Red Faction PC Cheats

Red Faction


When playing Single-Player, press the tilde (~) button and type in any of the

following codes:

Code             Result

vivalahelvig Invulnerability bighugmug Full Ammo/All weapons heehoo Fly Mode camera1 switch camera modes camera2 switch camera modes camera3 switch camera modes

NOTE: In certain parts of the game, invulnerabilty may switch off when moving

into a new area, and in some levels, you can’t use the weapons when you wear

a disguise, where you are limited to a silenced pistol.


Hidden Video:

If you go in the Red Faction file folder and go to Data then go to movies. You’ll

see movies in this folder but theirs one the says technochunk ( it says Blink

Video on the picture of the icon ) this is a quick funny video about Red Faction.

Thanks to Revolution readers Dark_Gantros, Udzzis 2001, Riga, [USNS]CIC Zeccy,

Alex Sokolov and [!llusion]ChRoNiC!