Sims: Livin’ Large, The PC Cheats

The Sims: Livin' Large


During play, press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheat window. Now type in one of the following:

rosebud    - replaces klapaucius (money code Gives you 1000 Simoleons)
!          - repeats last code
set_hour   - (values 1-24)
sim_speed  - (values-1000-+1000)
grow_grass - (value 0-150)
interests  - Views selected Sims personalities that aren't listed in the menu
sweep      - shows the "ticks" in the game (value on/off)
prepare_lot- Checks for required objects on the current lot & deletes come & see me objects
sim_log    - [begin/end]- Start & stop the sim logging


Bring in the Clown:

Get one or more of your family in a bad mood and the tragic clown will appear!

But be careful, he isn't very good at tricks, and he cries alot. (He gets

really annoying and you can't get rid of him till your sims are happy again

or you can kill him too in a fire if you're really sick of him.)

Kill the Tragic Clown:

Are you so sick of this clown and you can't get rid of him? Here is what

to do! You can only get the tragic clown to come to your house when your

sims are depressed and they must have the "tragic clown" painting for him

to come. When he is at your house, just simply place the "tragic clown"

painting above or near the fireplace and light a fire. When the painting

burns up, so will the annoying tragic clown. Now you will learn not to buy

that stupid painting again!

Clown Catchers:

If you want another cool way to get rid of the clown, go to

and download the Clown Catchers. Once you have it into your game, call the

Clown Catchers if the clown is at your house. Someone will come right over

with a huge gun and warp him into it! Bye bye clown!

Talk on the Phone:

Wouldn't you like it if you could call friend just to talk, instead of just

inviting your sim friends over? Well, you can! Go to

and download the Telecom Upgrade. When it is in your game, you can call

just to talk, or invite! Cool huh?

Bring in the Aliens:

Buy a telescope. Have your sims look around. But it doesn't mean your sim

will find aliens right away, it could take awhile. If they arrive, they

will abduct on or more of your sims! But don't worry, the aliens will bring

them back sooner or later. When they do, they may end up messing around

with their personality traits. (Once they could of been a neat-freak, then

they become a total slob.)

The Grim Reaper Visits:

If one of your sims dies (Drowning won't bring the Grim Reaper) the Grim

Reaper will come to collect the body. You can negotiate with the Grim Reaper

and play paper, scissors, rock. If you win, he will resurrect the body,

if you lose, he will take the body!

The Magical Genie:

Buy the genie lamp. Clean it, and the genie will appear. He will give you

two choices to choose from each time (Could be love money, work, etc.) The

wish may come true, or could even backfire!

Keep Genie out of Lamp:

First buy the genie's lamp. Then have one of your sims clean it. When the

genie comes out go into buy mode. Type the cheat move_objects on

then you can sell his lamp while he is out of it and voila, the genie is

trapped out of the lamp (you can also move the genie in buy mode)

The Chemistry Side Effects:

Make a potion on the Chemistry set. There are a lot of different kinds (Pink,

Green, Blue, Orange, etc.). Each one has a different side effect. One could

refresh your needs, one could lower your needs, become invisible, turn into

a monster, or turn into a zombie! (If you become a zombie, you can not turn

back into a sim. Zombie is the green potion by the way.)

What Each Potion Does:

-Blue Potion: Refreshes and brings up your mood.

-Green Ption: Brings down your mood.

-Purple Potion: Turns you in to a Frankin Stein.(You cannot control your

Sim, after it breaks everything, your Sim will turn back to normal. It takes

about a day to clean up the mess the Frankin Stein made. So use your robots

to help clean.)

-Red Potion: Someone falls in love with you.(That person should appear right

behind you.)

-Orange Potion: Makes you Invisible.(Only for a short time.)

-Yellow Potion: Changes your personally around. (It doesn't bring your personally

to the max.)

I will be trying to find out the zombie potion and the evil twin. It is

funny but I drank a potion and got a evil twin. And they say their is a

zombie potion, which I will be trying to figure out.

Servo the Home Applianced Robot:

Buy Servo, and he will clean up your house, repair all your broken things,

and maybe even talk to you will his awesome robotic voice!

Voodoo Doll:

Buy the voodoo doll, and poke away your troubles at mean sims, or if you

just want to have a little fun!

Make Your Gnomes:

Buy the carving knome set and you can make your own knomes! (Set them out

on your lawn and watch what happens when your neighbors kick them!).

Play in Bed:

The term "play in bed" is not sex really. Just to have a little fun (yeah

right). Buy the vibromatic heart bed and click "vibrate" and have another

sim choose "play in bed" The heart bed is used best in the motel setting.

A Lot of Personality:

Start your person off with no personality traits then buy a lab table. Wait

until they make the yellow potion. This will cause all of your personality

traits to be at the max.

Cure the Guinea Pig Disease:

There are 3 different ways to cure this deadly disease. One is to get a

lot of rest which is boring, the other two ways are a lot better! Either

buy the "Forgotten Guinea Pig" painting and have your sick sim look at it.

It will take a few hours or so to kick in but it will completely cure the

disease. (Your sim might be cured right away.) And there is one more way.

Buy the chemistry set, and try to make the white potion. Have your diseased

sim drink it and they will be cured! (The white potion can only be made

if a sim is infected with the virus).

Cheat Death:

To keep your sim alive even after he or she has died, simply use the "move_objects

on" code to grab the Grim Reaper and delete him. Save and exit the game,

then evict your family. You will have to furnish your house again, but at

least your sim is not dead!


If you want to get the zombie potion, read this. Sometimes it has nothing

to do with the chemisty set (the way did it). One of my sims died, so I

had to play rock paper scissors to see if I could get my sim back. I won,

but it said that my sim will never be the same. I became the zombie.

Entertain the Grim Reeper:

If the Reeper is around, set off fireworks and he'll applaud them.

Alternate Jobs:


If you want keep up your creativity and buy an artset and have your sim

become a profressional painter, it takes a lot of work but it's a home job

and it's fun seeing how much dough you can make.

Phone Slacker

If your independent people will call your home and tell you about things

you won in contest or awards you may win, it's pathetic and not very dependenable

but it works.

Gnome Maker

Use the mechanical little workshop and make gnomes, the more your mechanical

skill the faster you make gnomes, the more gnomes you make the more money

you can make. (I suggest that you first get your mechanical skill up by

reading books then make the gnomes if you improve your mechanical skill

making gnomes it get's annoying putting them down working, also build gnomes

in a large place because they really start to fill up an area.

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?:

Get a fireplace and a Christmas tree in the same room, or within two to

three rooms from one another and Santa may come. Beware though, if you don't

leave cookies for Santa, he gets ticked off. Cool thing is that Santa leaves

presents. Remember to leave Santa some goodies, such as cookies.

Thanks to Revolution reader Aaron (the man) Illingworth, Darklord, Squeak,

mikeought3, Peter, Travis Anderson, Dr. Chud, JGfutaiverson, Painglyph:

The Embraced One, Hot_Salmon and Richard Donnell!