Prince of Persia,Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince of Persia 3D Walkthrough

Prince of Persia 3D Walkthrough


Prince of Persia 3D
Sinjin's Guide to Save the Princess (c) 1999 by Mark Smith
Text Version - Version 1.3 - Last Update 10/1/2000

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Welcome to the Prince of Persia 3D online walkthrough where I will
hopefully guide you in saving the Princess once again. It seems that the
Prince (who still doesn't have a name after 3 adventures) has lost his
Princess (also nameless) and has gotten himself thrown in the dungeon.

This guide will walk you through all the detailed levels of this amazing
adventure as you escape the dungeon and pursue the Princess and her
captors across move than a dozen exciting locations in 12th Century Persia.
I'll provide you with all the locations of weapons, potions, and other items 
necessary in completing your quest as well as various strategies for
defeating some of the tougher bad guys you will encounter.

Your combat techniques will be critical to your success in this adventure.
You will need to master several weapons and various styles of combat for each.
Evasive tactics, counter attacks, and block and parry moves are also critical
to winning many of the battles. Practice these moves early in the game so you
will be ready when you really need them.

Jumping, and grabbing onto ledges is another tactic that you need to
master right away to survive even the first levels. Always examine your
surroundings for clues to deadly traps. Bloodstains are usually a sign of
something sinister nearby; either a guard or concealed trap just waiting
to be sprung. Examine walls for cracks or unusually colored blocks
indicating a moveable section or block in the wall. These hidden passages
often lead to weapons or potions.

Try to stay at full health at all times. This will make it easier for you to
survive encounters with the guards and also the occasional poisoned
potion flask. Poison is almost never fatal unless you are already very
weak. Use other potions such as Invisibility, to sneak past guards and
avoid combat situations. You aren't being scored on how many guards
you kill, so sneaking and stealth are always preferred over reckless and
unnecessary combat.

SAVE OFTEN! There is no limit to your saved games. Your game is
automatically saved at the beginning of each new level, but you will also
want to save after a difficult combat encounter or after getting past a
difficult trap or series of jumps. Saving your game often will lessen your
frustration of having to repeat large portions of the game and increase
your enjoyment of the adventure.

This guide has been tested with the PC version of the game, but it should
also work for the Playstation version as well. If you find any
discrepancies between the two versions, please email me and let me

Prison Escape

You begin your adventure locked in a dungeon cell with no weapons. Turn and
locate the off-color block and push it through to the other side. That was
almost too easy! Follow the passage to the right until you reach the corridor
with a gate at one end and an opening on the left. Enter the room and talk 
to the prisoners for some less-than-helpful clues then pull up to the ledge 
above the prisoner on the right (as you enter). Stand under the hole and
jump up and pull yourself into the next room. A cinematic shows a guard 
discovering that you have escaped.

Take the only exit from this room around and past the prisoner sitting on
the ground. Head to the right and into the next room with a water trough
above that feeds the showers in this room. A floor switch at the back of
this room opens the wooden gates above and starts the water flowing.
Move over to the trough next to the door that just opened and jump and
pull up to the trough then enter through the gate opening.

Jump in the water and start swimming. Exit to the shore on the right and
climb out. Head to the left and climb up the short ledge. Run across the
bridge and jump at the last minute to make it to the other side. If you
fall in you will have to swim back and try again. This time the bridge
won't be there so you will have to run and grab and pull up on the
opposite edge. Go to the series of ledges to the left and climb up until
you can enter the passage at the top.

Continue down this passage until you reach the watery pit with the spikes 
below. Do a running jump over this pit and grab at the last minute so you
can grip the opposite edge and pull up. Keep going until you arrive at the
wall then crouch down and crawl through the opening. Talk to the prisoner
in the next room who gives you some useful information on the upcoming area
and the guards.

Enter the next hall and turn right and go to the corner where you can
spot a guard walking back and forth. Wait until he is walking away from
you then jump to the nearest beam above and pull up. Jump to the middle
beam and look right to spot an Invisibility Potion. Drink it then quick
drop to the floor and proceed to the end of the hall and trigger the floor
plate which opens the gate further ahead.

While you are still invisible, quickly run past the first guard and back
down the hall and around the corner. A guard will be coming out of the
door ahead but you can run right by him. Continue down to the next
T-intersection and head right jumping over the spikes and through the
door. Continue slowly through this next passage between the pair of
spike traps in the first part of the hall and to either side of the traps
around the corner. In the next area, climb to the top of the wooden roof
and face the opening in the wall and jump through.

Head to the door on the right and follow the passage past the sleeping
guard to the stairs leading up. At the top, continue left then right until
you reach the pair of doors on either wall. The door on the right just has
a worker who tells you to get a weapon. Ignore him and this room and
enter the door on the left and. Head to the left wall and move the crate
to reveal a concealed cave with a Healing Potion. You may want to save
this for your return trip or drink it now if you need it. Crouch down to
get in and drink the potion then return to the hall and continue to the
left. Go up the steps and turn the crank to activate the winch which
raises a box to uncover several rats.

Drop to the floor and follow the tracks leading into the passage where
you will find a lever next to the torch on the right. Flip the lever to 
open the door to the left and enter. Walk out onto the wooden plank then
jump and pull up to the platform above. Do a running jump to the opposite
ledge and cling to the edge and pull up. Do another running jump to the
following platform. At the end of the corridor jump diagonally to the
right platform and pull up. If you fall you will take some damage but a
Healing Potion is behind one of the boxes. Climb back out by the winch
and try again.

The gray room ahead has a guard on duty. Do a running leap into the
doorway on the left side of this room and run to the stairs on the left.
At the top of the steps you will need to crouch under the blade trap then
stand and head up the stairs on the right. At the top, turn right and go to
the wall with the shower and climb the ledge.

Head to the right over by the brick wall where you will find a box you
can move so that it is lined up with the hole in the wall. Now move to the
side and push the box into the hole and watch the guard get crushed
below. Drop down and retrieve the guard's sword. You now have a
weapon and won't have to sneak around as much. Head over to the ledge
opposite of where the crate fell and climb up. Return to the opposite
ledge in the corner then return through the hallway by jumping to each
of the platforms.

Jump down in the next room and fight the guard below then exit through 
the open passage and follow more tracks leading to a crate and a winch. 
Climb the ledge and activate the winch to raise the box and reveal a 
green Endurance Potion.  This is the first of several rare potions that
will increase your overall stamina.  Follow more tracks to the room with
the rats and jump up to the ledge above. Kill the new guard in this passage
and drink the Healing Potion he leaves behind. Grab that potion in the room
to the right if you didn't get it the first time through this area. Continue
to the end of this hall then head down the stairs to the left. Approach the
sleeping guard who will wake up and engage you in combat. When he is dead 
you can pull the lever on the wall to open the door in the next room past 
the blade trap.

Take the hall to the right that leads out and back to the beginning of
this area. To the left is the hole you jumped through and to the right is 
the door you just opened. Directly ahead is a guard you can either fight
or run past when his back is turned. Go into the room on the right with 
the red glowing floor and turn right to face the sculpture of Assan's head.
Watch the cinematic showing the guard activating the sculpture and opening
the gate. Go over to the table and grab the box then return to the previous
room and head left. Crawl under the slicing blade trap and enter the 
Torture Chamber.

Move toward the head-crushing device and put the box on it. Then go
and flip the nearby lever to activate the device and smash the box
revealing a bracelet. Go get the bracelet then exit this room by crawling
back through the blade trap passage and return to the room with Assan's
head. Stand in front of the sculpture and activate it to open the gate.
Follow the passage beyond and fight another guard in the next room.
When he is dead you can enter the door to the blue area and watch the
closing movie. You have escaped from the prison...

Ivory Tower

You begin in the blue hall you entered as you left the prison level. 
Turn right and head up the ramp and through the door. A cinematic takes
over and a sniper at the top of the tower will fire several arrows at 
you which you barely dodge. You end up flat against the wall. Turn left
and run across the bridge to get out of the sniper's view and examine 
the area around the pool. To the right is a drawbridge, but as you near
it the guard raises the bridge. You need to find some way to flip that 
switch from way over here - perhaps a bow and arrow...from the sniper 

Continue around the pool until you spot the wooden bridge with a gap.
Jump the gap to land on the bridge and follow it as it ramps up and
through an arch. Head to the right and follow the walkway. Climb up onto
the ledge and continue around until you reach a stone wall. This can be a
very deadly trap if you aren't fast. Stand against the wall with the
blades on your right and jump and cling to the wall (do NOT pull up or
you will die in the blade trap on top of the ledge). While you are
hanging, shimmy to the right until you are clear of the blade trap above
and then pull up. As soon as you are standing a block will start moving
toward you and try to push you back down onto the blades below.
Quickly turn using the quick-reverse command and jump to the ledge
across from you. Grab and pull up to the safety of this ledge.

Move forward and turn left and jump over the blades in the floor. Walk
out onto the wooden platform and turn to the left. Walk to the edge and
do a standing jump to the next wooden platform. The walkway T's to the
right ending at a dead end. Continue forward and walk off the edge to
the platform slight below this one. At the end of this short walkway you
can jump up to the higher ledge and continue around until you reach the
hole in the left wall. Jump into the hole and continue.

Enter the open door and continue to the hall. It turns to the right and
you will notice several suspicious raised stones and even more suspicious
holes in the wall. Yes, this is a dart trap and the stones will trigger
the darts. You may either walk between these stone triggers at 45-degree
angles or jump over them. Once you are past this trapped hall you can 
enter the open passage to the left.

This room has a pair of blue floor stones which open the next two gates
to the right. These gates only stay open for a short time and you will
have to open them in the proper order. Enter the room and step on the
stone to open the first gate then quickly run to the back wall and run
over that stone as you arc around and run through the gates. If you don't
make it there is a stone in between the gates to let you back into this
room to try again.

Once you are through both gates you need to get against the left wall
and jump across and pull up to the narrow stone ledge. Be careful as
there are two large sections which will crumble and fall away if you
touch them. The first section is immediately to your right and the final
section is at the very end. Run across the first section and it will fall 
out under you. You will make it to the next stable piece as long as you 
don't stop. Stand under the wooden beam and jump and pull up. Walk out to
the wooden ledge and use it to get a running start so you can jump to the

Follow the ledge around to the right and turn left into the guardhouse.
You will surprise the archer who will stumble and fall to his death far
below. Take his bow (you will not be able to arm it until you find some
arrows) and get ready to do a swan dive into the pool below. While you
are up here you may want to get the healing potion to your right (facing
the pool). It is on the narrow circular ledge. Walk out to the end of the
right platform and do a standing jump to get the potion. This is a tricky
jump so only go for it if you need the healing.

Run off the ledge and fall into the pool - do NOT jump or you will hit the
floor on the far side of the pool.  Get the healing potion and arrows 
underwater then climb out and head to where the guard fell to his death. 
You should find some arrows which you can add to your arsenal. Now go to 
the raised drawbridge and ready your bow. Align the targeting sight with 
the small square trigger on the winch and fire.  The bridge will lower and
you can cross. Have your sword ready as soon as you get to the other side.
A guard will ambush you from the right.

When the guard is dead you can turn and go through the next trapped
hallway. Make sure to crouch to avoid the slicing blades that come out of
the walls. Head around the corner to the guard towers and the large
gate. A cinematic will show a guard escorting a prisoner into the palace.
It also shows what must be done for you to open the gate later. For now,
walk across the large area and into the passage on the far side.

Follow the hall to the small room and look at the ceiling. There are
several sets of spikes in the ceiling and there are columns directly under
each of these that will rise up and crush you if you step on them.
Sidestep the areas under these spikes and make your way to the opposite
door. Follow the passage until you reach the hall being guarded by the
soldier with a staff weapon. You need to defeat this guard then move on
down the passage. A cinematic shows the fallen guard pressing an alarm
just as he dies which causes several pieces of floor to fall away in the
next passage.

This next hall isn't that hard, even with most of the floor missing. Below
are several stone ledges which are much safer to use when crossing this
next area. First line up and do a diagonal jump into the first door on the
left. Inside are more arrows you can add to your collection. Exit the
door and fall straight down onto the stone ledge. Turn and jump across
the gap to the next ledge. Climb up and into the second left door and get
the healing potion in this room. Now drop back down to the stone ledge
and cross over to the opposite door and pull up to continue.

Pull the desk out away from the wall and crouch to crawl through the
hole. In the next room the only way out is through the hole in the corner
of the ceiling. It is too high to reach from the floor, so slide the nearby
box under the hole and climb onto the box then jump and pull up to the
area above. Go through the door onto the platform then climb to the
ledge above. Line up with the angled portion of the ledge and jump over
to the wooden beam then make a running jump to the opposite ledge. Pull
up and continue.

Kill the guard in this next room and take the healing potion he leaves
behind. Continue through the next door and you will be in one of the
guard towers. Stand on the pressure plate to complete half of the
sequence to open the gate. Ready your bow and aim through the bars
toward the opposite tower. Target the other guard and wait for clear
shot and fire. The guard will fall onto the trigger in his tower when he
dies and complete the sequence. The gate will open and you can go out
onto the ledge and start dropping down from ledge to ledge until you can
turn left and jump to the bridge. You could also jump to the floor and
take the ramp back up to the bridge if you want. Run through the gate
and into the next area where you can step on the blue floor trigger to
lower the drawbridge and exit this level.


As you begin this new level you will go past a well. Climb on the edge of
the well and jump to the rope and slide down to the sewer below (nice to
know they drink from the sewer). Ahead of you is a gate so turn around
and walk down the underground passage through the waist-high water. A
short dead end passage leads to the right. Follow it to the end and get
the stash of arrows then return to the main sewer pipe. You could go
right to the large room with deeper water but nothing is in there. Return
to the rope and prepare to climb out.

After you deal with the surprise attack by the sewer monster you can
climb out and jump back to dry land. Getting off the rope can be tricky -
just let go of all action keys and press DOWN twice to jump back off
the rope. If you fall you will die. Now move ahead to the stack of boxes
and get the arrows lying here. An archer will shoot at you from the
watchtower ahead. Hide behind the boxes and ready your bow. You will
have to step back or to the side to get a clean shot at the sniper. When
he is dead you can continue.

Go to the right of the boxes and look out over the water. There is a
ledge below with a box but your target is the rope. Do a running leap to
the rope and grab on. You can move with the swing of the rope to
increase your arc then let go at the end of the swing towards the stairs.
You should land on the steps and can start climbing up and to the right.
You will have to jump, grab, and pull up across a pair of gaps in the steps
to reach the top ledge. Head out to where you killed the archer and get
more arrows and a healing potion.

Continue across to the other side and get in the small elevator to the
right and ride it down to the ledge leading out toward the boat. Jump to
the deck of the boat then head to the rear and use the oar to get the
boat moving. Get ready to fight when the assassin drops onto the deck.
He is a hard opponent so make sure to block his attacks and counter with
your own. When the fight is over the boat will take you through some
large wooden gates into the harbor area at the Palace docks.

Facing the rear of the boat, jump into the water on the right and locate
the submerged box floating in the water. Climb onto this box then jump
to the next floating box and climb on. Jump/climb onto the wall and
head right to get a healing potion then check out your surroundings. A
moveable box is nearby but it has no use to you. Return back to the wall
near the floating boxes and look out to spot a thick pole sticking out of
the water. Jump out and grab and pull up onto this pole then turn and
jump and grab onto the chain. Climb up and spin around so your back is
to the ledge then drop off onto the upper ledge. Head to the other side
of this catwalk and flip the switch to start the box moving back and
forth across the harbor area.

Look up to spot a hanging platform. Go to the other side of the catwalk and
drag/push the box under this platform then climb onto the box and jump onto
the platform. From this ledge you can jump out to another hanging platform
closer to the moving box. Turn and face the area where the box is passing
beneath you and run off the platform just as the box is going past. Do NOT
jump or you will miss the box. Ride on the box to the right and when it 
reaches the end jump down to the dock before the box goes back out over the

Several boxes are along this next section of the dock and you can
choose to go to either the left or right of them. Each presents its own
challenge. To the right are pressure plates in the floor which trigger
darts traps. You can jump over them and avoid the darts or you can take
the left side which is slightly easier. There are two sections of this path
that will drop out from under you. Just start running and jump over the
sections as you near them. You should also be holding your grab button
just in case you miss and fall - you will cling to the opposite edge and
can still pull up and continue.

Head up the ramp and then up some stairs to right the big guy guarding
the doors to the palace. Don't waste arrows on this guy. Rush him and
attack with your sword. This guy is really tough so make sure to block his
attacks and counter with your own. When he is dead you can step on the
pressure switch and open the door to enter the palace.

Palace Entrance

As you approach the series of vertical ramps you must first deal with the
guard. When he is dead you can get the yellow potion and follow the hall 
back to the T-intersection.  Turn left and flip the wall switch to lower
the ramp then turn around and head to the other end of this hall. You can
check out the small chamber to the left and view the moat and palace ahead.
Enter the darker passage and flip this switch which raises the gate at the
end of the greenish hall.  This gate is on a timer so you must quickly get
through the next hall but you will also have to crawl since there are 
deadly blade traps in the wall.  Once through, turn right and return to the
area where you killed the first guard and go up the ramp.

Deal with the large guard waiting for you at the top of this ramp then
flip the switch on the left to raise the ramp. Return to the ramp and walk
up the incline to another T-intersection. Both directions are dead ends so
jump into the window in the back wall and move forward. Push the box
forward to raise a section of wall allowing you access to the next area.

Move quickly to avoid the deadly arrows of a pair of archers. One is
across this large room to the right of the fountain. You must run toward
him and engage him in hand-to-hand combat. He will pull out a staff
weapon when you get close. Kill him quickly then seek cover from the
other sniper who is already shooting at you from the upper ledge back
where you entered this room. A healing potion is over by the fountain.
Grab it on your way back to the wall where you entered. You are safe
from the sniper above in this area so move the nearby box over so it is
lined up with the hole in the wall then shove it into the hole to lower the
wall allowing you access to the other side.

There is a ramp above you and two raised sections to either side. The
right side is blocked with a plant so climb onto the left side and move to
the end and climb onto the short box. Pull up to the next ledge and turn
and jump onto the ramp. When the guard on the other side of the bridge
sees you he will close the gates and raise the bridge. Climb to the top of
the ramp and look at the windows to the left (as you go up the ramp). A
guard is walking back and forth. Run and jump to the windowsill and
hang on. Shimmy to the left until you are under the far left window then
pull up when the guard is walking away to the right. Ready your sword
and kill the guard when he comes back and get the healing potion he
leaves behind.

You can climb into the window behind you and get a better view of what
lies ahead. Your destination for now lies in the other direction through

the door and across a collapsing bridge. Run and jump across the bridge
to the opposite side and move into the next area. A gold alcove on the
left had a stash of arrows on the floor. Take them then move into the
window and out onto the ledge. You are now on the ledge above the
fountain room and opposite the ledge with the sniper from earlier. He is
to your right and several large tapestries are blocking most of his shots.
You can still take damage so you must act quickly.

Turn right and move to the end of your ledge and jump up to the wooden
beam with the hanging tapestry. Start swinging back and forth and
launch yourself toward the rope. Grab the rope and swing again until
your arc is high enough to carry you to the next ledge. Cling to the edge
of this ledge and shimmy to the left until you are behind the column and
out of sight of the archer. Climb onto the ledge and run around the
column and whip out your sword. You should be able to surprise the
archer and get behind him for a devastating back-attack and kill him in
two slices. Go to the far end of this ledge and get some arrows before
entering the window back by the fallen archer.

Head down the short call to another window that overlooks the moat and
the palace. Jump out to the rope and climb up until you are above the
wooden beam. Jump off the rope and onto the beam and follow it to the
roof. Climb up and walk around to the front and your view will change to
look down on the guard on the other side of the raised drawbridge. With
the bridge in the "up" position the end is near - near enough to jump to.
Jump the small gap over the moat and slide down the bridge and pull out
your sword. Do not pull out your sword while sliding or you will
automatically sheath it when you hit bottom. Kill the guard and
investigate the dark passage to the right. It is a short dead end with a
healing potion hidden inside.

Enter the huge circular room and watch the cinematic of the machine rising
through the irisv in the ceiling. There are three bookcases in this room.
Assuming you entered this room at the 6 o'clock position the bookcases at 
9 and 12 o'clock are both fatal traps.  You only need to activate the
bookcase on the right (at 3 o'clock) to access the next passage.

Take the short hall to the lift and tide it to the top. Exit down another
short hall into a large circular room above the iris you saw earlier. 
There is a closed door on the opposite side and a passage higher up and 
to the right. Some boxes on the left side of the opposite passage allow 
you to step up to a higher ledge then jump over to a wooden platform. Back
up and get a running start and jump to the stone ledge at the base of the 
high passage. Pull up and follow this passage to a pressure plate that opens
the door leading to a stone spiral staircase.

Climb the stairs and kill the guard who charges down the hall. Grab the
arrows lying on the floor at the top of the stairs then head down the
passage where the guard came from. Another pressure plate opens the
door leading out to a ledge high above the iris below. A sniper is across
this chamber on a higher ledge. Aim up and kill him with your bow. I
recommend a magic arrow for a quick kill. Then flip the nearby switch
and quickly get onto the wooden platform. Ride it around and jump off
into the narrow alcove before it reverses and takes you back to the
starting ledge.

Climb up to the next higher ledge where a box blocks your path. Back
off and cling to the side of this ledge and shimmy left past the box and
pull up on the other side to get the healing potion. Now push the box
forward until you can jump up and grab the top ledge and pull up to the
next higher area. Look out and to the right and spot the rope and jump
out to it. Swing across to the next suspended platform and then jump to
the hanging chain. Climb up and jump off to the ledge where the fallen
sniper lies.

A door flanked by two large spears is behind the body of the guard. The
door won't open and you can't get the spears, so head back to the left
of the door and find the area where you can jump up to the next higher
ledge. Continue left and climb up again into a passage concealed behind
some grates and find the super-jump potion. Head back the way you came
until you reach the edge of the ledge and jump to the next higher block.
With your increased jumping ability you can easily jump over the door
below and onto the opposite ledge. Climb up and continue forward until
the ledge ends. Turn and face the interior of the room.

There are three suspended platforms you will be jumping to. The first is
above the ledge with the switch. Jump to this ledge then turn and face
the next ledge leading around in a clockwise pattern. Jump to this ledge
which should be directly beneath the wooden beam attached to the
machine above. At this time you can jump straight up and continue or you
can choose to make another daring leap to the next highest ledge across
the room with the healing potion on it. If you make this jump then drink
the potion and return to the ledge and jump straight up to grab the beam
and pull up. Another healing potion is inside a dark alcove in the
bookcases. Jump up to get that one if you need it then head to the main
deck of this machine and pull the lever.

The machine will rise up through the next iris and you will find yourself
in a new chamber. A very large guard with an equally large tattoo patrols
the floor below. Jump down off the machine and fight the guard. Use all
your best moves, blocks, and counter attacks to defeat him. When he is
dead you can exit through the corridor and the door at the end.

Palace Interior

Those of you who played the Prince of Persia 3D Demo will recognize this level.
You find yourself on a narrow bridge under immediate attack from a very nasty 
guard.  Kill him quickly and continue across the bridge into the next building.
Pass through the first small room and into the octagonal beyond. A ledge is
directly ahead of you and passages lead out on either side of the ledge.

The left passage leads to a corridor that takes you to the top of a long
flight of stairs leading down to a pool of water, a guard, and a locked
gate. You could go there now and kill the guard but you will have to
return back to this central room and go to the right to solve the puzzles
necessary in opening that locked gate.

The right passage leads to a room with twin columns in the center. The
columns are trapped with swinging blades. The exit opposite from where
you entered is also trapped with a large chopping blade which will slam
down as you pass through. This room is part of a larger puzzle which
begins back out in the central room.

Now that you know what is down both of the passages, head toward the
ledge in front of you and climb up. Turn right and go into the next room
and you will find a pressure plate in the floor to the left. Directly ahead
is a small drop-off to a dark passage that leads to a gate and also wraps
around leading to stairs down to the trap-room from the previous
paragraph. The following puzzle must be completed quickly as the gates
that will open are on a timer.

Stand with your back to the pressure plate and back up onto it. When it
activates you will hear a gate opening to the left. Run forward and drop
off the ledge - you will be in the room with the twin columns and slicing
blade traps. Directly behind you is another pressure plate. Don't waste
time turning around - just back up onto it and then run forward between
the two columns. Stay in the exact middle of the columns and the blades
won't even come out. Turn left and slowly approach the door. When you
get close the giant blade will slam down. Wait for it to slowly go back up
and run through the door before the trap resets. Head up the stairs and
turn left to find the dark passage and the opening in the wall. The gates
you just raised were in this doorway and the one on the other side of the
deep pit and they will close in just a moment.

Quickly line-up with the rope and jump to it and swing to the other side
and land on the ledge. Climb the rope that is here up to the ledge above
and jump back to this ledge and enter the room, being cautious of the
spiked floor traps that spring up in various locations. To the right is a
passage with a guard. Kill him and continue around as the hall angles
right leading to another rope. Swing across to the other side and enter
the next passage.

To the left in a small alcove is a healing potion. Use it if you need it or
save it for later - you will be returning this way shortly. The gate ahead
of you is locked so turn and go to the left and enter the circular room on
the right. The floor opens and drops you into a pit just as a spiked
ceiling slowly starts to descend. You have about ten seconds to locate
the moveable block and push it into the next room creating an escape
from the crushing doom behind you.

In this new room you will find the passage leading out and to the right. 
Jump up and grab the edge of the floor above and pull up to the catwalk-like
structure. Once again you have two possible directions to go - for now just 
go to  the left and follow the passage until you arrive at the ledge over- 
looking the courtyard. A switch here will unlock the gate I mentioned at the
beginning of this section. After you flip it you can return back to the 
catwalk and around to the other passage. Stairs lead up to pressure plate
which opens the other locked gate from earlier. If you didn't drink the 
potion earlier then you may want to get it now - you won't be coming back.

Walk out onto the ledge and look down. Far below is the pool of water I
mentioned earlier. Run off the ledge and you will fall into the water
below. Climb out of the pool and head past the stairs and into the next
room. Kill the hooded assassin guard (if you didn't do it earlier) then
approach the now-opened gate. Pass through and watch the brief

Palace Escape

Head down the stairs and drop off the ledge. Another ledge hangs above you. 
Jump up and grab and pull up then cross to the other side by going around the
pool the belly dancer dove into. Drop off the matching ledge on the other side
and head to the left. Some arrows are stashed on the top of the wall. Grab 
them then return to the right corner of this large courtyard where there is 
a guard tower and a sniper who is already targeting you.

There are two ways to kill this guard; the easy way and the way the
designers wanted you to. The easy way is to snipe this guard yourself. A
single Swarm Arrow will usually kill him, or you can use several of your
normal arrows. Of course you could always play the game as intended
and run into the door at the base of the tower. Turn right and find the
section of moveable wall and push it in. This lowers a rope in the center
of the tower. Circle around until you reach the Monk - don't kill him -
then enter the door on the right and climb the rope to the top of the
tower. The archer will get a few shots at you while you climb up plus I
found this rope extremely difficult to dismount. Falling from this height
is instant death. So kill the guard however you want. When he is dead
you can return to the Monk.

Continue around the passage and carefully enter the next room. A
healing potion baits you from across the room but a pair of dart traps
forces you to be extra cautious in getting it. Enter the door on the left
and jump to the rope at a 45 degree angle so you are swinging to the
corner of the opposite ledge. You can either land on the ledge or grip the
side. Shimmy if necessary to clear the spikes that fill the central portion
of this ledge. Walk to the far side of this ledge and sidestep to the
middle and do a standing jump to the doorway.

Follow the passage around to the left until you reach the closed gate. A
pressure plate will open the gate taking you back to the Monk but first
you will want to turn and climb up to the ledge behind you. Prepare to
battle a pair of guards. When they are dead you can continue to the
back of this raised area and climb up another ledge. Get the Tri-Point
Double Assassin Blades lying on the floor and flip the lever to shutdown
the machine and stop the spinning underwater blades.

As you pass by the Monk he will offer the use of his Shrine (the box-like
device in the tower room with the rope). You can use this Shrine to
enchant any single normal arrow you have in your possession. Just
approach the Shrine and it will open. Press action to enchant an arrow.
The magical essence of these Shrines is only temporary and varies in
power and duration for each Shrine you encounter.

Return to the outer courtyard and climb to the central gazebo. Dive into
the pool then take a deep breath and dive down and swim through the green
passage into the next room. You will see the blades you recently stopped
from spinning and a pair of passages lead out on either side of the blades.
Take either passage - they both lead to the next room - and quickly surface
as your air is almost gone.

This room (the pool room) has three closed gates and one that is open. Go
into the next room and you will find three switches; red, green, and blue.
These switches open their matching gates in the pool room. Step on the
blue switch to open the gate in the same location back in the pool room.
Return to the pool room and enter the short hall. The torch on the right is
unlit and sideways. Activate this torch to open the hidden door and enter
the next area.

Fight the assassin guard and take his healing potion then climb up the
short wall beyond and get the arrows lying on the floor. Enter the next
room with the altar and four torches. Climb onto the altar and pull up to
the floor above. Be very careful as there are pressure plates surrounding
this hole that will activate the dart trap. Sidestep as necessary and exit
this room. Head around to the left until you reach a closed gate and a
guard on the other side. Turn right and walk out onto the ledge. A pair of
guards are below on a ledge just outside a door. Kill them with your bow
- this make take several arrows - then return to the pool room and enter
the other room to step on the red switch.

Enter the pool room to spot another gate opening. Enter the small room
and jump up to the left ledge and enter the doorway. Turn the corner
and jump off the ledge to avoid the deadly spikes below. Follow the
passage until you exit out onto the ledge where the two guards you just
killed are lying. If you didn't kill them earlier then kill them now. Head
to the right and step on the pressure plate to raise the bridge and cross
over to the next area.

Again, jump up to the left ledge and exit out onto the ledge. Make a
tricky jump to the balcony then enter the hallway through the door. You
are now on the other side of that gate from earlier - the side with the
guard. Fight him now and take his healing potion then use the pressure
plate to open the gate and return to the room with the hole. Drop down to
the altar and return to the pool room. Before you get there you will spot
a new passage available to you on the right. Take this passage and ride
the elevator up.

Exit the lift and head to the right where you will find a rope you can use
to swing to the other side. Continue into the next room which is above the
room with the three colored switches. Cross around to the other side and
push the gold urn over the edge causing it to land on the blue switch.
Now you can jump out to the chain hanging in the middle of this room and
climb down to the floor below. Step on the green switch and return to
the pool room to take the final passage.

Follow the passage until you arrive at the top of a massive foyer. Twin
stairs lead down on both sides and you can take either one to lead you to
the final encounter with the belly dancer. Don't be distracted by her
graceful moves - she is very deadly and has over twice the hit points that
you do. You will need to use all of your combat experience to defeat her.
I recommend the sword. If you try to use your knives she will tear you
up before you can even scratch her. When she is finally dead you can
claim her healing potion then exit through the door. Follow the passage
and watch out for the spinning blade trap around the final corner. Run
past these blades as they are lowering back into the floor. Enter the
door to exit this level and start the very cool cinematic.


Head across the bridge. Note the green potion on the right - you will be
getting it shortly but not from this area. Kill the guard at the far end and
take the healing potion he leaves behind. Ignore the switch on the wall 
(it closes the gate behind you) and continue forward and to the left. You
can jump over the railing at the top of the stairs or duck under the slicing
blade trap on the banister as you go down them. Run toward the opening at the
far end of this passage and the guard will close the gate as you approach. 
Turn left and climb out onto the window sill and drop to the outer ledge. 
Turn right and follow the ledge around the corner and kill the guard who shut
the gate.

Turn left and run across the crumbling ledge - grab on and pull up or
jump to clear this gap. Move forward until the arches are on your right.
Go into the first arch and locate the floor plate and step on it to open
the shutters in the back wall. Climb through to the ledge on the other
side. To your left is a window high in the wall and to your right is
another floor plate to reopen the shutters on your return trip. For now,
move left and jump across to the ledge just below the torch-lit terrace
with the assassin guard on top. Climb up to the top and kill this guard the
run and jump to the walkway on the opposite side.

The walkway continue toward a tower then splits in either direction.
Head right a few steps then face away from the tower and spot the
ledge below. Jump to this ledge and enter the door. Turn right and
continue up the spiral steps and into the next hall. An opening in the left
wall leads out to the deck with the green endurance potion which will
increase your total health. Continue up the step and turn right. Drop from
the window back to the ledge with the floor plate and step on it to open
the shutters and climb through to where you started.

Move forward through the arch and jump across the alley to the opposite
ledge and pull up. Sidestep to the right and pull up to the upper ledge.
You can go to the far right end of this ledge and drop down to get the
healing potion if you need it, otherwise just jump through the window in
front of you and drop to the floor.

Kill the guard in this room and take the arrows he leaves behind. Proceed
through the door and down the stairs to the open area outside and watch
the cinematic of Rugnor and your Princess. A sniper on a ledge high
above to your left is already shooting at you. Take cover behind one of
the battlements (square stone columns) on the left. Jump and grip the
edge of the battlement and wait for the sniper to shoot. Then while he is
reloading, pull up and jump the gap to the ledge ahead of you. If you
land on the ledge, quickly run to the right. If you come up short, then
grip the edge and shimmy sideways to the right and pull up. Locate the lit
window and jump to the ledge and enter.

Continue to the rope and jump to it and slide down to the floor below. There
are two exits from this room, Through one of the exits you can see another
door - this is the exit you need to take but don't go through that second door.
Turn right and go up the stairs and step on the switch. Drop to the floor
below and go outside. Move the box over to the high ledge and use it as a step
to climb up. Follow the ledge around to the left and enter the door. The 
hallway beyond is double-trapped with spikes and slicing blades. Jump the 
spikes then duck and crawl under the blades.

Continue to the right and step on the switch and avoid the dart trap. Turn
right and locate the narrow ledge. Jump and grab then shimmy to the left
until you are under the door then pull up and enter. Walk outside and
turn and pull up to the next ledge. Ignore the Green Poison Potion on this
ledge. Turn and do a running leap to the opposite ledge then turn left
and head to the rope. Jump to the rope and swing to the other side then
head right to the edge and do a standing jump to the large balcony
below. Enter the door and turn left and take the stairs leading down.
Jump over the spikes at the bottom of the stairs then turn right and head
out onto the bridge. When you are between the four columns turn left
and walk off the bridge to the area below.

Your now need to jump to the ledge with the guard ahead and to the left.
You can either make the jump and kill the guard in hand-to-hand combat,
or snipe him with a few arrows then make the jump when it is all clear.
Either way, jump to the ledge and head up the stairs. Enter the room and
step on the floor switch to lower a lantern then exit back to the stairs.
Go down halfway and jump over the short wall to land in front of a gate
which will open as you approach. Go inside and fight the old man who
attacks from the left. Continue down the hall from where he attacked
and enter the small room. Ride the lift to the top and exit.

Turn left and continue to the doorway on the ledge. Avoid the spikes as
you enter the door and take a right. Watch out for the sniper in this
area. Run across the bridge and turn right. When you arrive at the stairs
you will notice a pair of beams running above the stairs. Jump to either
of these beams and shimmy over the stairs which are trapped and will
open dropping you in a deadly pit otherwise. At the bottom of the stairs,
take the door leading to the next hall with a pair of doors. Both doors
lead outside so take either. Jump to the aqueduct and follow the watery
path straight ahead into the doorway. Turn left and run down the ramp
and jump to the rope swinging to the central platform. Fight and kill the
assassin and take his healing potion. Jump to the opposite ledge and
climb the short wall and enter the door on the right to end this level.

City and Docks

As soon as this level starts quickly climb onto the box on your right and
then jump to the ledge above. You could fight the guards below, but
there are no rewards for your efforts. Make your way along the ledge
until you are above the stone wall with the gate in it. Drop down onto this
wall and walk across to the other side then get on the next ledge. Drop
off and hang from this ledge and shimmy past the spiked area. Pull up on
the other side and turn to face the next ledge across the street. Watch
out for the dark raised sections on the corners of both of these ledges.
They are triggers for deadly dart traps which launch from behind you.
To avoid the traps jump across at a slight angle to the left and the darts
will miss you.

Continue forward until you reach a carpeted area with a pair of Life
Stealer Arrows. Pick them up then turn and jump across to the lower
slanted roof across the street. Drop off to the street below and continue
past the fountain until you spot a large guard up ahead. A small alley on
the left contains several boxes. You can pull out one of these boxes to
access a shape-change potion. When you drink it you will look like the
other street guards and can simply walk by anyone you encounter. This is
on a timer so get moving.

Walk toward the big guard and turn left and head down the street. A pair of
guards are at the next intersection. Turn right and go a short distance then
turn right again into a dead end area. Climb the ledge leading to the door 
and take the ramp up to a room with a Key and a healing potion. Get both then
drop through the window to the street below.  You will have changed back to 
the Prince so watch out for the guard who attacks as you hit the pavement. 
Kill him then return to the fountain.

Locate the keyhole at the top of the two short ledges and use the key. Enter
the left passage (the right goes to the same location but is heavily trapped)
and follow it around to the alley with many ledges and deadly dart traps. 
Stay along the wall as you approach this area to avoid the darts shooting 
down the middle of the passage.  Jump across to the opposite ledge then drop
to the ground and kill the guard below. Move on top of the grate in the 
corner and open it to access the sewers below.

Follow the watery passage down and turn left. Watch out for the spikes
coming out of the walls. Time your dash through the spikes as they are
retracting and continue to the hole beyond. Back into the hole and hang
onto the edge. The camera will move to an overhead view and you will see
a pattern of spikes poking into the shaft. Time your drop when the spikes
are retracted and drop to the lower passage. Head up the ramp to the
open area where a Muck Monster swims around. You are safe on this
ledge and can easily kill him with a few arrows. He is much harder to kill
in hand-to-hand as he has a very fast strike attack.

When he is dead you can continue up the opposite ramp. Those spikes are
too difficult to jump from here. Turn and pull up to the ledge above then
face the spike alley and do a running jump out to the vine. Start swinging
and release to land on the opposite ledge. Continue down the tunnel and
climb the rope at the end to arrive at the docks.

Walk out onto the dock until it collapses.  Fall to the lower level and 
move ahead and around the corner to the left.  Turn left at the next
corner and you will come to a gap in the wall with a table, pot, and some
arrows.  Grab the arrows then return to the far side of this building.
Find the ramp that crosses the gap between the buildings.  Head up the 
slope and turn and pull up to the next higher ledge.  You should now be on
the top section where a door enters the building behind you on the right.

Don't enter the door just yet.  Turn left and follow the walkway until you
reach a wooden ramp leading up.  A stone building should be at the top of 
the ramp to the left.  Don't go up the ramp; instead, drop off on the left
side and continue forward until you can spot the hole in the floor above.  
Pull up into the lit room and find the green endurance potion.  Drink it 
and drop back to the deck below.  Continue between the buildings until you
are overlooking the water.  To your right should be the high door leading
into the building.  Turn left and look down to spot a building below.  
Beyond this building is a shipwreck out on the horizon.

Get a running start and jump to the roof of this building.  Walk to the back
edge and stay to the left.  Turn and lower yourself over the edge and drop.
Grab immediately just in case you miss the walkway below.  You will catch 
yourself and can pull up to the ledge and get the healing potion.  The 
walkway will crumble and fall away if you go to your left, so just pull back
up to the roof.  Off in the distance ahead of you, you should see the door 
you need to return to.  But first, one more quick stop.  Run and jump from 
the right corner of this roof to land on the nearby walkway.  You should be
right outside a doorway.  Enter and talk to the man and get the flute from the 
table.  Exit, turn right and jump to the next walkway.

Return to the sloped ledge ahead and cross to the building on the left.  Climb
onto this ledge and walk up the slope then pull up to the next higher ledge.
Turn once more and jump to the top ledge and move around to the right to find
the door that enters this building.  Most of the floor in here is very unstable.
Go just inside the door and turn and do a standing jump to the middle of the 
room.  You will land on a stable piece of wood.  Now take a few steps back from
the far edge of this platform and do a standing jump to the next lower piece of
stable floor below.  (Use first person viewing to line-up these jumps before 
attempting them).  Now back off this ledge and hang and drop to the floor below
and you won't take any damage.

Head toward the corner room with the shovel and you will find a hole
leading below. Drop through to the tunnel below and follow the passage
to the underground lake. Another Muck Monster swims around here and
you can either kill him or avoid him. The far right passage is the safest
of the two for exiting. Make your way around the ledges (or wade
across the water if you killed the Muck Monster) and enter this passage.
When you turn the next corner to the left there will be a bottomless pit.
You cannot jump this pit but there is a very narrow ledge along the left
side you can walk across. Past this pit you will see the other tunnel from
the lake room branching in from the left. A short passage on the right has
a healing potion. At the end of this passage is a coiled rope. Play the
flute and it will rise up out of the pit. You may have to try various
locations to activate the flute/rope. Climb out of the tunnel to the wharf

Head down the wharf until it splits off in a Y. Take the right fork to the
house at the end and enter. Drink the strength potion which will make the
next boss-battle much easier. Return to the Y and take the other path.
Ignore the house on the left - it is empty. Keep heading to the right and a
giant Muck Monster will attack. He smashes up a lot of the wharf and
you will fight him in waist-high water. You should easily defeat him with
the added strength of the potion you just drank.

When it is dead you can move ahead to the nearest piece of the wharf.
This is the ONLY time you can be in the water without automatically
being eaten by a Muck Monster. Once you are on the wood you need to
stay on it for the rest of the level. Start jumping across the various
broken pieces of the wharf as you make your way toward the Dirigible in
the distance. When you reach the wall, climb to the top. Ignore the guard
in the nearby boat and quickly dive into the water (this water is safe) to
avoid the pair of archers on the towers. Swim to the opposite side of the
harbor and exit onto the wooden dock. Ignore the guard here and enter
the door to exit the level and start another cool cinematic.


The next few levels are going to test every bit of your patience and your
jumping abilities. Almost every jump is a life and death situation and one 
slip or missed ledge will send you plummeting to your doom. Keep your finger
over the QuickSave and use it often!

Begin the level by climbing the rope in front of you. Jump off the rope and
enter the room and talk to the man then climb the boxes and exit through the
hole in the ceiling. Kill the skinny crewman then turn right and jump up to
the ledge above. Head right along the ledge and cross the plank leading right
and onto the platform. Continue straight and climb up to the next ledge. 
There are several crates in this container. Climb the first large crate and 
jump to the conveyor belt. Run to the opposite side and enter the building to
get some arrow. Return to the container and move to the boxes in the back.

Climb up these crates and pull up onto the ledge. Turn left and quickly
get up the small step and draw your weapon to fight the big guard. When
he is dead you can move toward the pressure switch and step on it to
open the nearby door. The guard will vanish as you enter this new room
and the man inside will tell you that each guard you kill makes all the
others stronger. Turn right and get the healing potion then climb up and
through the window.

Jump from this ledge to the platform below then walk forward and turn
right. Jump over to the box with the rope inside and climb the rope. Exit
to the ledge at the top and make your way to the stack of crates nearby.
Climb up to the ledge and get more arrows then climb back down the
crates and walk back toward the rope. Turn left before you get there
and spot the next ledge you need to jump to. Another rope is accessible
from this ledge. Climb up and jump from the rope into the room above.
Walk to the other end of this box-like room and jump to the rope to avoid
the falling floor around it. Climb up and jump to the next platform.

Get a running start so you can leap to the doorway and continue up to the
platform with the guard. Kill him then continue around this large deck
and jump to the wooden platform hanging from several chains. Climb to
the ledge above this then jump to the door. Continue past the gears and
up the ramp to the pressure switch. Step on it to lower the drawbridge
then return to the machine room. Jump over the trapped floor as you
reenter this room then turn right and head out onto the bridge. Jump
from the end of the bridge to the platform beyond then climb the crate
on the left and continue up to the next ledge.

Climb up another crate then turn and jump to the next ledge and follow
the walkway to the top. Kill the guard on the right and if you need it you
can carefully walk out onto the beams to get the healing potion. Watch
out for the pressure plates on some of the beams that will trigger an
arrow trap. Climb up the crates near where you kill the skinny crewman
and turn to jump onto the platform that is moving back and forth. Turn
right and stand on the edge of this moving section and when it reaches
the far end jump up to the next walkway. Continue forward being very
cautious of the giant slicing blade trap. Wait for it to slam down then
run through as it is resetting.

Continue along this path until you can jump to the right to the central
platform. Turn left and follow it around until you can jump to the next
platform. Move forward and climb to the next ledge then turn left and
go through the archway. Continue to the end and turn right and jump to
the hanging crate which is a counterweight to a similar crate on the other
end of the beam. The cinematic shows where this crate is.

When the crate is at the bottom, turn and jump to the walkway behind
you and run back to the central platform. Continue back to the left and
this time run off the end of the ledge and jump to the crate on the other
end of the balance beam. Depending on how fast you are this crate may
already be lowering. Leap across to this crate and then to the ledge
beyond. From this platform you can jump to the next small platform then
head to the edge and wait for the wooden lift to come up. Step on and
ride to the top. Turn right and jump to the far ledge as you near the top.
If you fail to make the jump you will be crushed with a sickening crunch.

Head to the end of this walkway and face the rope. Jump to the rope
and climb up then drop off into the doorway. Climb to the ledge and exit
through the window above the door you just entered. A guard is ahead
and to the right. Kill him now with your bow then climb the rope and spin
around so your back is facing the sliding platform below. When the
platform is beneath you (you will hear a noise) drop down and ride it to
the other side. Jump to the opposite ledge when this platform reaches
the other side and head left. Run to the rope and swing across to the
building and get some arrows inside. Return to the previous walkway
using the rope and walk to the end. Turn right and jump to the higher
ledge. Grab on and pull up then walk to the end of this ledge and turn
right again. Pull up to the ledge with the dead guard and walk to the end.

Turn left and drop down to the doorway with the floor plate. It opens
this shack and you can get the healing potion inside. Return to the ledge
with the guard and climb the ledge on the left. Another guard is off in
the distance. You need to kill him with your bow as soon as you can get a
clean shot or he will cause you problems as you get closer. He guards a
purple potion which you will be getting in a few moments. Continue from
this ledge into the next building then head out through the door on the
right. Turn left and drop straight down to the walkway below. Follow
this catwalk through another slicing blade trap to the end of the ledge
then turn left and climb up to the next ledge. Jump to the platform
outside the building and enter to get the strength potion. Exit the
building and jump down to the lower catwalk and repeat the last few
climbs until you are back on the highest section. Turn and face the
moving platform.

Climb onto the platform as it nears and ride it to the other side. If you
need it, you can turn left now and go to the rope and climb down to get
the healing potion below. Return to the top and go to the right when you
are ready. Another skinny guard is on the upper ledge. You can kill him
now with an arrow or wait and deal with him in person. Continue around
and enter the door and go up the stairs. Kill the guard (if you didn't
already) and flip the switch he was guarding. A large section of the
circular walkway will lower into place. Follow it back around to the right
until you spot the healing potion. If you aren't wounded then save the
potion until after the next combat.

Turn right and walk up the ramp and fight the big guard. Now go get that
potion if you need it before continue to the end of this walkway. At the end
turn and climb the ledge then head left to the hanging crate. Turn right and
jump to the rope. Climb to the platform and jump off then follow the series of
platforms until you reach the gold roof. Now is a good time to target the 
guard ahead with an arrow and finish him off. Jump to the next few platforms
then line up for the jump to the big hanging box. When you land on the box 
run forward and jump to the central platform quickly before the box lowers 
and you have to repeat all this over again.

Ignore the floor plates and the switch and turn to the vertical wood
walls on the right. Jump to the wall and grab on and pull up. Do a
standing jump to the tent then run off the canvas and continue forward.
A guard will be pursuing you from behind, but you can easily beat him to
the lift around the corner to the right. Ride it to the top then enter the
next lift to the left and ride it to the next level. Exit the lift and watch
the guard leave this area. Walk out onto the catwalk and it will crumble
taking you down with it. Now you are forced to take the very long way to
get to that exit. Head to the end of this walkway and turn left. Back off
the ledge and hang until the platform slides beneath you. Drop and ride
it to the other side where you can climb up to a ledge with a conveyor
belt and a blade trap. Cross the treadmill and time your jump through this
trap and cling to the opposite ledge to pull up.

Turn left and leap to the horizontal beam and swing across to the
opposite ledge. Turn right and ride the lift to the upper ledge. Run, jump,
and swing across a pair of horizontal beams to the next ledge then get
ready for a difficult jump. Jump out to the rope and start swinging. As
you swing watch the moving wooden platform and when it is nearing the
slicing blade trap below let go at the right moment to land on this moving
platform. Jump to the next stationary platform then hang off the ledge
and wait for the platform to slide below you so you can drop down.

Ride this platform and jump to the next platform when you get close
enough and ride this one to the far side where you can jump and climb to
the ledge. Turn left and jump into the doorway and flip the switch to
lower the lift behind you. Climb on and ride it to the top. Turn and jump
out the window onto the ledge. Turn left and leap to the walkway and
follow it around to the end. Drop to the ledge below and face the next
section where large boxes are moving in and out. Time your run past
these boxes and turn right to enter the door at the far side of this

Drop to the platform below and walk to the ledge. Climb down to the
suspended catwalk with the pair of blade traps. Time your run through
the first trap then jump and grab as the middle section of the catwalk
falls away. Get past the remaining blade trap then turn left and wait for
the giant fan blades to spin around. Time your jump early so you land on
the blade and quickly turn to face the outside edge of the blade. When
you spin to the far side jump to the ledge with the crate. Use the crate to
climb to the upper ledge and step on the pressure plate to open the door.
Enter to fight the crew boss.

This guy is tough and with ten health points on his side you will have to
use some good strategy to defeat him. Block his attacks and counter with
your own to do extra damage. When he is dead you can move forward
and flip the switch on the wall. This entire section will spin so that the
walls are now floors. You will also lose all your weapons. Continue
forward and start climbing the walls which now form ledges. Make your
way to the crate and use it to step up to even higher wall sections. When
you reach the very top you can pull up into the elevator. Ride it to the top
and exit to the walkway. Follow it around to the left and then the right
until it ends at a small gazebo.

Upper Dirigible