Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire PC Cheats

Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire


Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve QFG 5. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll just ruin the game. Besides, that's no way to find glory.


Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire

Walkthrough by Jeremy Culberg

This walkthrough is only for Paladin, Thief and Magic User. I have not attempted to complete the game as a fighter. This walkthrough gives pretty much step by step answers to every problem that I have encountered and been able solve (very few that I haven't). However there are a few things that I haven't been able to do. This walkthrough however will allow any person using the three character classes above to complete the game with maximum points, but not all deeds will be done. To the best of my knowledge you can never do all the deeds, as some are mutually exclusive, an example given later is that you can't marry all four women.


Easily the most powerful class, especially if you have converted a once magic user to Paladin. My recommendation is to complete any of the prior Quest for Glories as a magic user, max out the stats and then import (easiest in numbers 1 and 2). This character will have all the spells that the magic user starts with, plus the abilities of a paladin. There is only one spell that the paladin cannot get during the game, and that is thermonuclear blast. This is no great loss, as it is a one use spell.

Even better would be to complete number 1, import to number 3, change class from thief (who can get all the skills), to magic user and then complete number 3.

Magic User

Very good character class. However do not import a character that has either of the thief abilities (stealth, picklock) as you cannot marry Katrina if you have these abilities. This is particularly important for those people who have either used the cheats in quest for glory 1 or 2, or taken characters through quest for glory 4 multiple times.

* In this walk through I will refer to users of magic, which is any character class with who has selected magic as an ability, and magic users as the specific character class.


Has additional skills (pick pocket), and can develop the climb skill (if this is possible for either the paladin (without thief abilities), or the magic user (same proviso), please tell me). The best way to create a thief is to have taken one through all the previous quest for glories, grabbed whatever spells you wanted, and then import to quest for glory 5.

As you may have noted there are real advantages to have started in the earlier quest for glories, however the game is more than possible with the characters that can be generated in the game.

The game:

This game has several distinct sections. These are:

Before the quests begin

During the quests (seven sections)

The final battle sequence

Additionally there are some subsections which do not need to be done, however they are opportunities to improve skills, gain experience, and improve honour.

List of major characters:

Logos - centaur in the palace

Ferrari - Local crime lord, runs the arena and dead parrot inn

Pholus - the weapons smith

Famous Adventurer - The guy who wrote the manuals for the previous games

Wolfie - Dog like character running a stall in the market

Sarra - Female Katta who runs a stall in the market

Marrak - Sarra's husband, runs the food stall

Julanar - Helps run the apothecary

Salim - The other person who runs the apothecary

Shakra - Liontaur who runs the magic shop, son of Rakeesh

Rakeesh - Liontaur who is your sponsor for the rites

Erasmus - Wizard and another sponsor for the rites

Fenrus - Erasmus' familiar

Ann - Gnome who runs the inn you stay at

Ugarte - A middleman for information

Bruno - The assassin

Toro - Guildmaster, minotaur

Elsa - Toro's friend, fellow competitor

Kokeeno - Another competitor, was a guard

Magnum - Another competitor, guy from Nova Roma

Gort - Yet another competitor, big green guy

Dr Praetorius - One of Gort's sponsors

Dr Mobius - Gort's other sponsor

Sam - The banker

Minos - adviser to the king, a bad guy, Elsa's sponsor

Nawar - a dancer at the dead parrot inn

Budar - bar girl at the dead parrot inn

Erana - a magic user

Katrina - another magic user

Hippolyta - queen of the tritons

General Claudius - The head mercenary

Before the quests begin

You start with Erasmus giving a lecture as to why you are here. Either choice is good. Assuming that you want to fight (and thereby gain money), go into danger. There are 5 Hesperian mercenaries around here. Equip whatever weapons and armour you want, and go into the fight. Spells that are recommended are calm (stops monsters attacking you), dazzle (they can't see you to hit you), zap (really ups the damage on weapons) and protection (lessens damage done to you). If you are a paladin heal is useful. Later on (or if you start with a really high honour) holy strength and peace are both useful, and awe is magnificent.

Recommendations for fighting, do not use the keyboard, except for defending yourself (D key). Use the mouse to click on the enemy you want to die, and your character will run up (if you double click), and attempt to attack him. This is the most effective method I have found.

Having fought everyone, search the bodies. You should get shields, swords (maybe), drachmas (maybe), and arrows (maybe). Each mercenary has a shield, and a random selection of the others. The weapons can be sold (or used if you start with less powerful weapons). Arrows can't be used.

As any character class, the chainmail armour is restrictive. I sell it (as a paladin), and go with leather armour. When you get the magical chainmail armour, I sell that too. I stick with the magical leather armour. It doesn't restrict any of your abilities, and provides good protection. This is something that will be a shock to players of the original quests for glory. To spell it out, some items will restrict your abilities to some actions whilst using that item. For example using chainmail armour (basic), your acrobatics drops to minimal, your agility is lowered, as is magic ability. All things considered this makes sense, as you would be less agile wearing chainmail armour. Conversely using a sword or spear will raise your offense skill. A shield will raise your defence skill. Certain other items will raise various stats. However as soon as you unequip the item, your stats will go back to the previous unmodified score.

Head to Silmaria. As you enter you will notice several rocks at the bottom centre of the screen. These are useful for practicing the throwing skill. The target board is useful for dagger throwing. The gate can be opened using the open spell, or just going up to it.

Once inside the town, on the left of the area is the inn. This place will be discussed later. On the immediate right of the gate is a door. This door leads to the guards. You will need this later. Further up the path is door with bars. This is the jail. Near this door is a tower, with a bridge. Underneath the tower (down the path), is the entrance to the thieves guild. This is inaccessible unless you have thief skills (regardless of class). Across the bridge is the adventurers' guild. This is a good place to start. Read the logbook, sign the logbook, read the notices on the wall, talk to Toro. Later Elsa will be here, talk to her. Even later Magnum Opus is here. No need to talk to him, but you might as well.

Leave the guild and continue to head to the right of the screen. This leads to the docks. At the docks there is a fishing boat (should be afternoon at this time), with no person in it. Behind the pier is an inn, The Dead Parrot Inn. It opens at 5pm. Further to the right is a centaur, Pholus. He is the weapons smith. You can sell whatever excess weapons you are carrying to him. Price that you get for weapons seems to dependent on class and honour. Magic users aren't favoured, neither are thieves, but paladins are. Beyond the centaur is a house. This is the house of the Famous Adventurer (FA). Go in here. Talk to the guy, look at the books lying around, read them, ask him to autograph one of the manuals on swimming, read the manual on swimming, this gives you an additional 100 skill in swimming. If you didn't have swimming to start off with, this gives you the skill..

Leave the house and head up the path between the inn and the centaur. Head through town and up to 'Nob Hill'. Up here is the notice board, palace, Ferrari's house, another house, the colosseum (arena), the rock where Rakeesh sits, and the spinning hat, in that order (left to right). Every time you enter the palace all your mana, stamina and health are replenished. So consider casting out any spell you wish to develop before entering the palace any time you decide to enter. Go to the colosseum, enter and talk to Ferrari. Don't bother watching the fights. Go back to the notice board, and read it (do this at regular intervals, like daily and after major events).

Go back to town, and go to the magic shop. Talk to Shakra. Buy magic magnets. If you are a user of magic buy the three spells you don't have yet (RIP, Boom and Fascination in that order). Leave the magic shop and go back in. This allows a different conversation to occur. This time you should get an option to teach Shakra a spell (if you are a user of magic). This is a good opportunity to make some money. Try and keep 1100 drachmas available for personal use. You start with 500 in the bank, and I believe 200 on your person. You can get about 220 for the shields, a bit of money for the swords and arrows. About 230 for each spell you sell. This money is used for gambling. This is not really a risk as you bet on yourself. As you are a good fighter (even as a wizard), you rarely lose (I never have). This is the fast way to money. Money is really necessary to outfit yourself early on in the game. For those with moral qualms, it is only Ferrari's money, and he is the local kingpin (read crimelord). Visit the apothecary, and talk to them both (Julanar and Salim). Try and buy 1 of each type of pill and potion. Several are not available because of a lack of one thing or another. This will be sorted out shortly. In the back of the shop, there are jalapenos (red things in a bunch). Get some.

Having talked to them, go talk to Wolfie (the dog character running a stall). Ask about everything. Buy a map, the picture of the balloon and at least 2 amphorae. 4 is the absolute minimum needed to get through the game, however more makes it easier. Finish the conversation and start another one. This usually presents more lines of inquiry. Repeatedly ask about rumours. Talk to the female Katta running a stall, Sarra. Finish the conversation and start another one. Keep on doing this until you stop getting new options. Similarly talk to Marrak who runs the food stall, show Marrak the picture of the balloon, buy one of each type of pizza. A second peperoni pizza is needed later, however don't get it now. Fruit is the cheapest food available, gyros the lightest. I recommend saving weight over money. Buy the brazier at some point (not necessarily now, but it needs to be acquired). Go talk to the banker, ask about everything. Don't bother depositing any money. If you are a thief (or a member of the guild), remove all your money from the bank.

For a fast honour boost, get the flowers from outside the apothecary, (lots of flowers), and give them to the Katta with the pipe.

Before we go any further, choosing a wife becomes quite important. At some point in the game the option for choosing a wife appears. If you are a thief you cannot marry Katrina. If you have thief skills you cannot marry Katrina. The paladin can marry Nawar (if he chooses to be a thief as well), Elsa or Erana. It may be possible to marry Katrina as a paladin, but as I have always taken characters with a complete skill base (as in all skills), I have not been able to test this. Thieves can marry Elsa, Nawar and I think Erana (depending on your honour). Similarly for Magic Users. However a magic user cannot marry Nawar unless he becomes a member of the thieves guild. If he becomes a member of the thieves' guild he cannot marry Katrina.

If you want to marry Katrina or Erana give flowers or other presents to no other competitor. Gifts are required to show your affection (how materialistic!), so for each the list of gifts or actions is: Elsa, amulets of strength, defence or offense, flowers, the hydra teeth, regular conversations; Nawar, regular conversations, chocolate, alcohol, flowers, jewellery, defeating the guard to the inn, and showing up Ferrari; Erana, magic seeds, chocolate, flowers, conversation at every opportunity (more on this later); Katrina, amulet of defense, flowers, chocolate, conversation.

The important thing to consider here is that once you make your choice in women, stick to it.

The easiest matches are magic user - Katrina, paladin - Erana, thief - Nawar. I have implied that non-thief characters can become members of the thieves' guild. This is true, any character can become a member of the thieves' guild, however only thieves get the full benefits (as in all deeds completed).

Speaking of deeds, from the main character screen you can get a running score screen. From here you can get a list of deeds done. At the end of the game, a list will appear of deeds not done. Several of these are mutually exclusive, eg if you married Erana, the to do list would have 'Get married to Katrina'. This is not possible, bigamy is not permitted.

Back to the main story, go down to The Dead Parrot Inn. On the left and side of screen, there is a short staircase, which leads to Ferrari and Ugarte. Talk to them both. As a prospective member of the thieves' guild, give the thief sign. Talk to the one armed man at the table (Arrestes). Similarly give the sign. Talk to Budar and Nawar at the end of the bar. As a thief you need to win at both games at the wheel. This is a good opportunity to make money and develop skills. Go upstairs and look at the board against the right hand wall. This board is the betting board. Enter the competition, and bet on yourself up to 1000 drachmas. This usually pays of really well, and can make you a lot of money, needed later. Talk to Bruno (dark guy in the corner). Not much of a conversationalist, so leave him alone. Note his clothing however. At some point a ghost should appear in the bar floating on the upper level from the right hand side of the screen to the left. Click on the ghost, and get an honour boost. Leave the inn.

Go to your hotel, talk to the gnome, get your room key and go up to your room. Put one magnet in the chest. Make the bed (honour boost), open the drawer and get the sheet. As a member of the thieves' guild, you will need a second sheet, so steal it from the bed. Go back out of your room, and show the gnome the balloon picture. Give the sheet to the gnome. Talk to the gnome. At some point the conversation as a 'Tell about Wolfie'. Do this.

Skill development: Most skills are easy to develop, just practice lots. Several are more challenging, for example defense needs an enemy attempting to hit you and you just defending. Offense can be developed by practicing acrobatics. The calm spell is very difficult to develop because you have to wait until it expires before casting the next one. This is very annoying. The easiest way to develop this spell is every time you change screen (eg head from a shop to the town square, enter a building, enter a dragon pillar site, what ever), cast calm. If this is done from the beginning of the game, the spell develops fairly rapidly, without noticeable delays. However just standing in one spot and cast calm repeatedly doesn't work the same way as other spells do. The shrink spell needs a target to fired at (this is found later). The second dragon pillar (just north of Silmaria), has regular fights. Enter the area once, and there should be maybe two Goons or whatever. Leave and re-enter, and there should be 5 or so targets. Do this a couple of times and the shrink spell develops very quickly. The boom spell is one of the worst spells to practice as it hangs around forever. The best place to practice this spell is by casting it at a dragon pillar. The pillar being protective in nature, immediately triggers the boom. An idiosyncrasy of the game is that all the random encounters occur in the same location (not on the map, but as far as the computer is concerned). This means that a boom spell cast after a random encounter will still be there at the next random encounter. Even if they were triggered at opposite ends of the island. The juggling lights and fascination spells are most easily developed where there are no other characters being moved around the screen, and where there is a magic nullification field nearby (inside most shops). This leaves very few spots to do this, so the best point I found was inside the room at the hotel. Walk into the main area, the spells disappear, zap back to your room using a magnet. Swimming is not a spell, however it is nigh on impossible to develop until rite 6. During this rite you acquire an amulet of water breathing. This allows you to swim for as long as you like. However expect to spend many hours (game time, not real time), just swimming endlessly in circles to develop the skill. Pick pocketing skill develops most quickly if you pick the lock to the inn (the dead parrot inn).

The climb skill can only be developed by using the grappling hook and rope, which is only available to those characters who have joined the thieves guild (everyone can if they have stealth and picklock). Pick pocket is a skill only obtainable by those who join the thieves guild. Abilities (like strength, magic etc) are developed as you develop other skills. For example in practicing offense skill, your strength, luck, vitality and agility can all go up. There is little point developing the base abilities until you have developed all your skills (you just waste time). The only abilities I need to develop (usually) is vitality (if I am a paladin), or intelligence (if I am a magic user). All other abilities are developed by the time the skills are developed. I would recommend developing skills related to combat (spells and things like throwing, defense, offense, acrobatics), and whatever are the primary skills of the character type (thieves picklock, stealth, magic users all the spells (less RIP), Paladins, honour and fighting skills). Other skills are useful, but not necessary to complete the game. For users of magic, developing RIP takes a long time (40 days of using it every time I wanted to sleep only got me up to skill 300). Don't practice Force Bolt, Boom, Frost Bite or Dragon Fire in the town square. An accidental hit on a guard or a civilian can ruin your game. This may seem obvious, but people do forget where they are.

Okay, end of day one. Two options here. If you are thief, or a wannabe thief, go to the thieves' guild (under the bridge), and join up (expensive at this point). Buy a torch, oil, grappling hook and blackjack. The pickpocket knife can wait. If you have a good offense skill (>400), you can attempt to break into the bank. You have to cosh all the guards (only 2), and enter the bank. If you get the coshing wrong, restore your game and don't bother until your skill is higher. Breaking into the bank is fairly easy (locks are easy to pick), and the trap is fairly simple (trick, the arm position of each dancing man are unique, so record where they are, makes it much easier, or you can key to leg positions). The other place to go is the house next to the colosseum. Break in and search everything (look behind one of the pictures, there is a safe), grab the vase, look in the chair, look in the drawers etc. Go out the top door, and see the easiest place to practice climbing. Use the grappling hook and go up and down. Later you use this to rob Ferrari, but this can't be done until approximately rite 6. Having broken in go back to the thief guild, sell the stuff you stole. Enter the chief thief competition, bet fairly high (the betting peaks at 800 drachmas from memory). Buy the pickpocket knife.

Otherwise go to bed and get some sleep (or practice the RIP spell). Go down to the docks and talk to Andre (the fisherman). Leave the scene (try going swimming) and return. Talk to him again. Make sure you ask about anchovies. Having read the notices in adventurers' guild, you will know that Sarra is missing a basket and that the famous adventurer is looking for some Hippocrene water. Additionally the apothecary needs Pegasus feathers. Time to get them. Get some healing pills and some daggers and head out of town. If you have zap, cast zap on the daggers. When you throw the daggers, each dagger will hit with the zap bonus. On the least difficult setting, most Hesperian mercenaries drop from one dagger hit. Occasionally they will explode, and you lose the dagger. However, most of the time you won't lose the dagger. To get them to stand still cast calm and dazzle, don't use peace ability, serious hurt to the honour stat. Head south, along the beaches. Eventually a random encounter will occur (unknown enemies, however I usually get granglers or goons), and the basket will be found. Head north. For opportunities to make money head to each of the dragon pillars in an anti clockwise direction. In the dragon pillar immediately north of Silmaria, there is a hive, get some wax. If you meet up with wierdings (random encounters only), these guys carry magic chainmail armour (this stuff is good, however magic leather is better in my opinion), and worth keeping until after the first rite. The dragon pool is worth visiting, cast resistance to avoid heat damage.

Head around to the northwest corner, and head to the Pegasus head. This is where the Hippocrene River is and the Pegasus feathers. Get two amphorae of water, and take a drink, it is invigorating. As a thief, use your grappling hook to climb up, and then swing on the tree root. A magic user should cast levitate, the paladin should throw a rock at the big rock and catapult himself up. Each uses the tree root. Go up to the top and get the feathers (up to 100). Go back down to the lowest point on the path. If you click a feather on yourself, you drop without damage to the floor below. Magic users can cast levitate. Go back to Silmaria using the magnets. Sell the feathers to Salim at the apothecary (except 2), and give the water (one bottle) to the famous adventurer. The famous adventurer will give a person with thief skills a stealth charm, a pure magic user thermonuclear blast, a paladin a magic helm (unless he has thief skills, then he gets the stealth charm).

Visit Erasmus (via the spinning hat on Nob Hill) twice. The second time he will give you a spell if you ask about it, you will know the incident when he can give you the spell when he does a fancy greeting. Give the basket to Sarra. She gives you a necklace.

Science Island: There are several items that you will need before going to science island. These are, beeswax, sewn sheet, rope (not available to non-members of thieves guild at this stage), brazier (from Marrak), peperoni and jalapeno pizza, anchovy and artichoke pizza, Pegasus feather, and a spear (throwing or other). To create the pizzas, take the two that you bought from Marrak and select one. Add the component you wish to make the pizza. Eg on the inventory screen select the artichoke pizza so that it is up in the selected item box on the left. Drag the anchovies over to this box. You now have an artichoke and anchovy pizza.

To get to science island go to the docks and leave through the east (rightmost) exit. Go down to the machinery at the end of the path, and read the sign on the wall. Pull the lever to run the windmill. Then pull the lever that operates the brake. Use force on it. It breaks, so use the spear on the mechanism. This becomes the new lever. Pull the lever (if the gondola is already moving, don't bother yet). When the nose of the gondola becomes visible from behind the building, pull the lever to stop the gondola. Get into the gondola. Either throw a rock or cast force bolt at the lever to release the brake. You automatically stop when you reach the island. Get out of the gondola and go towards the thing that looks like a small ATM next to the entrance to the building. Answer the questions. Enter the building. Look at the chart on the immediate left when you enter. This tells you what sort of pizza you need. Go to the ATM next to that and answer the questions. The password is used much later in the game. Talk to the scientist at the desk. Give the appropriate type of pizza to the scientist. Now you have access to the rest of the equipment. On the wall behind the scientist is what appears to be the skeleton of some wings. Put the wax on the skeleton, and then a feather. This creates the Icarus wings needed in rite 3. Use the elevator, and go out the first door you come to (rightmost door). There is another panel near the exit, which drives the crane. Run the crane to get the gondola up (ext 100, angle 55, close claw). Put the sheet on the gondola. Put the rope (if you have it), on the gondola. If you had the rope, put the brazier on the gondola. That is all you can do for now, so leave the island (magnets are good).

Go talk to Wolfie, and tell him about your balloon. At some stage Wolfie should paint the gnome inn. Talk to him about this. (This is triggered by the balloon picture, and then telling Gnome Ann about Wolfie). Once the Gnome Inn has been redecorated, head in between 5 and 7 in the evening. Gnome Ann will ask you to do a favour, agree to it. (This is another deed).

At another point Ann asks you to go talk to Ferrari about her mortgage. Do this. It is a long time before you can fix the mortgage situation, however the discussion needs to take place so that you can fix it. If you have thief skills, Ferrari will ask for the blackbird (long running gag from quest for glories 1-4), even if you are not a member of the thieves' guild. Don't worry about this, it is still possible to acquire the deed to the Land Inn.

In between this, you might as well visit the palace. If you want to develop those skills, immediately before entering the palace is a good time, as all stamina, health and mana is restored by the visit. Talk to Rakeesh and Logos. Agree to enter. Just to the right of the colosseum is the rock where you will now find Rakeesh. Talk to him. He will give you stuff (a grapnel if you are a thief, your Katta pin if you are any class). Talk about everything. As a paladin find out the "Ring of Truth". This will give you a second opportunity to visit Logos. Do this.

Ring of Truth (paladins only): The ring of truth is relatively simple, use it on yourself when you have been damaged, use it at the dragon pool in the flaming river, and use it in rite 5 in the Styx River. Two of these things can be done before starting the rites. Do them.

By day 3 (usually), the bank has been robbed (unless you do it yourself!). To track down the robber, go to the bank, and get the toolkit on the ground. Show the kit to Shakra, and then to Erasmus. Go to the Dead Parrot Inn. At some point you will see Arrestes (one armed man), leave the place. Follow him. He leads you to the thieves' guild. Break in. Easiest to cast detect, trigger and then open, otherwise prepare to take serious damage. Having completed the conversation with Arrestes in the thieves' guild, you will jump in time to the next morning, and will have mana, stamina and health rejuvenated.

As a paladin, go talk to Arrestes in jail, ask about his arm, and then go talk to Julanar (apothecary). Tell her about Arrestes. Then go back and talk to him again. A magic user cannot tell her about Arrestes. Thieves don't get the option because they rob the bank.

Speaking of robbing the bank, it is possible to rob it twice. The second time has more guards and a slightly more complex lock. Again high stealth and offense are recommended.

Visit the adventurers' guild regularly, as Elsa and Magnum can turn up. Talk to them. If you are a thief visit the thieves' guild regularly, to maintain your bets (daily). Also Ugarte and Bruno appear there (Bruno is the dark guy from the Dead Parrot Inn).

The only left to do now is to buy Hera's ring from Sarra, the good luck charm is good too. Buy up on whatever pills you think you need (paladins need lots of stamina pills, magic users mana pills, then health, then stamina and thieves health and stamina). Users of magic need lots of mana pills (think in the order of 400 for the game). 100 stamina pills is usually enough for a game. Health pills are rarely used, and easily acquired through killing goons.

Note on mana pills, you need about a 4 to 1 ratio of mana pills to stamina pills. Most of the time you don't sustain enough damage for it to be worth carrying more than 20 health pills. Don't go for potions, as they are expensive, and not worth the money. If you are injured, if you head into the apothecary you will be healed completely, and have your stamina restored. However you need to be injured to get any benefit.

At the end of any combat in the arena, all your health, stamina and mana are replenished. For those who wish to marry Nawar, you should head to the Dead Parrot Inn immediately following a bout in the colosseum, as she will be on the balcony. Talk to her after every rite, and before you complete the first one, but after you have entered the rites.

Elsa shows up in the adventurers' guild. If you chose to marry her, give her flowers every time you see her. Follow conversation all the way through.

That is all that can be done before the rites begin, other than fight in the colosseum (arena). For those who just want to get through the game, you can start now, but for the rest I would recommend developing those skills and abilities so that no battle will phase you. Particularly useful will be Frost Bite spell, Aura, other protection spells, dazzle, calm. The rest don't really need to be developed, but it is easiest to develop to intelligence and magic use by developing those spells. As a paladin get a large honour. You need 475 to get Awe, and this ability is the single most useful ability a paladin can have, with this ability you need never face combat except in the last battle, when finishing rite 2, and in the colosseum.

Note, if you wish to fight to become champion of arena (colosseum), don't start the rites until day 30, as two of the competitors get knocked off fairly quickly once you start the rites. You still become champion, however you don't get to fight all the fights, and beating Magnum up is satisfying.

The Rites (1st Rite)

To start doing the rites, go into the bank and spend the money (1000 drachmas). Go up to the palace and listen to the spiel, and work out that you have to do Naxos. Go talk to Rakeesh, then the merchants, Pholus (the centaur), and the Famous Adventurer. Make sure you talk to Andre, and note what he says about being a healer. Then tell Julanar about Andre. Visit the Dead Parrot Inn that night and talk to Ugarte. He will offer a deal. You should have a poison cure pill by this stage. Go to the Gnome Inn, via the adventurers' guild. Head back to the Dead Parrot Inn. Walking past the adventurers' guild should trigger Ugarte to walk out and offer you the deal. Go through the conversation, and then Ugarte gets a dagger in the chest (poisoned). Give him a poison cure pill. Talk to Logos. Go talk to Salim and Julanar. Go back to the Dead Parrot Inn and talk to everyone. You get praised for being a hero. Now you can go free some villages.

If you are not a paladin, you might consider buying some decent weapons from Pholus, as he will now (after the rites begin), sell you his specialist weapons. Any of the big weapons are good, those being the slasher dagger, wurmbane spear, ice diamond sword, or the dragonslayer sword. Each has its advantage, each its disadvantage. Swords can't be used underwater, daggers and spears can (plus for the wurmbane spear), daggers have minimal range, however spells can be cast (zap can be cast all the time, the only exception). The swords are both good, dragonslayer is twice as heavy as the ice diamond, but does more damage. I have no recommendations one way or the other, it really is a matter of personal style.

Don't bother buying any of the armour, as you should already have the magic leather armour, could have acquired the magic chainmail armour (beat up wierdings), the magic helmet (fighter types), and if you don't have it yet, you acquire it shortly anyway. The shield you get from Rite 2 is the best available, and can't be bought. So no point in buying a new shield.

Naxos is to the southwest, head due south and then follow the spur to the south west. This is Naxos. Killing the mercenaries get lots of money, but is dishonourable for paladins. Paladins should just use Awe. There will be one room in each village which requires you to either force it or knock on it. This room has a chest in it. Open the chest and everyone will run away - village freed. You can do it without killing anyone. For magic users and thieves, casting calm and dazzle and then throwing a zapped dagger will usually drop any mercenary in one hit. Using frost bite against groups is also very effective.

You might as well clear all the villages, and there is useful treasure in all of them. Also it is a deed that needs doing. The defense charm is particularly important for those who wish to marry Katrina, and all the combat bracelets are good for convincing Elsa that you like her. I find the Atlas armbands the most useful to wear, as I regularly end up carrying too much weight.

Having cleared the villages, head to the dragon pillar west of Silmaria. Here you will find the body of Kokeeno (fellow competitor). Fight off any enemies (usually five mercenaries). Go to Silmaria and knock on the guards' door. This informs the guards of Kokeeno's death. This is yet another deed that needs doing. Go present any of the sigils of the villages to the guards at the palace, and the rite will be complete.

Rite 2

This right involves finding where the Hesperian mercenaries are, and going to their base and killing the General. This is fairly simple to do.

As I have pointed out before, make sure you talk to the woman you wish to marry, and make sure you give her presents (not possible for Erana or Katrina yet). Do this every time you complete a rite. This may sound pedantic, but it really is important if you want to marry the woman.

Go talk to everyone you did before, and go through all the options. Having dealt with that, go talk to Andre and rent the boat. Go around the peninsula that had Naxos on it, and head west. Andre will point out which island is the right one. Land the boat on the island, and you start at night trying to break in.

As a thief, sneak your way in, black jacking guards where necessary, go up the stairs, use the rope to get down to the platform with the black hole in wall. The black hole is a grated covering (use the thief kit), and climb up. This puts you in the fortress. Black jack guards all around the place. The cart of spears is useful, as you can many (haven't been able to find a limit), and then throw the spears later. If you cast zap on one spear, all the spears get charged. Having attacked enough guards, a centaur magic user will teleport in. The fast kill is to cast trigger, however you lose whatever he was carrying (including a scroll), so the better way is to spell up with protective spells (reflection in particular), and throw daggers or spears at him. If the health gets of the centaur gets low, attack using non-zapped weapons (he may explode otherwise). Having killed the centaur, the general will appear. Easy kill is to use spells (frost bite and boom are good) otherwise just go in and slug it out. Even easier is to cast boom a lot at the door he comes out of, before he does. No fight then. The centaur was carrying the augment scroll (useful in a few situations, but I rarely use it), and a magic dagger. The general was carrying a magic axe, the generals shield (best one there is), and money (maybe some other items, but not particularly memorable). To get home use the magnet.

A paladin can use a similar technique, use awe to get the guards to run away, use daggers to drop the magic user, and slug it out with general. Similarly the magic user can cast calm to get past the first two patrolling guards, cast levitate to get up the stair case, and again daggers and spells to get rid of the centaur and general.

Apparently if the thief waits near the toilet (way he came in), he can cosh the general and not have to do the rest of the fight. I have never bothered, as I prefer to get the spell.

Complete the rite by showing the shield to the palace guard. After the next rite starts, you start off by talking to Rakeesh. At the end of the conversation he gets a poisoned dagger thrown at him. Give him a poison cure pill. You have quite a bit of time between needing to get a pill into him and Rakeesh dying. After putting a pill into him, you are taken to the palace. It is a good an opportunity as any to practice the augment spell (shouldn't be up to max yet as you only just got it). Sounds callous but it's easier. Go talk to Julanar and Salim about the dagger, and then to Shakra. Go in and out of both places to get as many different conversations as possible, and follow them through.

At some point, after one of the early rites, Erasmus will come down sick. Go visit Erasmus, and talk to Fenrus. He will give you a box of chocolates. Take these to Julanar and Salim and get them to analyse them (takes a while). This box looks different from the standard one. Later you will find one in your room of the same pattern. Don't eat them. The conversation with Julanar is the one where you get the magic seeds. Give them to Ann if you don't want to marry Erana, otherwise wait until Erana is around and give them to her.

Rite 3

Having dealt with the above, talk to all the people you have before, and then go to science island. The Icarus wings you built before are now used. You can talk to whoever is there at the time. You go through a flight sequence, and land on island with the Hydra. Go to the Hydra icon. At this point there is a tree to the right of the screen, with a bright green sap oozing from it. Get some in an amphora. Go to the front of the hydra and cast up on the protective spells, attack the central head and cauterise the wound (either using a torch if you are thief, or using fire dart). Run to either of the two remaining heads, and start attacking. Elsa should run on at this point. You don't need her help (if you are running version 1.1 or later!), however it is easier to have her help. Magic users always get the position of having to cauterise wounds, whereas paladins get the option. I believe thieves do as well.

Having defeated the Hydra, click on the remaining head and get the scales and teeth. If you want to marry Elsa, be sure to give her the teeth. It won't hurt your chances to let her win this rite, and it is honourable, but not necessary if you don't want to. Talk to her (careful with the selection of options, regards marrying) and then enter the cave. Elsa will follow, and grab a magic bow (you can't get it), and depart. There is a magic helmet, a stack of gold and a chest in the cave. The chest is trapped, the easy way to solve this is to cast detect, trigger and open. Get the contents (shrink spell, rope and magic chainmail). Then go home (using the magnet).

At this point there are a few options. Complete the rite and go on. Complete your balloon, and do some other stuff. Completing the balloon is my preferred option. Having got back, I sell the chainmail, go to the island and complete the balloon. For non-thief guild members, the rope needed came from the island. The sap (goo), you got from the island seals the balloon, allowing it to inflate. The items needed will be Hippocrene water, gold (only one drachma), the brazier (if you haven't already used it), the rope (same proviso) and the tinderbox. Use the rope on the sewn sheet, put the brazier on the gondola and light the brazier using the gondola. Go northwest to the island of Delos (labelled on one of the maps provided). In any case this is the island near the Pegasus, with the symbol for the dryads and sibyl on it. Go to the dryads and use the Hippocrene water on the base of each dryad, and this triggers a dance sequence, (another deed). Magic users get magic wood, to create the staff with. Go to the sybil, get the black lotus, read the inscription on the base of the statue in front of the pool, and put some money in the pool. The sibyl talks to you, giving you a stack of double talk, and ends up giving you a symbol. This means that you have completed rite 4 before even being given it to do.

Go back to Silmaria in your balloon. Don't use the magnet from inside the balloon unless you are sure you can walk back to the balloon. Eg don't leave it on an island or in the middle of the crater (a few other places too). Sell the hydra scales to Salim, and buy a fire proofing potion.

Complete rite 3 (show teeth to the palace guard), and/or wait for Elsa to complete the rite for you. As a magic user, get Shakra to make you the magic staff. This staff is very useful, and has an interesting effect on the lightning spell (test it). Give the black lotus to Julanar or Salim. Talk to these two a few times (leaving the building and returning), as they usually have something useful to say. Similarly with discussion with Shakra.

Having completed rite 3, go talk to everyone again (giving presents to the woman you want to marry, if she is available), and buy mana pills (if you use magic). Shortly after rite 4 is completed, Shakra is poisoned (that box of chocolates again), and you will be unable to buy more mana pills.


Rite 4

See second option at end of rite 3.

Rite 5

To complete rite 4 show the symbol you got from the sibyl to the palace guard. Again go talk to everyone. You will need a peperoni pizza, a gyros and a chocolate. This is to get past Cerberus. In Hades you will need at least 2 amphorae and if you are a paladin the king's ring. Whatever you use for healing and stamina is also highly recommended. Shortly after completing Hades you will have an opportunity to speak to either Erana or Katrina. You should have whatever presents are relevant for them on you as well.

To enter Hades go to the dragon pillar that is west of Silmaria, and almost due south of the Pegasus (has a different symbol). When you enter here there should be a dead guard and a smashed dragon pillar. Go to the end of the river (where it disappears into the rock), and pour the Hippocrene water in. If you read the inscription at the Sibyl you will know what to say. This will trigger a doorway to Hades appearing. Enter the doorway and Cerberus will appear (three headed dog). Talk to him, and he will mention a bribe. The bribe is the food mentioned earlier. Having bribed Cerberus (most honourable course), you can enter Hades. There are many undead around. Paladins can just use destroy undead. Magic users ought to summon a staff and cast lightning. Thieves can avoid most combat, but use the protective spells.

Head east (right) and take the lower of the two paths. This will head to an arch over a path, with you on the arch. There are three ways of getting down. Jumping (hurts a lot but won't kill you), casting levitate or using the grapnel. Apparently using the feather works too, but I haven't been able to get it to work.

Once down head to the exit to the back of the screen. This will lead to a scene where there are two distinct path levels, you on the higher, and there being a very large spine above you. Head left (west). Kill whatever undead get in the way. Nothing special to note here. Leave the scene by walking down the mouth of the skull.

This leads to a path which initially heads down and to the right. Follow this. You will get to a fork (it doesn't look like one). There is a large swirling pool to the immediate right. The easiest way to follow this path is to walk the character using the keyboard, hugging the bottom of the screen. When the whirlpool is in the centre of the screen, you can get some water (this either Lethe or Styx). I believe this one is Lethe. Don't drink it. If you have three amphorae get two of Lethe water. Further east is another pool. This has white lumps in it (or what looks like it, it may be reflections). This water is the Styx water (I think). Get an amphora of this. Dip the ring in this as well. This should complete the ring of truth.

In the background you should see another path, if you double click somewhere on this path your character will run to that point, without need for further direction. Keep on following this path. It will straighten out, and then come to what appears to be an ending. This should trigger a scene change. In this scene Death himself appears and offers you a choice, you can free Erana or Katrina. Paladins should free Erana, Magic Users Katrina. However it is up to you. You cannot free both. Make your choice, and pay the price. You will be killed. However you come back to life, with half your previous vitality (eg if it was 500, it is now 250). Having completed Hades, leave following the same path as described above. At the other end of the dragon spine, you will appear to the left of the entrance to Hades, rather than the right. From there it is a short distance to the exit.

Having left Hades, visit the woman you freed immediately (before you complete the rite). They are both to the east of Silmaria, one north the other south a bit. If you are a user of magic this is the only opportunity you have to get the final spell. If you chose Erana, that spell is first aid (a healing spell). If it was Katrina, you get dragon fire (a truly awesome spell). If you don't care which one you freed (eg marrying Elsa or Nawar), I would recommend freeing Katrina simply because the spell she gives you is really good. If you chose to marry either one, give the presents (listed above), and talk to her lots. Then go and complete the rite, by showing the guard the amphora of water.

Dragon Fire Spell: Careful how you practice this one, as you will need to target it away from yourself. This one will do over 550 points of damage, even when protected (very powerful). Eg just pressing the shortcut key will kill you.

Rite 6

Go give the amphora of Lethe water to Julanar and Salim. By this stage they should have produced a new poison cure pill. Buy some if you don't have any already. Go talk to all the people you normally talk to. Go to Science Island. The secret lab (you got the password to this much earlier), should now be available to enter. Go and use your password, and talk to the guy in there. This gives you a clue as to who produced the poisoned chocolates.

Go visit either Erana or Katrina and talk about the rite. She will give you an amulet of water breathing. This allows you to swim for as long as you like.

Go to Atlantis (near Sifnos but further west), and swim down. The easiest way is to cast open on the gate, either shrink or awe the two guards into running away (don't use violence), and enter the tunnel. The new scene is fairly easy, again awe or shrink any guards and remora. The third panel on the right as you enter this scene is a secret passage (mentioned by FA). Swim towards the main doors. Two options, remove the guards (awe or shrink), and open them, or head to the left of the main doors, and on the tower (this becomes a new scene), there are a series of panels. Cast open on the second from the left. This is a direct passage to the queen's chamber. She will say "come no further", but get close enough to talk. Either give her flowers (again mentioned by FA), or just talk. Go through the options and you will get a statue. This ends rite 6.

Get back into your balloon, and go home.

Note: During rite 5 you should sleep (rather than cast RIP) at the inn at least once. Elsa should come and talk to you, warning of the assassin. During rite 6, Elsa should visit again, and if you are a thief (and have shown Elsa the thief sign at every opportunity), she should give you an opportunity to go rob Minos' island. During rite 7, again Elsa will visit and she will tell you that Minos is bad karma, and she is going to investigate.

Once you have been warned, this triggers a new event. As you walk across the bridge to the adventurers' guild, the assassin will teleport in, throw a dagger, and disappear again. He will miss this time.

Minos' Island: You will visit Minos' Island at least once, as a character with thief skills you can visit twice. You must show the thief sign to Elsa a couple of times for this to trigger. You start off at the beach, with a goon in the foreground. You lose honour killing people, so awe, shrink or black jack your way in. The gates can be rammed by paladins, and "opened" by users of magic. I guess it is possible to climb them, but I have never tried. Into the forecourt, there are a few more enemies, and you will be shown a door. Again paladins can ram them, users of magic can "open" them. As you enter the building proper, there will be goons around, shrink, black jack or awe them. Go upstairs and to the left. There is a door, open it. This is the treasure room. There are two chests, and 6 alcoves that can be opened. Only members of the thieves' guild can get the statue up on the left. To get this you need the rope and grapnel, and a sheet (this statue is like the one in qfg4 in the monastery). In any case use the sheet on the statue, otherwise you get transformed to a bug. Cast trigger or disarm the traps on the chests and alcoves. Cast open on both chests, and on 5 alcoves. Don't open the alcove on the immediate left of the main entrance. This one is used much later, after rite 7 is complete.

There is a very heavy statue on the table that you can steal as well. In the alcove on the right of the main entrance is the black bird. Each trap being triggered summons more guards, however if you do three or four traps in close succession, you will only get one pair of guards.

To leave use the magnet.

As a member of the thieves' guild, go show Arrestes the Black Bird. The black bird can be traded for Ann mortgage deed. However first you need to give the black bird to Wolfie, get him to create a copy, get the original back and then buy the copy. If you want to marry Nawar show her the black bird. Go give the original to Ferrari and he will give you the deed. Give the deed to Ann. Go to the house next to Ferrari's and climb onto the roof. Follow the roof across to Ferrari's roof, and stealthily open the middle window. You need oil and to use the thief's kit on it. Once in, there is guard asleep. Slide across to the top of the stairs, go down the stairs and black jack the guard. Steal the vase, and move the picture in the background. This hides another safe. Disarm the trap and steal the money. Move the table across to under the black bird. Climb onto the table, and click your fake black bird onto the real black bird. Return the table to the original position. Use your magnet. Go to the guild and show Arrestes the black bird again. If you want to marry Nawar, go show her the black bird again.

For those who want to get the deed, but can't visit the island until later, Ferrari will accept the statue of Poseidon (thing you get from rite 6), instead.


Rite 7

This rite is really easy. Go to sleep at the inn (not by casting RIP), and Elsa will visit you (should offer to marry her at this point if that is your intent). Go talk to your woman (if it is Erana or Katrina), and marriage should be an option (usual thing is hen you get an opportunity to tell X you love her). Walk back from the Dead Parrot Inn to the Land Inn and as you cross the bridge (right to left), you will be attacked. You will get hit by a dagger no matter what. You can kill him without a fight by leaving boom spells in advance of his arrival, or by casting dragonfire as the area starts to curdle (visual distortion around the point of teleport). You can just kill him by hacking him as well, but nowhere near as fast.

As mentioned earlier this is not the first attack, you can kill him when he tries to kill you the first time, by leaving boom spells where he teleports in. Not worth it though.

At this point you get taken to Logos and you get a series of options to get Minos to tell the truth. All work. Paladins should use the ring of truth. Logos will tell you to go back to the Inn and grab some sleep. You will be taken in the morning to confront Minos. If you cast RIP, this confrontation will be delayed until you actually sleep in the inn. Between sleeping in the Inn and the conversation with logos, you should go talk to your woman of choice (unless it's Elsa, when you have no opportunity to). If you couldn't marry them before, you certainly can now (assuming you have done everything else specified).

As soon as you sleep in the inn, you will be taken to confront Minos. Choose the method of trapping him that you selected earlier. He will teleport out and you head to Minos' Island.

This is the final battle sequence: Do Minos' Island the same way as the break in (above). There will be more guards, there are two centaur mages in the main chamber (just trigger them), and in the treasure room there is a minotaur. Dazzle him, grab the tool kit on the table, cast trigger on the alcove immediately on the left of the main entrance, give the tool kit to Elsa, and slay the minotaur. Remove the other guards that appear with the trigger as necessary. Minos' dies (cinematic), search the minotaur's body, search Minos' body and grab everything on the two bodies. Elsa points out the alcove, open it, grab everything. This triggers either Erana or Katrina to teleport in and take you to the dragon of doom.

Dragon of Doom

Usually Toro and Gort arrive shortly after by default, but if not tell either Erana or Katrina to summon help. Tell Toro and Gort to help you with the dragon pillar. Once that is back you can injure the dragon. Tell Toro and then Gort that you will sacrifice yourself (in that order). Attempt to heal everyone. Try and ensure that everyone survives. Use fire proofing potion. The easiest way to damage the dragon enough is to throw zapped daggers at it. This reduces the health to about half. At this point it attempts to break free. Cast lots of protective spells, augment (if you want), and then frost bite whilst it is in the air. When it hits the ground, select a really powerful weapon and just hack at it. If you are fast enough you will kill it. Don't use the poisoned daggers (-60 to honour). Any of the major weapons from Pholus are good, as is the Paladins sword. Holy strength is really useful. Once you kill the dragon there is another cinematic. Then you go to the coronation.

Paladins should decline, and reason it by way of being a Paladin. If you are marrying Elsa it doesn't matter, as she becomes king anyway. As any other class you can accept or decline (doesn't matter). Your marriage is announced. For those who were members of the thieves' guild, the chief thief competition is the final scene. Here Ferrari attempts to show his black bird, but discovers that it is actually the fake. You get chief thief.

This should get you a maximum of 1000 of 1000 possible points. There are only a few events left that are on the to do list, these usually are get married to three other women, hero actually sacrifices self at end of game and a few others. Usually mutually exclusive with ones already done.

If you have any problems first re-read the section involved. Ensure that all patches that are available have been installed. This one was written at the time that version 1.2 was available. My e-mail address is [email protected] . There is at least one deed that I have not been able to achieve, and that is complete Naxos without raising the alarm as a magic user. I have not completed the game as a fighter, so I cannot give hints as how to do it. The general model provided above should assist, but is not complete for fighters. Any response may be delayed, as I don't check my e-mail that regularly (only every few days). I cannot give technical support, direct that to Sierra. Also read the manual!

I will not guarantee that this walk through is complete, totally correct or comprehensive. Many of the statements that this action triggers that response are informed guesses, and only backed by the fact that I haven't been able to trigger the event in any other way. If there are any gross errors in the above walk through, please e-mail me so that I may correct them.


Thanks to Revolution reader Jeremy Culberg!