Neverwinter Nights PC Cheats

Neverwinter Nights


Cheat mode:

The only way to access the following cheats is to edit the Neverwinter Nights .ini file. This is only recommended for advanced users who are familiar with editing files, as it can screw up your game is you do it incorrectly.

Find the nwn.ini file in the game folder and open it using a text editor like Notepad. Under the "Game Options" section, add the line Debug Mode=1

Save the .ini file, then start Neverwinter Nights. During play, press ~ and type DebugMode 1 to enable cheat mode. Now press ~ again and then press Tab to see all the debug commands. You can scroll through the commands by pressing Tab.

Now enter any of the following codes:

SetSTR<XX>           Set Strength attribute; XX = Number 
SetDEX<XX>           Set Dexterity attribute; XX = Number   
SetINT<XX>           Set Intelligence attribute; XX = Number  
SetWIS<XX>           Set Wisdom attribute; XX = Number  
SetCON<XX>           Set Constitution attribute; XX = Number  
SetCHA<XX>           Set Charisma attribute; XX = Number   
dm_givegold<XX>      Get indicated amount of gold; XX = Number  
dm_god               Invincibility
dm_heal              Restore all hit points
dm_givelevel<XX>     Set character level
dm_mylittlepony      Ride a hobby horse
dm_cowsfromhell      Killer flying cows    
GiveXP<XX>           Get indicated amount of experience points 
GetLevel<XX>         Raise indicated number of levels    
ModSaveFort          Set character's fortitude save modifier  
ModSaveReflex        Set character's reflex save modifier   
ModSaveWill          Set character's will save modifier   
ModSpellResistance   Set character's spell resistance modifier 
SetAge<XX>           Set character's age  
SetAttackBase<XX>    Set character's base attack

Extra violence level option:

To turn on an extra level of violence, open the nwnplayer.ini file

and change Memory Level=1 to Memory Level=2 and Memory Access=1

to Memory Access=2. Save the file and start the game. You will see a

new violence level under the 'Game Settings' tab called "Special"

and it should be already selected.

Easy gold:

When you begin a new game, you can sell your class suit for 1gp, and you can

buy it for 0gp, so if you buy and sell it over and over again you can get unlimited

amounts of gold.

Choose your treasure:

Save right before opening trapped chests, because the game randomizes the contents.

If you get something uselss, reload the game for a possibility of something


Your own personal vault:

If you don't mind playing with the level editor, you can make your own personal

equipment shack. Just fire up the Aurora Toolset, build a room, and drop in

as much equipment as you like. Then start a new character in that module, export

it (click "Save Character"), and start a new campaign game with the save character.


Thanks to Revolution readers soul reaver, UnangBangkay, Eric Chess, Maxim,

Ulfgrim and Matt Boy!