Dungeon Siege PC Cheats

Dungeon Siege


During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following. To turn off a code,

replace the + with a -.


+chunkeyAlways chunky 

+superchunkyChunk factor 

+versionShow version number 

+resizelablesBigger labels

+drdeathMax stats 

+shootallClicks not required 

+loefervisionNo fog 

+xrayvisionNo textures 

+minjookyVery small character 

+maxjookyVery big character 

+checksinthemail9999999 gold 

+sniper Bow range = 100 meters

+movie  Record a movie 

+mouse Enable mouse 

+rings Enable selection rings 

+potionaholicGives 3 super health and mana potions 

+faetehbadgarGives full set of newbie gear 

+sixdemonbagGives 6 high level summon spells

-guiTakes away entire graphic user interface.

Thanks to Revolution readers Xcape and ED!