Giants: Citizen Kabuto PC Cheats

Giants: Citizen Kabuto


Cheat Mode:

During gameplay type T or Y. Now type in one of the following.

Cheat                 Result
allmissionsaregoodtogo     Mission select
basepopulate        Max number of Smarties
itsmyparty          Party house
basegoveryfast      Build faster
basefillerup        Heal base
fr                  Framerate
pleasehealme        Quick heal
mapshowitall        Full map      
gimmegifts          Gift shop
ineedspells         Full Mana


Put ‘Em To Work:

When your building and managing resources (Smarties & Vimp meat) as

a Meccryn, order your buddies to "Regroup" and walk through a

group of Smarties. If your guys are postioned correctly each one will pick

up a Smartie. Now you can carry 5 times as many Samarties as before.

Take Charge:

Hold down Ctrl, point your cursor at a location or a group of enemies and

press Right-Click w/ the mouse to have your guys attack that location or

press Left-Click if you want them to defend that location.

Must Be Pretty Cold:

To play as the Delphi Reaper, the way the developers intended (no bra!),

simply remove the “arpfix.gzp” file from the "Bin" folder.

Note: I wouldn’t delete it. Just move it to your desktop or another

folder. You may need it for something later.

Sky City:

In any multiplayer game while playing as the meccs you first must get a

party house and one smartie. then build a gyropad. then go to the party

house and select the tower. Then get into the gyropad fly up and hit backspace

thus making you fall while in mid air. Now hit X to build the tower. (you

can also do it with any other levitating mecc buildinga.)

Just Keep On Chargin’:

The easiest way to beat the Charger in the fifth Mecc mission is to wait

until it starts charging right toward you and be in the middle of the area

and when its pretty close to you (trial & error) and use your jetpack

and fly back but be sure no to fly to high. This way it is easier to shoot

it in the mouth and easier to escape from charger just hit the nitro boost

when done.

Thanks to Revolution reader Vald the Unimpressed, ROBO, Fry47, ^ToXiC^,

rtm00xand Kabuto!