WCW/NWO: Revenge N64 Cheats

WCW/NWO: Revenge


Access TV Title mode:

Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Access World Heavyweight mode:

Win the U.S. Heavyweight belt.

To play as…

Curt Henning:

Win all nine U.S. Heavyweight competition rounds.


Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Win the World Heavyweight Belt.


Win the TV title.


To play as Mortis go to Kanyon and press C-right.

Meng and Barbarian:

Win the Tag Team belts.

Do Your Opponent’s Special Move:

To execute one of your opponent’s moves, get your opponent in a strong grapple

(hold down A) when your Spirit Meter is flashing ‘SPECIAL’, and press A + B


Do Your Opponent’s Ground Hold:

Press A+B while you have a special at the head or feet of you fallen opponent.

Play as Managers:

To play as managers (or Nitro Girls) select a One on One Exhibition match. Then

pick a wrestler that has a manager. When play begins press the Z button on the

3rd and 4th controllers to take control of the manager.

Wrestler Manager
Hollywood Hogan Eric Bischoff
Scott Hall          Dusty Rhodes
Brian Adams        Vincent
Scott Norton          Vincent
Scott Steiner        Vincent
Eric Bischoff          Elizabeth
Macho Man              Elizabeth
Curt Hennig        Rick Rude
DDP                Kimberly
Yugi Nagata            Onoo
Barbarian           Jimmy Hart
Meng                 Jimmy Hart

Get Weapon:

While playing any match go out of the ring, move all the way to where the crowd

is and press C-Up.

Grand Entrance:

To see Sting come down from the ceiling, go to battle royal, pick any number

above 4 wrestlers (the higher the number, the better the chances), and pick

anyone but Sting. Then, when you get someone out of the ring, and Sting enters,

he will come down from the ceiling.

Make Your Opponent Run Out of the Entrance:

Pick Monday Nitro or Super Brawl (or something like that), then you whip your

opponent in that dark area and he’ll come back running into the ring!! Note:

They’ll sometimes come out with a weapon too.

Arena Trick:

When fighting in the entrance way throw your opponent into the black door at

the very end. He will dissapear for several seconds and then will come running

out like he just hit the ropes. This can be done in the Nitro Arena and the

Super Brawl.

THQ Man:

Highlight AKI man and press C-Down.

Different Outfits During the Intro:

To change the introduction, modify the outfits of any characters then watch

the introduction again. The wrestlers will be using the costumes you designed.

Use Opponent’s Taunt:

To taunt your opponent, move the analog stick around counter-clockwise while

facing them.

The Sledgehammer:

Play as Dake Ken and grab a weapon from the crowd. It should be a sledgehammer.

He’s the only one in the game who can get it.

Let Computer Play For You:

If you are having a little trouble in a match hit Z. The computer will take

over for as long as you want. When you don’t want the computer to fight anymore

press Z again.

Get Out of Pins/Submissions:

When an opponent pins you, all you have to do is move the analog joystick around.

Same goes with a submission. This works no matter how beat up you are.

Play Dead:

When you get knocked down, hold the analog stick down and you will stay on the

mat until you let go. Good for surprising opponents.

Silver Belts:

During the intro, press the A button when Hogan, Bischoff, and the Giant are

speaking. Now go to the Championship mode and the belts will change from gold

to silver.

NWO Belt:

Win the World Heavyweight Title with Hogan or Bischoff to make the belt say


GameShark Codes

Infinite Time800faf870000

Extra Characters8107f07c3f03

Maximum Spirit P1800f9d2500ff

No Spirit P1800f9d250000

Maximum Spirit P2800fa0d500ff

No Spirit P2800fa0d50000

Maximum Spirit P3800fa48500ff
No Spirit P3800fa4850000
Maximum Spirit P4800fa83500ff
No Spirit P4800fa8350000

Infinite Time Out Of Ring800face80014
Always Special P1800f9d350008

Always Special P2800fa0e50008

Always Special P3800fa4950008

Always Special P4800fa8450008

Note: The following code is NOT authorized by Interact. Use at your own risk.

Play as Wrath8107F07C FFFF 


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