the instruction booklet that came with the game:

Anakin Skywalker is no ordianry 9-year-old boy. And now, he must face the 
ultimate test of his young life - A podracer challenge. It's a test of courage, 
fast reflexes, & quick thinking, as the opponents maneuver their 9 meter long 
(30 foot long) Podracers at speeds over 600 mph - flying just a few feet above 
the ground. Keeping a firm grip on the "reis," Anakin must fight to control the 
Podracer's screaming jet engines, while keeping an eye out for hazards & 
obstacles - and the dirty tricks of his fellow racers. For Anakin and his 
opponents, winning the race - at all costs - is all that matters. 
That's your goal when you play Star Wars: Episode I: Racer. Based on one of the 
most memorable scenes from Star Wars: Episode I: The phantom Menace, it's the 
game that puts you behind the engines of 23 diffrent podracers. You'll choose 
from over 25 unique courses on eight diffrent worlds, each with its own natural 
& unnatural obstacles for you to overcome. You can even buy new or used parts to 
give your Podracer a performance boost. 
But, ultimately, it will be your skill & daring that will put you in the 
winner's circle in the Star Wars race of your life!

All credit for this story is given to Nintendo of America, INC. 


The basics of this game are pretty gosh darn simple. The main goal: come in 
first place. You pick your pod, (statistics shown when each pod is highlighted 
in the game) race & beat your opponents, & unlock tracks & pods. You are the 
driver of the pod! You accelerate, steer, & you can also turbo boost. So, unless 
your a monkey from canadian wilderness, you can pretty much play this game. 
(dont e-mail me saying what if you are a cow.. can you still beat the game?) 

Here are some hazards you may face on a track:
Other podracers         Falling Meteorites
Lava Pits               Jumps
Doors                   Ice Formations
Rocks                   A few sneaky suprises
i. Controls

Start button: As in many other N64 games, this button pauses/brings up the menu 
while racing. It neat-o for those times when your neck & neck for first 2 miles 
from the finish line then all of a sudden that extra water bottle you drank 
today kicks in & you have to pee like a race horse. Either hold it in till it 
bursts or use this great invention! 

Analog Stick: Same use as in every other game, steering, moving, selecting 
option... etc.

Z button: This supposedly skids/slides the podracer for better turns on those 
sharp turns. I, personally never felt anyeffect. (i just crash anyway)

L button: This button should be used while racing to toggle the Map, Progress 
bar, & Perimeter Progress Loop. (i never ever use this) 

R button: When your to engine cells look any color other then green, hold this 
button down to repair them. While repairing, your podracer will slow down 
dramtically so make sure you have a big lead before using.

A button: Selects/ Accelerates

B button: Air Brakes... Not very good with early racers unless upgraded. (pretty 

C buttons:
   1) Cup: This button allows you to toggle with the 4 view allowed from the 
podracer. The Behind the racer view, On top of engines view, front view, & the 
above & behind racer view.
   2) Cdown: Hold this button for rear view. Dont hold down for long... keeping 
your eyes off the track is bad. 
   3) Cleft: Rolls the racer onto its left side.
   4) Cright: Rolls the racer onto its right side.


In this game you have a selection of 23 racers. (not including hidden)
Now here is a nice review of all the drivers & their racers. 
Drivers are rated like this:
* Worst
***** Best  (get it?)

And now introducing our racers:

Anakin Skywalker - ****
I think i can safely say that this kid has the 2nd best racer in the game. Boy, 
this thing is one of the starting racers, of all the starting racers, this one 
is by far the fastest. It has above average acceleration, very good handling, & 
great turning response. 

Ebe Endocott - ***
Out of the starting racers that you can choose from, this one is second to none. 
It isnt the fastest thing in the galaxy but it can sure handle those turns! 

Dud Bolt - ***
The great acceleration on this baby make up for the poor steering. Steering is a 
must for Pods!

Gasgano - **
The turn response on this thing really sucks. Its the worst ive seen. But it has 
mediocre accleration. Not very good for starting out.

Elan Mak - ***
The big ass pod has great acceleration but lacks in all other areas.

"Bullseye" Navior - **** (update: 1 star added)
It has been brought to my attention by an e-mail that my ratings were very 
creul. I thought he should get an extra star. Thank you Mullins.
Bad acceleration, good everything else. Also, its a little too sensitive to my 
liking. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit     Lap Time         Race Time
Sunken City    Semi-pro    01:52:620        05:43:101

Toy Dampner - ****
Not that slow acceleration & pretty good handling. Nice & easy to handle. I dont 
happen to crash that much in this baby. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Executioner    Galactic     0:31:540         04:42:310

Slide Paramita - ***
This slow podracer has semi nice handling & pretty good turn response. May be to 
sensitive resulting in a lot of crahses. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
AP Centrum     Invitational 0:58:410         03:03:260

Ben Quadinaros - ****
Very fast... little bit hot, nice steering & handling for an over all good pod. 
**Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Inferno        Invitational 0:59:549         03:04:160

Fud Sang - ***
A nice, but average pod. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Vengeance      Amateur      01:16:880        03:51:921

Ody Mandrell - ****
More then average racer with great acceleration. For Amateur players.

Boles Roor - ***
An average pod that is pretty large in size. Not a very good recomendation. **Un 
lockable racer**
Track           Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Zugga Challenge Semi-Pro     02:01:261        06:10:897

Bozzie Baranta - **
Small in size but only delivers average acceleration, kinda good handling. Turns 
out to be one of the worst in the game. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Abyss          Invitational 01:02:639        03:12:934

Neva Kee - *
Slowest of all the podracers. Its a discrace to the podracing industry. Shame 
Shame Shame. In my opinion, its the worst pod. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Baroo Coast    Semi-Pro     01:38:300        04:59:640

Clegg Holdfast - **
Most pathetic of them all, second to worst! eww. I would pick just to crash it 
to teach it a lesson for being so sucky! yuck! **Un lockable racer**
Track             Circuit   Lap Time         Race Time Aquilaris Classic Amateur   
01:04:700        03:16:926

Mars Guo - ***
Biggest racer of them all. Great handling & steering with some mediocre speed. 
**Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Spice Mine Run Amateur      01:29:470        04:30:880

Wan Sandage - **
Just ok steering & handling, & a pretty slow top speed. Definately not one to 
look foward to unlocking. **Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Scrapper's run Semi-Pro     00:44:904        02:23:978

Ark "Bumpy" Roose - *
Big pod with below average speed, acceleration, steering, & handling. **Un 
lockable racer**
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Bumpys BreakersSemi-Pro     02:09:358        06:47:380

Mawhonic - ****
Very large & durable. Keeping size in mind, amazingly this is one of the faster 
in the "pod pack." Good steering is included in the itinerary. **Un lockable 
Track          Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Andobi Mtn. RunGalactic     01:39:309        05:05:648

Aldar Beedo - ****
Large pod racer with really fast speeds. Also a nice set of steering is 
included. **Un lockable racer**
Track           Circuit      Lap Time         Race Time
Beedos Wild RideAmateur      01:02:986        03:16:697

Ratts Tyerell - ***
Top accelerating pod. That kinda makes up for the rest of the poorly made pod. 
**Un lockable racer**
Track          Circuit       Lap Time         Race Time
Howler Gorge   Semi-Pro      01:31:370        04:48:510

Sebulba - *****
The best of them all! He is also that hardest to get. A huge pod that can go 
faster then all others with well above average handeling, steering, & 
acceleration. #1. Also this pod has a unique feature. Tap the R button twice for 
a slippery suprise! **Un lockable racer**
Track              Circuit    Lap Time   Race Time
The Boonta Classic Galactic   02:04:210  06:20:012

And last but absolutely not least...
Teemto Pagalies - ***
All around averge pod with below average speeds & acceleration.

**-=Please note i was very harsh when rating these... most of the 3 star pods 
may deserve the extra star to become a 4 star pod. These are my personal 
opinions! Dont e-mail me telling me that this racer can do this & that racer can 
do that. Please.=-**
Tracks/Detailed Descriptions

Here you will find information on the diffrent worlds & tracks you will be 
racing on. I was going to rate these but i decided to put it another way because 
of consistency in the ratings. (*) easiest (*****)hardest
Amateur: *
Semi-Pro: **-***
Invitaional: ****-*****

===Amateur PodRacing Circuit===
Race 1: The Boonta Training Course
Well, moutainy (making that word up :)) & very dirty with a bunch of rock that 
will cause sufficant damage to your pod. Be careful on the last stretch!

   Tips: Try using your booster the entire race except inside of the mountain 
(canyon) where their may be a lot of turns. Make sure none of your engine cells 
overheat which would not be a good think. Overall, this is the easiest track. I 
though Sebulba was undefeated, but he really stinks in this race! 

Race 2: Mon Gazza Speedway
A very short track, with big barriers in the middle at some point. 

   Tips: Well, as long as your good on the steering, keep up a nice speed, you 
will definatly stay in first & maybe pass the 12 & 11th place racers. Take 
advantage of its length to use you boosters. Lay off the boosters on the twisty 
turny parts, though. 

Race 3: Beedo's Wild Ride
A snow covered track with some slippery ice!

   Tips: Ok, at the very beginning, give your pod a big boost! Then when you 
enter tunnels be careful of ice. At one point you will enter a bridge. Be 
careful not to fly over the railing. If you do you will crash to your death & 
probably fall back a few spots. At the ending part where their are a lot of 
flags keep your speed up high. Very high. Not many dangers here.

Race 4: Aquilaris Classic
Its a hard to explain planet. It has a bunch of gizmos here & also some 
underwater tunnels. (say hi JAR JAR)

   Tips: OK, this level can get kinda difficult, if you underestimate the timing 
of those doors, you will fall back a lot of stops. If you happen to be going at 
a high speed you will crash & blow saving time but you still may lose some 
ranking. Also, their is this one part where the track splits... my suggestion is 
to go to the left. It seems to be the fastest. When you see a ramp, fly over it 
top speed while holding back on the analog stick to minimize damage.

Race 5: Malastare 100
This planet has serious gas. (too much beans perhaps?) Anyway, just look for 
lights to take you in the right direction.

   Tips: In one part of this race you will have to jump over a large gap. Be 
careful! Start gaining booster ability in the cave before the gap & as soon as 
you make the last turn before the gap, let loose the boosters for a spectacular 
& successful jump across. Alive. Still in first. Or if your not good with 
boosters... go as fast as you can & hold back on the analog stick for more 
distance. This works 98% of the time.

Race 6: Vengeance
Twisty & turny & quite a few tunnels. 

   Tips: Try not to hit railings that much over the bridges & wacth out for the 
entrance door that keeps turning. While in tunnels, Move quickly & take 
advantage of the boosters, but watch out for the rocks & Purple laser beam in 
between two tunnels. 

Race 7: Spice Mine Run
Pretty much a red planet with mining machinery scattered around. 

   Tips: At one point the track will go in 3 diffrent directions. I suggest you 
take the middle for easier boosting capibilities. Also, in the kinda rooms where 
you kinda here people talking, use those for boosting. (i know, i know, i didnt 
explain that good... shoot me) Also, in the part of the track with the blue 
lasers above, be careful on the turns. Possibilities of getting stuck or blowing 
(if you get 1st place in them all, you will get the 1st level of invitaional 
circuit open for your use... i cant do that cause i stink, so i wont be listing 
them until someone e-mails me & tells me how to do it @ 
[email protected])

===Semi-Pro PodRacing Circuit===
Race 1: Sunken City
Same as Aquilaris Classic except for the few diffrent forks & stuff. Underwater 
tunnels, etc.

   Tips: Well, this track can get confusing & you may get lost... but i suggest 
just follow the green map on the right-center portion of your screen. This track 
put me through heck trying to beat it. It has those Double door things just like 
the old track. Moma Miya! (im not italian, as you can probably tell) Also, their 
is a ramp that leads to above a track inside a tunnel. It doesnt save time but 
what you can do is go up halfway the fly right off to gain a few seconds & maybe 
a lead. Turbo at the end & watch out for that seperater near the end where you 
must make a sharp turn.

Race 2: Howler Gorge
Even more confusing then sunken city! Too many track for this kid. 

   Tips: One part has you going up a hill just to be flying right back down 
(near some buddah statue). Take advantage for this by boosting up the hill & 
holding back on the analog stick. May help. I just barely beat this level (came 
in 4th) so i really cant help except saying, "Be cool, Stay in School."

Race 3: Dug Derby
Same as Malastare 100... gas coming out of its, umm, well, yeah... ok. whatever.

   Tips: Keep looking for lights to show you the right path. Also, it isnt a 
good idea to die. Once you die, your dead. (as in not winning the race.) Dont 
mistake solid walls for entrances to a tunnel. Also, boost your self near the 
finish line.

Race 4: Scrapper's Run
Like the name right? You know you love it... anyway. A pretty ugly planet up in 
the sky.

   Tips: The other racers in this game are pretty much always up your ass. So, 
get a good start & boost away the beginning of the track. Try going as fast as 
you can. This track is too boring for me. Must stop playing. AhhHHhh. Anyway, 
didnt your mom ever tell you not to read a crazy person's SW:Racer walkthrough?

Race 5: Zugga Challenge
Man Gazza SpeedWay revamped, & getting complicated. 

   Tips: Things in this level try to kill you. It's Qui Gon Jinn possessing 
stuff in this game. He's back, with a vengeance, & wants to kill everyone 
opposing anakin. (I really think he let Darth Maul kill him, who wouldnt after 
meeting JAR JAR BINKS) Well, after these crusher things. Boost pass the arrows. 
At the very last tunnel do your boosting again. 

Race 6: Baroo Coast
Speed through a nice beach. Also, slow down to admire the buildings. 

   Tips: Man, i just seen a Racer FAQ by marshmallow... boy, its not even 
finished & it still blows my out of the water... hey, dont leave! come on, its 
not that bad! crap. Anyway, Back to winning the race. Well, speed across the 
beach & boost whenever possible to put distance between you & the opponents.

Race 7: Bumpy's Breakers
Getting a little harder? Looks like Race 1 of the Semi-Pro Circuit. These 
replica tracks are getting annoying.(or is that just me?)

   Tips: Well, i didnt do good with this one. I barely came in third the 12th 
time i tryed it. Damn turns! Well start your boost at the beginning of the race 
& at the beginning of the next two laps. You may have to lose a few times before 
getting the hang of it & winning. Unless you are like a cool kid, you probably 
will have to settle for 2nd or 3rd place.
(once again, of you come in first in all the tracks in the Semi-Pro circuit you 
will open up the second track in the Invitational circuit, which i cant do so it 
wont be posted her unless someone e-mails me something to throw in @ 
[email protected])

===Galactic PodRacing Circuit=== (almost done!)
Race 1: Executioner
1 word: Long

   Tips: All side paths are the same length so i dont think their are any 
shortcuts... but its a must to take major advantage of boosting in the tunnels. 
This level is long so get a snack for a pausing break. 

Race 2: Sebulba's Legacy (this faq is a peice of crap)
Malastare 100... again..........yup. So much gas! I can drive to calofornia on 
that much gas! (get it? do you get the corny joke? heh)

   Tips: On the first two forks in this game, take the right path. Not the wrong 
path or the left path... take the right path. Try using the boost as much as 
possibe except for one area at the end where their is no railing where you can 
fall down to a lower level which isnt to good. Use lights for direction... 
again, & boost over gas... again.

Race 3: Grabvine Gateway
A cool track with some kind of swamp/marsh, a forest & some sort of desert.

   Tips: I really really had the hardest time with this level that i actually 
gave up on the walkthrough for a few days. I finally memorized everything. The 
thing you gotta remember are the turns. Also, their is this bridge at the end 
with a hole. (dont go in hole!) Brakes can be a handy dandy tool in this one!

Race 4: Andobi Mtn. Run
Icy Mint flavor. Lets go Skinny Dipping here in February! (Total Shrinkage!)

   Tips: Really hard level. Try choosing paths that are really straight, but for 
once, i would advise against using boosters to much. Be careful not to slam into 
walls on the slippery parts.

Race 5: Dethro's Revenge
Well, for starters, high up.

   Tips: Try using a lot of boosting & get a good lead ahead of time. Dont be no 
stranger to using the wonderful power of breaks. Especially on narrow turns.

Race 6: I cannot help you on this level... it was a total disaster. I couldnt 
beat it if my life depended on it. I am sorry to have failed you all. So, i did 
the next best think, whiped out my Gameshark & used the start on lap 3 code. I 
won! So, thats one way of beating this level... i feel pathetic.

Race 7: The Boonta Classic
Wow, we made it! I helped you get this far! (dont include the invitational 
circuit which i cant get to... please e-mail me & tell me how to beat this 
circuit & i will add it to this page & credit you.) Well, in this race, you can 
win Sebulba's Pod. You can do it man.

   Tips: Well, this is it. You will want to try to get the early lead. Dont 
expect to do this... its hard. One good tip to always follow is not to challenge 
Sebulba head on. He will crush. Try passing him on the right. It seems easier. 
If possible, try slaming racers into him. (i.e slam into a racer making it 
swerve into him) This is a good tatic to slow him down. Dont ever slam into him 
yourself, you dont stand a very good chance. Believe it or not, after a few trys 
i came in first :) Thank you... no applause needed! So, in this race... just 
worry about Sebulba. 

Their you have it! You just completed the three main circuits. Check back soon 
for the invitational. I cant do it myself so Im asking somebody to finish that 
so i can add it & give that person full credit. Greatly appreciated. Thanks. 
WooHoo you won. Try out your new pod & its capibilities. Have fun!


This section will help you out a little bit when you feel like giving your old 
pod a little revamp! Many of the items in Wattos shop cost a lot of money, 
theirfore making you have to come in first place a few times before having 
enough to buy what you need. If you are in desperate need for these parts think 
about using the used & sometimes unreliable parts in the Junkyard. They may not 
be as good but they are a hell of a lot cheaper... Woo Hoo! Also we will discuss 
the fine art of repairing your power cells. YEY!
Watto's Shop/The Junkyard
When you feel that your pod racer is new & advanced just like a lightsaber 
compared to a double light staff, you should come to one of these places... If 
you come in first a lot & you are making a ton of money, pick watto's shop for 
reliable brand name products. But, if you are a loser & you make very little 
money, try the junkyard... or what i like to call it, the slavation army. 
Anyway... Here is the pricelist of stuff in Watto's shop.
(just to name a few)
Item                 Wattos Price           
Dual Power Cell      $300         
Stack 3 radiator     $100
Mark 3 airbrake      $1400 
Plug3 thrust coil    $2400
44 PCX Injector      $2200
Control Shift Plate  $400
R-8D Repulsporgrip   $400         

Now on to another thing. When you select an item, the feild of pod racing that 
it will improve will light up. (i.e if you select air brakes, the air brakes 
colunm will light up.) If their is a green streak after the original streak that 
means this item will help your racer out. The bigger the green streak, the 
better the buy. If their is a red streak, dont even bother buying it, it will 
decrease the importance of that area.
Using turbo boost/repairing your vehicle

Turbo boost is a very important item in this game. When rolling down that final 
streach & you're in second place, just boost into first to win the race. Its 
also very helpful for gaining a lead in the beginning of a race or jumping long 
gaps. Use this power wisely because it can overheat your engines, causing them 
to burst into fire, which takes a lot of time to repair & may affect your 
gameplay. Also, if you are going to fast you are prone to easy crashing. Watch 

How to use the boost:
When you are sure you wont crash at high speeds, push foward on the analog stick 
while still holding A. When the speedometer on the bottom right of your screen 
goes rapid green streaks then turns yellow, tap the A button again. (let go of 
the a button then repush, quickly, not like a turtle. Your instuction booklet 
can give a much better description of this.)

Repairing your vehicle while in the race is a neccesity & can greatly increase 
your performance. If you power cell status screen (bottom left of your screen) 
shows anything but green... hold down the R button for a quick repair. If your 
cells are on fire or are damaged pretty bad... make sure you have a sturdy lead 
before repairing because your pod will slow down to about 250mph while 
repairing. Many pods can pass you if your not careful.

Also, it is a really good idea to have pit droids for after the race. I usually 
have six by the end of the game. You can buy quality pit droids at Watto's shop.
Nintendo's Tips for success (from the instruction book)
1) Experiment with each podracer to get a feel for the one that best fits your 
playing style.
2) Try to stay in the middle of the track and on the road. The road has less 
friction, so you'll be able to pick up speed if you stay on it.
3) Press the Z button while you're turning. This will skid your Podracer, and 
make it easier to maneuver around obstacles.
4) When going over a jump, pull your control stick back for a longer jump, and 
push if foward for a faster jump.
5) To fit through tight spots, flip your Podracer on it's right or left side by 
pushing Cright or Cleft.
6) Don't be afraid to let go of the accelerator (A button) at certain times 
during the race. Even though you'll slow down, it may help you steer better. 
7) Keep a light touch on your control stick when steering. It responds to even 
the slightest movements, so avoid the temptation to pull it all the way left or 
8) Hold foward on the Control stick when you want a higher top speed. Pull back 
on the control stick when you want tighter turns.
9) Try to get a turbo start at the beginning of the race.
10) Use the boosters wisely. It can make up for lost time, but an engine fire 
will cost you more!
Codes & Gameshark Info.

Here are some codes which may prove difficult to enter:

Choose tournament Mode. Select an empty name slow, hold z the whole time while 
entering the following codes. Press L to enter each letter. When finished select 
"END" and press L followed by A.

All Cheats enabled: (new as of 7/5/99)
First, enter RRTANGENT. Select 'End' and press L followed by B (instead of A). 
Now choose the same player file again, and this time enter ABACUS. Now select 
'End' and press L followed by A, like you do with the other codes. To activate, 
start a game, then pause and press Up, Left, Down, Right. All the cheats should 
be enabled! 

Invincibility & debug:
Enter RRJABBA. To activate, start a game, then pause & press Left, Down, Right, 

Mirror Mode:
Enter RRTHEBEAST. To activate, start a game, then pause & press Left, Down, 
Right, Up.

Extra Pilot Jinne Reeso:
First unlock Mars Guo (see section IV). Then Enter RRJINNRE. You'll replace Mars 
with Jinne.

Extra Pilot Cy Yunga:
First unlock Bullseye Navior (see section IV). Then enter RRCYYUN. You'll 
replace Bullseye eith Cy.

Dual Controller Mode:
Enter RRDUAL. Controllers 1 & 3 are used to controll each pod racer engine. Use 
the analog sticks for acceleration & steering.

Get 6 Pitdroids: 
Enter RRPITDROID. At Watto's shop, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Up.

Hold Z & press A to begin a race. You'll see a breif sequence in which your 
racer & a rival trash talk each other in a hanger. During the race, press R 
twice for more taunts.

Turbo Start:
At the start of a race, press A right after the "1" disappears.
Gameshark Codes:
**Warning: You must have Gameshark 2.2 or higher and the game must be running in 
LOW resolution mode for these codes to work.

Have all tracks:               81113e68ffff
All tracks finished in 1st:    81113e6c3fff
Have all characters:           81113e74007d
Start on Lap 3                 8111900a0002
(always win) P1 
Infinite Trugets               81113e7a7d00

Disclaimer & other legal stuff.

90% of this FAQ was written totally by me except for the story line which was in 
the Instruction Book. Total Credit for that goes to Nintendo of America, INC. 
Also, Section VII is our codes section which were taken from the wonderful 
readers of Game Revolution Online Magizine. All credit for that totally goes to 
Everything else is totally my work. 

Credits go to:
Nintendo of America, INC. 
Lucas Arts Ltd.: Publisher publisher of the awesome codes in the walkthrough

You may put this on your site for public/private viewing only under these 
 1) Total credit is given to me
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Upcoming Projects: (release dates are subject to change)
July 10~ Mission Impossibe FAQ **Update: Due to the extended vacation i am 
taking, you will now have to wait until atleast 7/25 for any updates or new 
FAQS. But, maybe, just maybe, i will have a FAQ out on Mission:Impossible before 
i leave on the 9th. Stay tuned. 
September 22, 99~ Ultimate StarCraft64 guide(planning ahead :))

More to come. Boy, how did you like my first FAQ? e-mail me & tell me what you 
think. I know mission impossible is old but i wanna make the faq. All new games 
will be rented by me & faqed. Well, the robot needs sleep. Until i am needed to 
save the gaming society once again... this is jason gomer, signing off.

-=peace out=-

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