01- LOCATION: pass sunset. Play or skip tutorial and exit to the map (on bottom of screen)

02- MAP: go to the border crossing

03- LOCATION: Ambush. Follow tutorial's directions. Exit to the map (top left of the screen).

04- MAP: go to the border crossing

05- LOCATION: border crossing. During the break in the first cutscene have a look into Petr's documents. Find the note about the debt. You can perform several actions here, e.g. fight bandits, walk in each house and gather objects, trade, etc… Catching the Yak: Lay down and wait for the Yak to come close to you, then quickly stand up. In the left upper corner of the Border Crossing Location there is an exit to Location "In Front of Bart's Den". Go there.

06- LOCATION: In Front of Bart's Den, Enter Bart's den.

07- LOCATION: Bart's den. Grom has to talk to Bart. Together they go out to the backroom.

08- LOCATION: Behind the den; Grom gets information about the commission. Go back into Bart's den.

09- LOCATION: Bart's den. Go out of Bart's den.

10- LOCATION: In Front of Bart's Den, Exit to the map.

11- MAP: Go to Upshi.

12- LOCATION: Ambush. Kill bandits and save Dakpa. Exit to the map.

13- MAP: Go to Upshi.

14- LOCATION: Upshi. Talk to the beggar that is sitting next to the little wall. Give him 10 pieces of gold when he asks you for it. Talk to the merchants and then go to the merchant at the very top of the location. Talk to him and come to agreement as far as the form of payment is concerned. Pay him the amount both of you have agreed on. Alternatively talk to Dakpa, he can help you bartering with the Merchants. Talk to Stinking Milk of Yak who got released. He will want money for helping you to find Sir Oliver. Pay him. He will take you to Oliver. Enter Olivers office.

15- LOCATION: Olivers Office. Grom accepts Oliver's commission. Exit the room.

16- LOCATION: Upshi. Exit Upshi where you entered (right of Screen) and get to the map.

17- MAP: Go to the "Mountain Tracks Crossroads".

18- LOCATION: Mountain Tracks Crossroads. Fight the Yetis. Get all money, weapons and ammunition from Petr, you'll need it. After leaving Petr exit to the map.

19- MAP: Go to the "Bridge over the precipice"

20- LOCATION: Pay the guards of the bridge and exit to the map.

21- MAP: Go to the "Mountain camp"

22- LOCATION: Talk to Hans, fight the Yetis. After Hans' escape exit to the map.

23- MAP: Go to the "Archeologists' camp"

24- LOCATION: In the camp, walk stealthily (crouching, crawling) and be careful of the guards. Creep over the little bridge. Watch the guard at the end of the bridge. Wait for the right moment and, squatting, go behind his back. Get into the tent where, according to your map, the case is. Take Hans with you, he knows where the case is. Kill all soldiers, take the case and exit to the map (left of the screen).

25- MAP: Go to Upshi.

26- LOCATION: You must cross the "Bridge over the precipice" location. Pay the guards or try to kill them with the help of Hans. Exit to the map.

27- MAP: Go to Upshi.

28- LOCATION: You must enter the "Mountain Tracks Crossroads" location. After conversation with Petr exit to the map.

29- MAP: Go to Upshi.

30- LOCATION: You must enter the "Border crossing" location, be careful, now all soldiers are germans! Kill all soldiers and exit to "In Front of Bart's Den" location.

31- LOCATION: In Front of Bart's Den, Kill the soldiers and enter the den.

32- LOCATION: After conversation with Reiser go to the backroom.

33- LOCATION: Kill the guard, release Bart and go in front of Bart's den.

34- LOCATION: In Front of Bart's Den, Exit to the map.

35- MAP: Go to Upshi.

36- LOCATION: Upshi, In Upshi go to Oliver, make sure you have the case! You will get another commission, Margaret will join your team. Exit to the map.

37- MAP: Go to "Village" location.

38- LOCATION: Grom will agree to defend the village. Defend the village and exit to the map.

39- MAP: Go to "View to the Monastery" location.


40- LOCATION: View to the Monastery. Cure everybody and select "fist" as from objects list (so noone holds a weapon). When Yeti attacks you, do nothing. Don't defend yourself and you'll pass the trial. Go to the monastery's gate.

41- LOCATION: Entrance to Monastery. Talk to the monks and agree to fight the demons. Go inside.

42- LOCATIONs: Prayers Room, Corridor, apartment. Follow the monk into the room he shows you. Let Grom fight with the Blazing Demon.

43- LOCATION: Blazing Demon. Fight with the demon – the Blazing Demon dies when you kill all the demons accompanying him – so focus your fire on his servants.

44- LOCATION: Monastery Roof. Conversation with Lama on the monastery's roof. You answer questions and then you prove with your deeds whether you spoke truth. Move Grom on the highlighted spots and choose from the wheel menu the according figure.

45- LOCATION: Leave the monastery and get to the map.

46- MAP: Go to the great plain.

47- LOCATION: Great plain 1, minefield. Crawl and kill the guard at the mine detectors. Switch off the small mine field. Using the mine detector you are able to disarm the mines and use them against the other soldiers. Kill all enemies and leave the screen on the top right.

48- LOCATION: Great plain 2, snipers. Kill snipers starting from the left side of the screen. Move characters on the left side up, then to the right. Hide behind stones. Exit location on the right side of the screen.

49- LOCATION: Great plain 3, minefield 2. At the bottom of the screen there is a trespass through the mine field. You will avoid direct clash with enemy forces.

50- LOCATION: Great plain 4, bandits. The last location on the great plain is a battle with bandits. Defend yourself so that you won't die. At a certain point, bandits take you prisoner and lead you to their camp.

51- LOCATION: Bandits' camp. Grom must fight in the arena.

52- LOCATION: Arena. Survive!

53- LOCATION: After you come back from the arena, you meet the rest of your team members. Kill Hindu bandits and exit to the map.

54- MAP: Go to the railway station.

55- LOCATION: Railway station. Kill guards. You can find some grenades in the small cottage on the top of the screen. Find one guard that hid and get the password from him, so the magazine's staff opens you the door. Get inside the magazine.

56- LOCATION: Depot. Find the room with the archeologist inside. Talk to him. The archeologist will die and he will leave the key to open the door to another room where a Panzer Rat will attack you. When the Panzer Rat gets destroyed, it leaves the key to open a closet with a switch. Use the switch. This way you will be able to open the door.

57- LOCATION: Corridor. Go along the corridors. Enter the room to check on the voices you hear coming out of it.

58- LOCATION: Depot secret room. Kill all commandos, so the demon will escape the battlefield. Go back to the corridor and go on.

59- LOCATION: Depot outside. Enter the last room in the old magazine and kill everybody present there.

60- LOCATION: Depot. Get out of the magazine and exit to the map.

61- MAP: Go to "Three Chortens" location


62- LOCATION: Rocky field. Get close to the last building at the very bottom. The entrance to the oracle will open there.

63- LOCATION: 3 chortens inside. These chortens are strangely connected to each other. You must find the right way to get through them. When you enter the first chorten, move towards the door on your left. You will enter the last chorten. Now immediately go towards the door opposite of you and enter the Oracle.

64- LOCATION: Oracle. In the oracle room you will hear the answer to your question – where the hidden fortress is located. When you hear it, don't leave immediately. Tulku knows answers to many questions that will surely appear further on in the game. You must collect all flames within a given time in order to get an answer.

65- LOCATION: After you have left the oracle, you will encounter soldiers. Kill them and exit to the map. Be careful, a steel major is at the exit on the top of the screen.

66- MAP: Go towards "High Mountains Pass"

67- LOCATION: High Pass. Kill all enemy soldiers and exit the location.

68- LOCATION: High Pass 2. Grom disappears. Kill yetis that attack you.

69- LOCATION: Grom appears in the Blazing Demon headquarters. At the bottom of the screen there is a lever. When the light next to it will switch on, run to that place and switch on the lever. Rays will hit the demon and you will have a moment of rest. Besides, flames will appear that will protect Grom from demon's attacks.

70- LOCATION: Room with blind demons. Direct the demons onto the flames on the floor. That will kill them. Whenever a white flame appears, it will heal the demons, unless you step in the flame. Then it is only Grom who will be healed. Kill all the demons.

71- LOCATION: Undead Demons. Demons that are Not Dead. Kill them using shotgun or plunder gun and move on.

72- LOCATION: Conversation with Padmasambhava.

73- LOCATION: The team appears in the location „Three Palaces". Find and talk to the Nomad who will help bring Grom back to the normal world. Resist soldiers that attack you. Find all the stilettos necessary to open the room of sinners. When you have found all 5 of them (use the map in the documents), put them into their places close to the opening of the room of sinners. Take the message from the room and exit to the map.

74- MAP: Go to location „River crossing"


75- LOCATION: River crossing. Here you have to give the treasure to the Klu demons. In the custom officers' room there are 6 little statues of Buddha. You must fetch them and put them at the feet of the statue in the chorten on the bottom of the location. When the treasury opens, take the valuables and carry them to the river. Throw all of the valuables into the river. Demons will give you a jewel that will be useful to hire a wizard. After conversation with Petr exit to the map.

76- MAP: Go to Upshi.

77- LOCATION: Upshi. In Upshi find a wizard. The right one sits not far from Oliver's flat, on the bottom right of the location. Talk to him and hire him. Exit to the map.

78- MAP: Go to "River crossing location".

79- LOCATION: River Crossing. Find Hans and Fishbone. Exit to the map.

80- MAP: Go to "Caves" location.

81- LOCATION: Caves lift. The wizard we hired should lie down in front of the guard (choose the wizard and make him lie down) and materialize the guard's wish in this way. Now the team can enter the lift. Enter the lift.

82- LOCATION: Caves bottom. When you are at the bottom, test the wizards. You must play a small game with a flying vehicle. Find Krishna's Thought. He is in the very first, lowest of the caves. Krishna's Thought will tell you what to do next. Use the lift on the right side of the location to go up.

83- LOCATION: Caves view. Set the bellows and horns in motion. The Hidden Fortress will appear. The wizard will summon a flying vehicle and you will use it to attack the fortress.

84- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress view from above. Your task is to land in the middle of the fortress, on the landing field. You must circle around the middle of the fortress (fly small circles) until the power will take you down on the landing field. This will not be easy. First you must defy the guards.

85- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress hall. You appear in the room with many doors. Kill the demons. There are rooms behind the doors. As soon as the symbol in the middle of the room changes, you will find the according room with that symbol behind the specially marked door on the upper left side of the room. Find a magic lamp in one of the rooms. It can make things visible to human eyes that are hidden. Put it in your rucksack. Now enter all rooms and find the invisible door that will lead you further on.

86- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress tomb. In this next room you must find the door that leads further on. The door is exactly opposite of the entrance door.

87- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress creation room. A fight with Khyapa Laring. Dorje Stilettos appear on the floor. Use those stilettos and hit the demon three times in order to kill him. Free Kim and leave the room.

88- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress hall. Go back to the first room where teleport to the landing field awaits you. Remember that all the characters must be in the range of teleport so that it works alright.

89- LOCATION: Hidden Fortress view from above. When you start off, you don't have to kill all the guards. The exit from this location is on the left side of the screen.

90- LOCATION: Caves view. After you have parted with Dakpa, exit to the map.

91- MAP: Go to location „Entrance to the Secret Laboratory"


92- LOCATION: Entrance to Lab. Hide with Mongolian Rider on the bottom right side, left of the rock. Wait until a soldier opens the door and run, following him inside.

93- LOCATION: Laboratory. You must find the guard that will take you to von Kutz. Talk to von Kutz and ask him to tell you about his inventions. Go with him.

94- LOCATION: Rocket room. After you listen to his story, the professor goes back to the laboratory. Follow him.

95- LOCATION: Guard's room. In the guards' room there is a tape-recorder. You must steal it and record von Kutz's password. The hell will burst out then. Survive it and go to the door leading further into the fortress.

96- LOCATION: Laboratory. When you open the door using the password you have recorded, you move on to the next location. You must find the exit out of it, there are several corridors leading you on.

97- LOCATION: Room of belt-conveyers. You must find a soldier with a key to the exit door. This will be a soldier in a regular uniform. The exit is in the middle of the location. The access door in the floor.

98- LOCATION: Car Room. In the location with cars you must find the fire-alarm switch. It is on the bottom right of the location. As soon as you activate it, the guard will jump out of his room. You must kill him and take his key in order to move on.

99- LOCATION: Now you must play the car race – and survive.

01- LOCATION: Command center. Two switches on the walls should be switched on in order to open the door. Don't let anybody kill you.

02- LOCATION: Command center 2. Two switches again. Switch on both of them and the door will open. Remember that any soldier you didn't kill runs to the switch and switches it off.

03- LOCATION: Vestibule. After the conversation with the general don't let soldiers kill you. Exit to the next map.

04- LOCATION: Corridor 1. Go, don't let anybody kill you, be careful of mines.

05- LOCATION: Tanks' Room. You must destroy all the tanks, only then the door will open.

06- LOCATION: View on monastery: Enter the small magazine. The door is on the right side of the screen

07- LOCATION: Booth. You must kill Fishbone. Exit after the fight on the right hand side.

08- LOCATION: Landing field: Kill everybody. Get into the flying saucer and fly away.


09- LOCATION: Second archeologists' camp. You must force your way into the cave. Don't let anybody kill you.

10- LOCATION: Cave. In the cave on the bottom left of the screen, in which there is a strange energy, you must move one character back and forth in the corridor, this will weaken the energy and it will finally disappear.

11- LOCATION: Behind the cave. Kill all flying demons. Kill soldiers that chase you. Run downstairs.

12- LOCATION: Dragon's Throat View. Run quickly towards the exit.

13- LOCATION: Room of many doors. Combination that opens the doors: 1,4,2,5,3 starting from the left side of the screen (according to the hint in the documents). Go downstairs.

14- LOCATION: View on the lost city. The pattern on the floor in the shape of a cross. You must squat on each of its arms until you hear the singing of gods, then the door will open.

15- LOCATION: Throne room. Enter the location. Padmasambhava will appear.


16- LOCATION: Throne room. After the conversation you'll get a task to summon the Powerful. The key combination is in your rucksack. Simply push the buttons according to the sequence of symbols in your documents.

17- LOCATION: Throne room. Padmasambhava will carry you to the place where you will have your last battle.

18- LOCATION: Air combat. Defy three Nazi flying saucers. Grom will land on the command ship. Kill the guards and get inside.

19- LOCATION: Commanding saucers interior. Inside kill the staff and switch on the self-destruction mechanism. Get outside.

20- LOCATION: Commanding saucer. You'll meet Reiser. Fight with him. When a zeppelin comes by, Reiser will jump into it. Follow him and jump on the zeppelin by clicking on it. Fight with him.

21- LOCATION: Border gateway. Game ends here.

Thanks to Revolution reader Daniel Grunder!