MechCommander PC Cheats



Cheat mode:

You need the file "ixtlriimceourl" and the patched version of Mechcommander

for these codes to work. Use Windows Explorer to enter the game directory and

create a copy of the “” file and name that copy “ixtlriimceourl”. (*Note:

If you have an earlier version; the file must be renamed “buymechcommander.2”).

Copy and rename “” so that both filenames are present in case the game’s

patch status is unknown. A sound will confirm correct code entry. *Note:

Repeated use of some of the codes may crash the game. Check here

to download the necessary patches.

Then, enter one of the following codes during gameplay to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Code Effect
lorrie Restore ammo and armor
osmium Toggle God mode
revealFull map
deadeye Maximum gunnery and piloting skills
Ctrl-Alt-WWins mission
Ctrl-LMaps terrain
glennrocksthehouseFull salvage
lordbunny   Unlimited air strikes, hold B and left click to use artillery
mineeyeshaveseentheglory  Reveal full map

The following cheats are to be entered at the Logistics screen:

poundofflesh    Adds 1,000,000 Resource Points
rockandrollpeople   No dropweight limit


Thanks to Revolution readers Aaron Leitzel, Oliver Tam, O.Blivion, Eric

Patterson, Brian Williams, Maximilian Hong, Justin Tan, John Shattles, JessicaCrow1,

Feyr, and David Bey!